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What Other Caravanners Have Said

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Awning size - 1991 Bessacarr 470 
Hi, I have a 1991 Bessacarr 470 2 berth I have tried to measure it and I got it to 885-900 which is size 10, but would a size 11 fit which is 900-920? …

Porch Awning size for Coachman 520 
I have a Coachman 520/4 2004 and want to buy a Porch awning. I have my eye on a Kampa 350 Air but want to know if any windows will be restricted by the …

Awning size 2010 Swift Challenger 570 
Would a size 10 Dorema Starcamp awning fit a 2010 Swift Challenger 570?

Internal measurements of a Dorema Daytona Size 4 
I only bought a caravan last year and it is a fabulous 1984 Avondale Mayfly - I have replaced the - awning with a new Dorema Daytona which gives a measurement …

Awning size - Elddis Golden Crown 1994 
Hi I've been looking online with no joy. Could anyone tell me please what size awning I need for a Elddis Golden Crown 1994 4 berth please.

New caravan bathroom? Mardon Classique 440/4 
I need a new bathroom for my caravan Classique 440/4?

Dorema Toronto 240 awning width 
Will this awning fit my Lunar Quasar 525 without partially covering a window?

Awning size for Tabbert Comtessa 
We have been given a Tabbert Comtessa five birth dry van. It needs a new awning and is in storage. I need a new awning and don't know what size i need. …

Sterling Eccles Diamond 2005 
Can anyone please tell me what's the largest size air awning that I can fit onto the above caravan. Thanks

Area on caravan covered by porch awning  
I have a Swift Challenger se 565 want to know where the 390 dorema porch awning will cover, etc.?

Elddis Jetstream awning size? 
What size awning do I need for a 1197 jet stream Ex300 caravan ?

Awning size Hobby Prestige 710 
hi i have a Hobby Prestige model 710 year 2000, which size awning would i need?

Battery charging 
Elddis Wisp 350/2 1990. Does the 240 volt supply charge the battery?

Awning size for Fleetwood Colchester 
I have a Fleetwood Colchester 1500/2, I need to get a awning for it. Does anyone know the size, not sure of year as it dose not say on plate. Maybe …

Air awning problems  
Can I have a 260 air awning (inflatable) with my Lunar Stellar 2010. It would mean it would cover half of one of windows which isn't a problem for us. …

Looking for a tall annex  
Looking for a tall annex to fit a Kampa Carnival awning (Size 15), Kampa stopped manufacturing these in 2013, so does anyone know of any other annex that …

What is this thing please? 
Disregard the porch awning - it is the thing which is fitted to the front of the van that has perplexed me! I know what it might be, a kids bed. But …

Porch Awning for Sprite Major 6 2011 
Hi Can any of you advise what they found the best match of porch awning for Sprite Major 6 2011 model? Thank you

Fitting awning - Lunar clubman 2015 
How to fit awning to caravan there seems to be no feed in at eye level, do you try to feed from bottom?

Lunar Clubman bed 
Hi i have a Lunar Clubman 390-2 with no slats for making the bed into a double, trying to find somewhere that might sell them ?

Awning size, will it fit? 
Hi there, I have a caravan which needs a 988 awning, I have been given a size 15 Dorema awning measuring 1000-1025. Will this awning be OK? Thanks …

Hi all ! Have purchased a Bradcott portico xl, was wondering if any other annex would fit, gratefull for any advice.

Lunar Clubman 390/2 Awning Size 
Can you please tell me what size awning we need for a 1992 Lunar Clubman 390/2 ?

Awning Size - Elddis Typhoon xl 
Hi can anyone tell me what size awning I need for an Elddis typhoon xl I think it's a 1990 van? Thanks

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Which awning - Avondale Corfu 1995 
Hi guys. I have an Avondale Corfu 1995 and wondered how I go about finding the correct awning for it?

Awning fitting - Tabbert Vivaldi  
How do you secure your awning to the lower part of your caravan when the awning rail is missing?

