Caravan Awning - Starcamp Cameo 975-1000

I have an awning which is a Starcamp Cameo 975-1000. Do you know whether it will fit my Baiey Pageant Series 7 Sancerre which has an awning size of 1008??

The 975-1000cm awning will be too small. You really need to have the correct size awning for your caravan. Although it may seem that the smaller awning might fit, when you pitch your caravan on uneven ground, you will find it will definitely come up short.

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Jun 07, 2011
Starcamp Awning
by: Anonymous

I have a bailey pageant series 7 sancerre and because of the restricted awning rail at the base of the van this awning is the perfect size for your van regardless of what others may say. You would have to be in a 1 in 7 fall of ground before it would be affected and who stays on those pitches, not me, level pitches all the way.

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