Avondale Osprey 2004 - awning to fit

by Tony
(Nottinghamshire, England)

I can't get a awning of any type to fit my Osprey because of the rail height (220cms). The standard height seems to be 235cm-250cm. The only choice that has been suggested is to buy a camper-van driveaway type.

Does any one have a awning suitable or can point me in the right direction. I am not able to spend a large amount at the moment. I would appreciate any reply.

Your best option would be to take a trip to your local caravan dealer. They should be able to advise you as to which awning would be most suitable to fit your caravan.

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May 18, 2015
Osprey awning problem
by: Di Baxter

I have had a Dorema 925 and Pyramid seasonal pitch awning 925 and both fitted well.

I now have a Walker which is proving very difficult! Shall spend next week trying again, have been recommended to lift the caravan wheel onto blocks.

Apr 01, 2015
Caravan Awning Measuring
by: Anthony

To get the correct measurement try this page:


Mar 31, 2015
by: John

Hi Tony we have a 2004 osprey and have the same problem. We purchased an Outdoor Trail Keswick. We have what the Avondale manual suggested which is a 920 but when it arrived the 920 was massive.

Outdoor Trail changed it for the next size down although it's short in the awning channel and it still hangs too long. The peg tyes are on the floor so unable to pull tight.

The other thing that happens because the awning channel is 2/3 inches below the roof line the water runs off the roof over and into the channel then runs into parts of the awning.

So don't be robbed off and only buy what you think is right the Avondale is a cracking van so don't give up on it, regards john

Oct 05, 2014
try ebay
by: steve

go on ebay put in awning height 220 and see what comes up . we had the same problem we got a full awning and a porch awning very cheap hope this helps

Sep 23, 2014
awning size
by: Anonymous

hi usual way to measure for an awning is measure the length of the awning rail from bottom front to bottom rear plus add the distance from ground to bottom of rail at front and rear that equals the size awning you need in centimetres the rail height isn't so important .hope this helps

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