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Nov 23, 2021

2002 Compass Omega cracked windows

After removing cover this week, found that the flat windows on both sides and at the back have all either cracked, broken or crazed. Does anyone know

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Nov 23, 2021

Fitting plug sockets to static caravan

Is it easy to fit plug sockets to bedroom of my Atlas Florida 1999 static. No sockets near the bedside cabinets which is unhelpful when my elderly mum

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Nov 23, 2021

Sprite Firebrand with ALKO tow hitch ?

I have a Sprite Firebrand Major, can you fit an Alko hitch to it because I have read you can't if it has a gas strut handbrake?

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Nov 17, 2021

Porch awning for Gobur Carousel 10/2

I'm looking for a porch awning for a Gobur Carousel 10/2 folding caravan please.

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Nov 10, 2021

Bathroom sink for a Abbey Spectrum 545

Hi. I am looking for a replacement bathroom sink for a 2007 Abbey Spectrum 545. Do you know of a supplier who could source this item.

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Nov 03, 2021

Blind tensioning 2003 Bailey Moselle caravan

How do you get to the window roller to tension the blinds on a 2003 Bailey Moselle? Thanks Peter

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Oct 27, 2021

Swift Corniche 14/4 charging problem

Can you help i have a Swift Corniche 14/4 charging problem. I am new to this caravan, 2 questions I would like to ask, first does the battery switch

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Oct 19, 2021

Replacing Door Window

I have a Swift Challenger 480SE 1996 and the outside pane of the door window has been smashed. Do I have to replace the whole unit or can I obtain just

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Oct 19, 2021

12 volt fuses - Elddis Firestorm 524 2005

Some of my 12 volt fuses have melted, yes melted and now none of the 12 volt system works. The battery is charging, the 240 volt system is fine, the main

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Sep 28, 2021

Therme light on cooker hud lights up? Why - Hobby 460 UFe

Hi, the light on my Hobby caravan electric therme / boiler switch lights up over my cooker, lights-up even though I don't have an electric boiler attached

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Sep 22, 2021

Caravan shower hose

We have a Sterling Europa Classic 450 eb and there is no shower hose, don't even know how it would fit. Anyone know where to get one?

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Sep 08, 2021

Is there a switch to turn on - Lunar Lexon ab 2009

I have a Lunar Lexon ab 2009 van but went away with it, there was no electric but my 12v items still would not work from the 12v sockets. The master

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Apr 30, 2016

Shower in my Elddis Mistral keeps going hot & cold

Shower in my Elddis Mistral 2014 keeps going hot and cold. .. Is the problem with the pump?

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Apr 24, 2016

Ideal tow car for my caravan

We have a Swift freestyle 550 2009 model and are about to change our car. However, towmatch is not coming up with any options! any advice?

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Apr 24, 2016

Electric trip switch

Heater and socket switch keeps tripping sometimes keeps on for hours then trips then will not go back on will keep tripping. We leave it then it comes

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