Which awning will fit my Abbey Lincoln 2 berth 
I have an Abbey Lincoln caravan which I'm currently renovating. The awning which came with it is very small and I wondered if I could buy a bigger one …

Where to purchase an awning 
I would like to know where I can get an awning for my Elddis Cyclone gt caravan and how much it would cost?

Awning size - Lunar Meteorite 1993 
Can you tell me what awning size for Lunar meteorite year 1993, please.

Full Awning Size - Lunar Quasar 524 2007 
Could anyone kindly tell us the size of a full awning for a Lunar Quasar 524 (2007) caravan please?

Awning Size - Avondale Perle orestez 1989 
i have an Avondale Perle Orestez, 1989. Could anyone tell me what size awning i will need please ?

Awning Size - Swift Conqueror 630 
Hi could anyone please tell me what size of awning I need for a Swift Conqueror 630 lux year 2000 model?

Dorema Apollo Awning - 1994 Elddis 
I've just bought a 1994 Elddis and it came with a dorema apollo awning. Does anyone know where i can get the instructions from on how to put it up please …

How do you know which awning to buy? 
Hi,we are complete novices to caravaning. We recently purchased a 2 berth swift caravan('96) and we would like to buy a awning but how do you know …

Awning Match - Swift Challanger 530SE and Isabella Magnum Coal 
Both 2014 models purchased in April 2014, my conclusion after erecting the combination five time last year is that my caravan is not tall enough for the …

Porch Awning - 2005 Sterling Eccles 
hi, will a Suncamp Swift 220 fit on my 05 sterling eccles?

Porch Awning Size - Ace Ambassador 1992 
We are looking for a porch awning for our Ace Ambassador 1992. The door is at the front so I was wondering which porch awning would suit us as the kitchen …

Harrison Awning Erection Instructions  
We have a9250 size awning which came with swift caravan, need some instructions to assemble. Have owned vans with frame type awnings so am not with …

Broken Window - Adria 
Hi, we have an Adria caravan and the big front window broke the other day. Needing another window do you know were we can get one please.

Swift Conqueror Awning 530 T6B 
Awning for my caravan is 988cm, could you tell me what that is in 1-15 sizes?

Awning Rail Length - 2002 Swift Conqueror 630 lux 
What size awning do I need for a 2002 swift conqueror 630 lux?

Awning Size - Elddis Force 
What is the correct size awning for a 2 berth Elddis Force 2 caravan pls (circa 1989) ?

Condensation - Static Caravan Sahara 
I have a static Sahara Caravan, with single glazed windows, just bought it, it has terrible condensation, with the channels full of water, and beds wet. …

Avondale Osprey 2004 - awning to fit 
I can't get a awning of any type to fit my Osprey because of the rail height (220cms). The standard height seems to be 235cm-250cm. The only choice that …

Hi, We have just brought an ABI Marauder 5.00ct 1988/89 it's 15feet long and not sure what size awning we need. Thanks. I think the awning size …

Owners Manual - Abbey County Westminster Caravan 
Where can i get a user manual for the above and how do you measure for an awning. matsheen

Awning size - Sterling Europa 490 2004 
What size awning do I need for a Sterling Europa 490 -2004? thanks

Awning Size - Adria Forma 510C 
Hi could you please advise what size awning we would need for an Adria Forma 510C. Thanks I think the awning size that you need is about 922cm …

Awning Size - Tabbert 565 comtesse 
What size full awning for Tabbert 565 Comtesse 2006?

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Awning Size - Avondale Perle Olympus 
I have an Avondale Perle Olympus custom 1988 5 berth caravan. Please could someone advise as to what size awning I would require to fit my caravan? …

Awning Size - Elddiss Knightsbridge 1997/98 
Looking for an awning for Elddiss Knightsbridge, what size do I need its 22.1 foot long?

