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Avondale Mayfly 1998 Water System

Fill the aqua-roll and plug into the caravan making sure that ALL pump switches are in the OFF position. Turn on the EXTERNAL pump. This will continue to run until the onboard tank is full. (about 20 liters). Turn OFF the EXTERNAL pump and switch ON the INTERNAL pump. This will run until there is enough pressure then turn on the HOT tap. The internal pump will run, when water comes out of the hot tap turn it of and switch on the EXTERNAL pump. This will put more water in to the internal tank.You can now leave the external pump switched on (so long as there is water in it)

I would advise that you turn OFF the internal pump at night.  Just got back from a few days caravanning near Kirby Moorside. Due to the weather we couldn't get to the van to check it out prior to the season as we store it 15 miles away. We got to the van on Thursday and I checked the tyres and the nose-weight, alls well. Arrived at the site and set up.

With our van I fill the 50 ltr aqua roll and switch on the external pump that fills the 20 ltr internal tank and the hot tank. When that's full the pump switches it self off. I then turn on the internal pump that sets the pressure for the taps, when the pump stops you are ready. The pump seemed to be taking a long while when Kate (my wife) suddenly says "whats all that water?" All pumps switched off quickly and a dive under the cooker. Water pouring from somewhere.

After what seemed a long time I deduced it was coming from under the shower tray, ouch!! After a long debate as to whether we should abort the holiday and find a mechanic who could take the tray out I decided to have a go at looking under the swivel toilet. Round to the outside and remove the cassette. Remove 15 screws, no effect. I borrowed Kate's small hand mirror and found that I only had to unscrew 4 screws and the toilet lifted so far. There it was (or so I thought) the pipe that takes water to flush the toilet was adrift. Screwed that back and tried again. Still some water but nowhere near as much and from a different place. Working along the van I found water coming out of the pressure switch.

Off to a caravan shop (20 miles away) and £30 lighter I put the new pressure switch in place. Still leaking. It turned out the second leak was from a 4" pipe that was loose. So off to a DIY shop for some pipe. Cured ! While I was doing all this Kate was mopping up the water but as the aqua roll holds 50 ltrs and was nearly empty it seemed that a major job was on the horizon. Thank goodness for Avondales plastic spare wheel recess in the floor of the van. It had 5" of water in it. It must have run from the cooker and into the recess.

Just got finished when a chap from another van said he had a leak. We found out that he hadn't drained his hot water tank and it had cracked. I set him up so he had just cold water with no leaks. Then we started our holiday. Very steep learning curve but at least I know what to look for.

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