Caravan Awning Help

Caravan Awning Help

Do you need caravan awning help ??  Caravan awnings can be a pain to put up sometimes. We can advise you on how to make the process easier. Keep reading to find out more ...

Before erecting your caravan awning for the first time (and at the start of every season) spray the awning channel with a silicone lubricant (or furniture polish containing silicone) which will make it much easier for you to pull the awning through the awning channel on the caravan.

  • It is much easier to put your groundsheet down now - you can then place the awning frame on top of the groundsheet in the correct places where they are to be erected. You can always colour code or use some distinguishing marks so you know next time which pieces of frame fit where.
  • Take the awning canvas out of the bag and place on the groundsheet near to the awning channel opening. Start to feed the awning through the channel - it is easier if one person feeds the awning into the channel and another person pulls the awning through the channel.
  • Once the awning is through the channel fully, fit the awning brackets into the roof cord.
  • Fit the centre vertical poles together and fit into the canvas - then do the same for the remaining front frame poles and legs.
  • Raise the frame to the vertical, attach the roof pole to the bracket and partially tension it.
  • If we are erecting our awning on a windy day, we always put a storm strap over the whole awning at this point (while also holding the awning down!), using screw-in pegs to hold it either side. Then fit the remaining roof poles and partially tension these as well. We normally then tension the roof poles as much as we can to fit to the canvas.
  • Next zip in the front and sides - then you will be able to fully tension the legs to the correct height.
  • Peg down the corners of the awning - we then slide in the awning skirt along the channel at the bottom of the caravan. You will then be able to peg down the rest of the awning.
  • Lastly fit the wheel arch cover if you have one, and put on the storm straps if you have not already done so.

You should now have much more living space attached to your caravan and a place to keep items safe and dry.

If you need caravan awning help, please contact us and we will try to help !!

Putting up a caravan awning can sometimes be very frustrating. Many times have we watched as couples try to put up their awning and end up having a blazing row!

If you are having trouble putting up your awning, don't be afraid to ask another caravanner! You will find that most caravanners are very amiable and like to be asked.

We hope that we have helped make the process of putting up your awning that little bit easier with our caravan awning help.

Happy Caravanning!!

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