Awning Match - Swift Challanger 530SE and Isabella Magnum Coal

by David Mack
(Reading, Berkshire)

Both 2014 models purchased in April 2014, my conclusion after erecting the combination five time last year is that my caravan is not tall enough for the awning. The solution is to use blocks to raise the caravan height by a nominal 8cm.

This week I took my awning to the dealer where we erected it on a similar but longer SE van on hard standing, at 242cm the awning was only just at a matching height, the ties and rubber loops were just about tension-ed.

I believe my van is 235cm and for sure my actual experience is that it is not satisfactory. The spec from Isabella is 235cm plus...I cannot seem to get either the dealer or Isabella to accept that it does not match, I have not asked to return the awning but I probably would not have chosen it if I had known.

I forgot to mention I am returning to caravaning after a long gap so at first I thought it was just my lack of recent experience...any ideas or previous experience on matching of an outfit ?

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