Benefits of Caravan Holidays
Caravan holidays popular with Brits this summer

 As the temperature rises many of us will be thinking about our summer breaks, but with an abundance of activities available across the UK there is no need to hop on a plane or a ferry to have a good time.

Caravan holidays are ideal breaks for all kinds of holidaymakers – families can enjoy avoiding the hassle of overseas travel with small children, couples can enjoy having plenty of their own space without the price tag of an expensive hotel, and culture vultures can head to any historical spot they fancy with their caravan in tow.

According to figures published by the National Caravan Council the number of people booking either caravan or camping holidays as gone up by nearly 15 per cent over the past year, and commenting on the increase, Head of Caravan Industry Training Jenny Pritchard said that caravanning and camping have “shaken off” their “somewhat homespun image”.

“There are now many more holidaymakers who are discovering the delights they have on their own shores instead of opting to go abroad”.

'The options for caravanning and camping have broadened significantly, giving a diverse range of luxury options and ‘glamping’ to accompany those that already exist in the marketplace,” she said.

So, what are the main benefits of taking a caravanning break?

·         Cost - Without the cost of flights to pay for you’re instantly saving cash by choosing to stay in the UK. If you choose a holiday site closer to home you’ll also make savings on your petrol, and buying your own food and self catering will prove more cost effective.

·         Pet friendly - Many regular caravanners are pet owners who want to take their beloved pooch or cat away with them rather than leave them with friends or pay for kennel accommodation.

·         Flexible - Those who take caravan holidays are not confined to flight times and travelling at certain times of the year. A caravan break can be taken at any time and this makes it ideal for families with children, and for those who want the flexibility of being able to head off for a weekend whenever they want.

·         Space - We’ve all booked a hotel based on the look of a brochure only to arrive and find tiny rooms with barely enough room to store your suitcase. With a caravan break you’ve got much more control over the size of your living space, with different berths for parties of different sizes ensuring that all holidaymakers have the room they need.


Author:  Christopher Evans is a Marketing Manager at Snooper.

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