Broken Corner Stay on my Caravan

by Jan

Would you happen to know how I would replace a corner stay leg on a Bailey Pageant Cabriolet caravan? Many thanks for your help with this matter. Jan

This really should be tackled by a caravan mechanic. However, if you want to do it yourself, firstly make sure the handbrake is on and then jack up the caravan on the side you are working on near the steady you want replacing. Now undo the bolts holding the steady in place and once removed, replace with the new steady and replace the bolts. It is not a difficult job but because of their position and the fact it is quite dangerous working under any vechicle, it is always advisable to have it done by an expert.

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Oct 12, 2011
Replacing Caravan Steady
by: Anonymous

First look under caravan seats, find the bolts (could be under floor covering. If they are coach bolts, you will need a disc cutter,as when you try to undo from under the van, the bolts will just spin.. JACK AND CHOC corner of van.
Replace new or second hand steady , you will need 2 people for this, one inside and one to hold spanner or socket while youu tighten the nuts. Don't forget to use lube on all threads
JOB DONE now have a nice cuppa.....

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