ALKO corner stabilisers

by Dave Hunter
(Kettering, Nothants.)

I was getting ready to go away for a few days in the caravan and found the front stabiliser had broken. I ordered the 20mm nut that I needed from the internet and while I was waiting for it to arrive I removed the stabiliser. All that is required is a 13mm spanner and a bit of luck. One of the captive bolts started turning. Two nuts locked together at the tip of the stud let me slacken off the fixing. One thing that is not obvious at the outset is that the nut is retained in the stabiliser 'U' section. I had to grip this part in the vice and force it open enough to allow the nut to fit into the two holes and then close it up again in the vice. I do not recommend anyone doing this relatively simple job unless you have an engineers vice and a steel bar to open the 'U' section. Fitting it back onto the caravan took 5 minutes.

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