Back Window Seal - 2006 Ace Viceroy  
Hi, can someone give me any advice on how to replace the seal on my back window? Original seal has perished and water is getting in. :( Tried looking …

Awning size - 1991 Elddis Cyclone 
What size awning do i need for an Elddis Cyclone 1991 internal length 17ft I think the awning size you need is 895cm. However, qwe always advise …

Reimo bergamo porch awning 
Hi. We purchased a Reimo Bergamo porch awning last year. But only now tried to erect it. As just sited our caravan. Does anyone have any or know how I …

Porch Awning for Bailey Vendee 2005 
Hi What size porch awning do I need for a Bailey Vendee 2005 Thanks. The best thing would be to visit a dealer which has awnings on display. …

Awning Size for a Bessacarr Cameo 470GL 
Hi I have recently purchased a Bessacarr Cameo 470GL and was wondering if anyone had any info on the size of awning I needed to buy. Thanks Without …

Awning Size - 2007 Swift Challenger 510/4 
Can someone please tell me the correct size awning I need for a 2007 Swift Challenger 510/4, it would be really appreciated . I think the awning …

Awning Size - 2000 Avondale Eagle 
Hi, Please can you tell me the awning size I need for a 2000 Avondale Eagle. Thank You I think the awning size that you require is 920cm. However, …

Hi I am looking at purchasing a Hobby 695 VIP Year 2009/10 and I'm wanting to look for an all year awning but would appreciate some help with the measurement …

caravan width 
Can anyone tell me where I can find the info on the width of certain models of caravans as we are looking to buy a used one but we have a fairly narrow …

I have just recently purchased a 1992 Bessacarr Cameo 470-2 GL Twin axle 2 Berth Caravan, and the van is in relatively good condition but does need some …

Dorema Montana Supalux awning 1025-1060  
I have the chance of a Dorema Montana Supalux awning 1025-1060 will it be ok to use on my Bailey Pageant Bretagne whch states 1008 for awning size. …

Awning Size - 1193 Tabbert Comtessa 530  
Hi, I have a 1993 Tabbert Comtessa 530 and I need to buy an awning for it but I don't know what size to buy. Please could you tell me what size awning …

Awning Size - Sprite Musketeer 
Can anyone tell me the measurements for a sprite musketeer awning. I don't know what year it is. I think it may be a 1990s. Thanks for your help. Sean. …

Awning for 1987 Rapido pop top 
I have a 1987 2 berth Rapido pop top caravan. It's 6 foot from rail to ground and 21foot from ground to ground. What awning do I need, Many Thanks …

Awning Size - 2006 Sprite Quattro 
Will an Isabella Capri lux size 1050 be ok for my Sprite Quattro 2006 caravan which needs an awning size 1056? Thanks If you log onto the Isabella …

Pyramid Tuscany 1025 on a Bailey Pegasus 546  
Hi, Please can you tell me if a Pyramid Tuscany 1025cm awning will fit a 2010 Bailey Pegasus 546 caravan. Thanks I think the awning size for …

Awning Size - Adria Forma 580C 
Hi, Please could you advise what size awning do i need for my caravan. It is an Adria Forma 580C. Thanks. I think the awning size you need is 974cm. …

Date of my Tourer? 
Please could you tell me the date of my caravan. The serial number is ABMK322126 and it is an Ace Ambassador - Jubilee. I suspect it is either late 80s …

Awning Size - Eccles Topaz 
I have an Eccles CI Topaz caravan. I think it's about 30 years old not 100% and I want to get an awning but don't know firstly the correct size I would …

Awning Size - Craftsman Superior 154 
Please could you advise me as to what size awning I would need to purchase to fit a Craftsman Superior 154 caravan. Thank you for any information you can …

Sprite Musketeer Awning Size 
I have a mid 80's Sprite Musketeer caravan, any idea as to the awning size I need. I know to measure A-B, but won't have access to the van until next …

Caravan Awning - Starcamp Cameo 975-1000 
I have an awning which is a Starcamp Cameo 975-1000. Do you know whether it will fit my Baiey Pageant Series 7 Sancerre which has an awning size of 1008?? …

