12 volt system - Avondale Leda Wenlock

by Geoff Birch
(Rotherham,South Yorkshire, England)

Zig Panel MK 101 (Dart/Leda)

Having acquired this caravan (it's our first) which is in very good condition and has been well looked after. I have fitted (myself) a motor mover and have up graded the leisure battery to suit.

However, my problem is: when the electrics are connected via the mains lead every thing works fine with the battery switch in the C/VAN BATT position and the battery level indicator showing in the green and the battery charger on!

When I disconnect the mains and/or turn off the charger switch then nothing will work? Please tell me I'm doing something wrong with sequence/procedure for 'activating' the 12 volt stand alone system (if you get what I mean).

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