Awning for 1968 Alpine Sprite

by Liz Morris


Does anyone know where I can get an old fashioned/vintage awning for a 1968 Alpine Sprite? I have recently purchased the caravan but no awning with it and the modern ones don't look right. I'm also unsure what size I need and how to fit it - can anyone give any guidance as I don't know where to start...


Liz Morris

It is great to hear that these old tourers are still used and cherished. I can't be certain about the awning size for your caravan, but I should imagine it will be around 750cm. However, on our website you can find details on how to measure your caravan for an awning.

If the modern day full awning doesn't suit you, as your caravan is quite small, have you considered a porch awning. Porch awnings come in different shapes and sizes and I am sure you might find one suitable for your needs. Take a trip to an awning showroom where you will find all types on display.

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