1999 Swift Corniche 15/2e fault on 12v system

Fanheater, radio, main interior lights and aerialpack not working on 12v system mains. 240 power working. Any idea what problem is?

It could be the in-line fuse that has blown and needs replacing. A 12V circuit is protected from an overload situation by an in-line fuse which is connected to the feed coming from the battery's positive terminal. It is normally located close to the battery but should be inside your caravan. If you locate the positive feed from your battery to inside your caravan, you should find the in-line fuse holder. Once you have found the holder, change the fuse and see if that works.

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May 12, 2015
No electrics - Swift Corniche 1999
by: ian & Clare

Where is the inline fuse on a Swift Corniche 1999
my 12v power has gone, got 240 power, charger light working, motor mover works on the battery, the battery meter reads ok full power, yet I have no 12v lights, if I disconnect the 240 mains I have no power in the van..??? really stumped anyone any ideas?

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