Black Streaks on Paint Work

by Mike

Hi, I've got black streaks which have come from the window seals. I have got most of the marks off but I'm still left with the black stains, any idea how I can get these stains off, many thanks.

This is the scourge of most caravaners. Thankfully there are products on the market to rid you of these marks. You could try Fenwicks Black Streak Remover or you could try polishing them out.

We did test on a product called The Streaker a while back and wrote a review on our website. We thought this product was absolutely brilliant. Have a look on our website at the review and see what you think.

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Jul 16, 2011
Black marks on paintwork
by: Colin Johnson

we got these marks on the paintwork and found a product called " SILKY ". at a price of under £3 pounds a tub. this was very effective and did the job perfectly. Hope this helps.

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