Caravan Accessories - Water

You will need some caravan accessories for water unless you are hooked up to a fully serviced pitch (where the water supply and waste outlets are right by the caravan and can be connected to directly) for getting fresh water to your caravan and getting rid of wastewater.

Fresh Water

Caravan Accessories Water

We, as most caravanners, use an Aquaroll to get fresh water to our caravan. An Aquaroll is a water container which rolls along the ground using a special handle. When it is full, it makes transporting the water a lot easier! 

A submersible pump is inserted into either the Aquaroll or container and the other end plugged in to the pump socket on the side of the caravan. We always keep a full watering can of water by the side of our Aquaroll which makes it easier to fill the Aquaroll than having to unplug the pump and roll the Aquaroll to the tap (especially if someone is in the middle of having a shower and the water is running out!).

An alternative is a large fresh Water Container. It may cost less than an Aquaroll but it means filling and carrying a heavy container more often.

You may prefer not to use the water which has been pumped into the caravan for drinking though - we always buy bottled water or use a Brita Water Filter Jug which we fill straight from the fresh water tap on site.

Some caravans now have an on-board water tank. You can usually use either the on-board tank or the Aquaroll - a switch on the caravan lets you choose. The on-board water tank is filled either using water from your Aquaroll or a very long coupling hose. The on-board tank obviously holds a lot more water than the Aquaroll so will need filling less often. This is a very good idea if you use a lot of water in your caravan - just remember to empty the on-board tank before travelling.

Waste Water

Most caravanners have a waste container with built-in wheels which slides under the caravan (called a Wastemaster or Waste Hog).

This makes trips to and from the service points much easier. Some waste containers can have a full toilet waste tank strapped to the top so it makes a trip to the chemical disposal point a lot less back-breaking!

The alternative caravan accessory is to have a black Waste Water container. This will have to be emptied more often than the Wastemaster and has no wheels!

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If you would like some water related top tips, please click here.

Filling the Toilet

One tip when you have to fill your toilet flushing tank with fresh water is to use a watering can. This makes it much easier as the outlet where you fill the tank is usually quite high up on the caravan side.

Remember to use the right caravan accessory toilet chemicals in the correct tank (pink for the flushing water and blue or green for the waste tank). Also use special caravanning loo paper as it breaks down a lot quicker in the waste tank. If you use ordinary toilet roll it could block up your waste tank plus the emptying point on site!

To find out more about the caravan toilet chemicals you will need, please click here.

Please contact us if you have any caravan accessories, water related tips or ideas we have not mentioned above. We are sure they will be helpful to other caravanners!

This is just a brief explanation of some of the various "water-based" caravan accessories which are available. We hope our explanations help you decide which accessories you may need to buy.

Happy Holidays!

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