10 month old Sterling Continental 580

by Marcella

Our Sterling Continental has been out twice in the dry and on this weekend we took it out for the third time in the rain, the rain poured in and we had to put a bowl on the cushions to catch the drips which were every two seconds.

We have returned it to the dealer who say it's the panoramic window that's leaking and they have to get a Sterling engineer in to replace it.

How do I stand regarding a full refund for shoddy workmanship as the caravan will never to us be the same, we had a problem on one before which after only one year had to have a whole new back panel replacement. And was always back and for the dealership hence why we bought one of their new fancy, dancing new up to date models

How do I stand regarding full refund, please help.

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Apr 10, 2015
Contact Consumer Rights
by: Anthony

Hi Marcella

I'd get in contact with Consumer Rights straight away. They would have had this issue previously.


Also see the page which has a section on consumer rights and the NCC:

There are other people with similar damp problems with their Sterling vans here but no resolution that I can see. Search for "Sterling":


Good luck. Please leave a comment when you have an answer to help others.

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