Car Window Tinting
By Mr Tinter

We wanted to test car window tinting so we  invited Mr Tinter ( to come and fit window film to the windows of our Touran, as we had been considering having this done for a while. We had looked at the prices of fitting the film ourselves but had been put off when looking at other cars which you could see had not been fitted properly.

We also saw two cars which Mr Tinter had tinted previously in the last few months and they looked extremely good!

This is what Mr Tinter says on his website about car window tinting:

Security & Safety: Johnsons safety and security films applied to the inside of windows can in the event of an accident hold glass in place and prevent injury,

Product Range: Johnsons Window Films provide a wide range of optically clear and tinted window films for the automotive industry. They are produced with several levels of protection to get just the look and protection you desire.

Heat Protection: Johnsons window film reduces solar heat from the sun to reduce the inside temperature of your car, so less air conditioning is required, plus, because your air conditioner unit makes your engine work harder, you will save fuel.

Fade Reduction: The window film is a totally deep dyed film that filters virtually all of the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays that bleach and fade upholstery and carpeting.

Mr Tinter installs a wide variety of window films for the automotive industry. The films come in different shades and colours to give you the look you require and the added safety and security. All films fitted reject 99.9% of the sun's harmful UV rays; reducing heat and glare by as much as 90%. The window film is securely bonded to the glass, thus preventing shattered or broken glass from causing injury and damage to you and passengers in the untimely event of an accident. The products give you, your property and your possessions, the added security they require. So feel safe and secure knowing you have a sound installation from Mr Tinter, the leading window film installer.

We e-mailed Mr Tinter with the details of our car and he promptly came back to us with a quote which we thought was extremely competitive. He explained that they will not tint the front side windows as it is illegal – if the police catch you with front side tinted windows they will automatically fine you and give you points on your licence. Plus, if you have an accident and your insurance company find out you have tinted front side windows, they may refuse to pay out. So the quote was for the four side back windows and the back window itself.

We arranged a mutually convenient date and time for the fitting and looked forward to seeing the finished product!!

Mr Tinter (Richard) arrived at the arranged time and promptly got to work on the car window tinting. They only needed an electric plug socket to use during the installation. They can fit the window film outside, in all weathers, as long as it’s not extremely heavy rain. And no, they don’t have to remove the glass from the car to fit the film!!

While fitting the window film, Richard allowed us to take pictures to show you how it's done:

This is a picture of the car before the window film was fitted.

This picture also shows the windows before the car window tinting – look how light and see-through they are!

This shows Richard fitting protective tape to the sides of the windows which prevents any fluff etc getting on to the window or film whilst fitting.

Richard cleans the outside of the window to get rid of any traces of dirt and then sprays the window again and puts the film on the outside of the window to cut it to size.

Cutting the film exactly to size.

Cutting the film.

Heating the film to shape it to the contours of the window ready to fit to the inside.

Removing the film ready to fit to the inside window.

Cleaning the inside of the window before fitting the film.

Fitting the film to the inside of the window and smoothing out the film.

Filing the film to fit the window precisely at the top.

Heating the film to smooth it out and fit correctly.

Heating the outside of the window to bond the film to the window.

The sides are now done and Richard has moved on to the back window. How smart does that look!!

Richard took two and a half hours to complete the car window tinting and what a fantastic job he did. The most time was taken by Richard preparing the windows to ensure there was no dirt or fluff on them as this would have showed once the film had been fitted. If Richard was not 100% happy with the film he had fitted he would remove it and start again – which he did on two of the side windows!

One of the windows buttons had always opened when you pressed the closed button (and vice-versa) since we purchased the car - Richard managed to fix this for us!!

As the window film was fitted to the car on a dull day, Richard advised us not to open or close the car windows for two days to allow the film to bond correctly. He said that if he had fitted the film on a hot, sunny day in the morning, the windows would have been OK to use by the evening!

As you can probably tell from the above, we are extremely pleased with Mr Tinter's car window tinting. Richard was thoroughly professional and meticulous and took great pride in his work and we would recommend him to anyone wanting to get their car windows tinted.

To find out more about Mr Tinter simply click here to take you to his website or click here to send him an e-mail.

If you would like to recommend a car window tinting company, please let us know.

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