Dri-Mobile Condensation Catcher
Product Review

We have been asked to test the Dri-Mobile, a new product which catches condensation and moisture, and which is also environmentally friendly and reusable.

Here's what the manufacturer says about their product:

This is a reusable, non toxic, environmentally friendly moisture trap. A pack contains 2 x 250gm pouches, each will treat 50 cubic feet and absorb 35 percent of their weight in moisture and hold it within the leak-proof bag.

When the orange gel has turned colourless it has reached saturation - to regenerate simply follow the instructions and heat in the oven until it becomes orange again.

The beauty of this product is there are no liquids or open containers to spill or electricity needed to use it.

We have placed one of the pouches in our caravan bathroom which gets really steamy from the shower, as well as placing one in our shower room at home.

We will compare the pouches and let you know the length until they need recharging (and, of course, how much condensation they actually absorb).

They sound like a really good idea, especially for caravans and motorhomes which have showers fitted. We always tend to use our caravan shower so this should be an excellent product for us!

The price of a pack which contains two pouches is £16.99 plus £3.00 postage and packing which is a good price for a condensation catcher which you can use again and again.

If you would like further information, please e-mail dianne.sgc@btinternet.com or telephone 01208 850111.

If you have tested a Dri-Mobile condensation catcher, click here to let us know what it's like !

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