Awning Sizes for CARAVELAIR Caravans 
Could you please help with the awning size for a Caravelair Eden 472, I believe it to be 922cm, in which case would it be best to buy a 911-934cm or could …

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I have been looking for an awning for my Swift Conqueror caravan. I have been told the Pyramid Tuscany is a very good awning. Does anyone have any feedback …

Awning Sizes for BAILEY Caravans 
Do you happen to know whether a Pyramid Tuscany awning which fits a Bailey Ranger 460/2 caravan would fit a Bailey Ranger 470/4 caravan? Many thanks for …

Awning Sizes for LUNAR Caravans 
I have a 1991 Lunar Ariva GT caravan and I would like to purchase a full size awning for it, possibly a Dorema awning. What size would I need to buy? …

Awning Sizes for HOBBY Caravans 
Please could you advise what size awning do I need for my Hobby 690 SMF 2007 caravan? Many thanks for your help with this. I think the awning …

Awning Sizes for FLEETWOOD Caravans 
Please could you advise as to what size awning I would need fto fit my 14ft 8in Fleetwood Garland caravan 148/4 berth. Many Thanks. I think the …

Awning Sizes for COACHMAN Caravans 
Can anyone help please. We have got a Coachman 440/2 1991 caravan. Does anyone know the size of awning that I have to get please. Thanks. Without …

Awning Sizes for ABBEY Caravans 
I am looking to replace my awning but am not 100% sure of the size - the Caravan is a 1998 Abbey County Warwick. Many thanks for your help with this. …

Awning Sizes for COMPASS Caravans 
Hi, Does anyone have any ideas as to what awning size I need tobuy to fit my Compass Omega 450/4 1997 caravan ? Thanks The awning size you …

Awning Sizes for STERLING Caravans 
We are looking to buy an awning for a Sterling Eccles Emerald caravan and we wanted to know how big the awning would have to be. Thank you for your help. …

Awning Sizes for ELDDIS Caravans 
Please can you advise what size awning I need for my caravan, we measured it and came up with approx 732cm but can't find one that size, any idea of suppliers? …

Awning Sizes for BESSACARR Caravans 
We are buying an old Bessacarr 600 approx 19 ft 3 inch and we need to buy an awning but do not know what size to buy. Please can you advise. Thanks. …

Awning Sizes for AVONDALE Caravans 
We have a Bradcot Awning to sell. It fitted our Avondale Sandmartin 1995 2 berth, but don't know what size to advertise it at? Many thanks, Denise. …

Awning Sizes for MARDON Caravans 
I have a Mardon Classique 440-4 1987 model. I am not sure what size awning I should be looking for. Isabella site says 800. But very confusing on e-bay …

I have purchased a porch awning for my old Abbey GT418 caravan that was given to us by my dad. The measurements on the awning are 250cm and not sure if …

Awning Sizes for ABI Caravans 
Please could you tell me what size awning I will need for my ABI Nightstar 1997 5 berth caravan which I am waiting to have delivered. Thank you. …

Awning Sizes for SWIFT Caravans 
Please could anyone help and tell me the size of awning I need for my Swift Conqueror 580 Caravan (1989) twin axle. Many thanks for your help. I …

Awning Sizes for ADRIA Caravans 
We have an Adria Optima 500 1991 caravan. Could you please tell us what size awning we would need to buy to fit it? Many thanks for your help with this. …

Awning for Gobur Carousel 
We have recently bought a Gobur Carousel 10/2t and the specification guide says the awning measurement is 670 cm but I can't find anywhere who sells this …

I have purchased a Bradcot Empress awning (750)for my little caravan. I would like to buy a used bedroom annexe - as all the panels on the awning completely …

Awning Sizes for SPRITE Caravans 
Please could anyone tell me what size awning we would need to fit our Sprite Major 6 2008 caravan ? Many thanks for your help with this. I think …

What Size Awning - 2001 Tabbert Comtesse 
We are purchasing a 2001 Tabbert Comtesse 5 berth caravan (dry caravan). What awning would fit this please? We would like a full size awning. Many thanks. …

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