Product Review

We were asked to put these through their paces by www.Qbag.com.

We were extremely interested in testing these cooking bags as it says on the packet "New foods, great taste ... and a spotless grill". Needless to say, the spotless grill part definitely impressed us!!

On the pack it says "These versatile bags can be used either in the oven or on the barbecue. The self-venting window allows safe and easy access during cooking. They can also be filled and frozen, ideal for that next sunny day".

Before we tried the bags, we had a look on their website as they give you ideas and recipes to try.

The first thing we decided to cook was some steaks. We put one steak in each bag after covering the top of them with pate. We added a little red wine to the bag to keep it moist inside and put them in the oven after sealing each bag. We waited around 30 minutes and by that time they were perfectly cooked.

Steak with pate and red wine.

Two steaks sealed in the bags ready to be cooked.

Steaks cooked perfectly!

As you will be able to see from the pictures, the steaks were delicious – much more tasty than grilling or frying as they kept moist and tender. And the best thing was – the caravan oven was clean and there was no washing up!!

After this success we decided to try cooking with the bags on a proper barbecue. So we went and bought a small, cheap barbecue and some charcoal. Guess what, it rained from then on so we were unable to test them on the BBQ.

We more than made up for this as we tested them again a few times in the kitchen.

The next recipe we tried was chicken covered in a chicken seasoning with a knob of butter to keep the chicken moist. Again, we cooked them in the caravan oven for around 30 minutes and when ready, they were absolutely delicious.

Chicken ready to be cooked.

Chicken cooked perfectly.

We also tried roasting some new potatoes in the Qbags in the caravan oven and we can tell you, we were fighting over who would get the last one!!

The next recipe we are going to try is Beef bourg in a bag which we found on their website.

The food is cooked brilliantly in these bags but the best thing about them is that they leave the oven as clean as it was when you started!

Next time we stay at the caravan we will test them on our barbeque (as long as the weather stays fine!!).

We can highly recommend Qbags and if you would like further information or would like to purchase a pack click here to take you to their website where you will also find recipes to try.

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