Caravan Alarms

There are many different types of caravan alarms or trackers on the market.  Which would be best for my needs?  The more security devices you add the safer your caravan will be.  Find out below the different types of alarm systems on the market.

Many new caravans come with an alarm system fitted as standard. You can always have a reliable caravan alarm system retro-fitted, but please remember to turn it on whenever you leave your caravan, even if it is only for a short time. These can be simple intruder alarm systems or more sophisticated alarms which detect movement or attempts to hitch up the caravan. Remember though, on a windy day the movement could set off your alarm!

Some caravans come fitted with a tracker system as standard which is activated by a key fob (basically the same as a car alarm but you know that your caravan can be tracked). Our Bailey caravan has one fitted and it does give you peace of mind as you know that if your caravan is stolen it can be traced and recovered very quickly. You will, however, have to pay a yearly subscription fee but insurers may give you a discount for having a tracker fitted. If you buy a Bailey Senator the first year's subscription comes included in the price of the caravan.

All caravans manufactured since August 1997 are electronically tagged. A passive tag is one which allows the police to read the caravan's CRIS VIN number (chassis number). An active tag is one which will alert the owner or an agent to the theft of the caravan and will then provide feedback via a satellite as to where the caravan has been taken (basically the same as a tracker system).

This is just a short introduction to the world of caravan alarms! There are lots on the market and whichever you choose, remember that it will cost a lot less than a new caravan and will give you peace of mind. The more security devices you add the safer your caravan will be.

The Caravan Defender by Outsmart the Thief and offered by NVS and Caravan Advice.

Designed as a bespoke solution for caravan security, this system incorporates features to pre-empt known methods of entry or theft.
The combined alarm and tracker used in the caravan defender work seamlessly to offer a degree of protection for caravans hitherto not available. Whether the caravan is in storage or in constant use, the defender is on hand to provide security and peace of mind.


- The tow alert feature will sound the alarm should the caravan be plugged into a tow vehicle whilst armed
- The dual tilt consists of two intelligent self-levelling tilt sensors which detect movement along and across the caravan
- A geo-fence will protect the caravan if the van is moved outside the set perimeter
- The Remote Access allows the monitoring centre to turn the system on or off, get the speed and - location, activate the siren and check the alarm status
- The habitation door is alarmed with a small wireless door contact
- An internal battery back-up feature will detect any battery tamper
- A low battery alert is fitted even though the unit features an incredible low battery drain of less than 8 milliamps
- When arming/disarming the system only the lights flash as there is no audible sound
- The night/pet setting allows you to sleep in your caravan with the system armed
- The PIR detector will detect movement inside the caravan and has a lock out feature to prevent false alarms
- It has TUV accreditation, is CE approved and has gained the top Gold award from Sold Secure

The Defender holds a 100% stop and recovery success rate.

The Caravan Defender is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Should any of its sensors activate, or the alarm sound, the U.K monitoring centre is alerted immediately to the caravans location, and what type of sensor has been activated. The Defenders roaming Sim card provides excellent tracking coverage, throughout the EU and beyond. The two remote control fobs are rolling coded for extra high security.

For more information on how you can secure your caravan, please call 01332 200101 and mention Caravan Advice.

If you have any reviews of caravan alarms which would be of interest to other caravanners, please contact us.

Happy Caravanning !

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