Caravan Awnings
Measuring Your Caravan

If you are looking at caravan awnings and are unsure of the size you need for your caravan, here is an easy way of finding out using just a piece of string (or even better, some plastic coated clothes line as it doesn't stretch) and a standard tape measure.

First ensure that your caravan is as level as possible.

Caravan Awnings Measuring Your Caravan

Next, run your piece of string through the awning rail going from ground to ground (A to A in the picture) and mark each end of the string where it touches the ground with a pen. This is much easier with two people!

Now all you have to do is measure the length of the string from one pen mark to the other. Now you will have the exact size of awning you need.

Do remember, though, that when buying an awning you should give yourself a leeway of about 10 cm over the size you measured and never buy an awning which is smaller.

An awning can be an expensive piece of kit, so you need to purchase the correct size.  You don't want it flapping around in the wind or finding that when you get to the campsite it's not quite long enough!!

If, however, you are still in doubt, try contacting the awning manufacturer who should be able to offer you all the advice which you need.

It is essential that when purchasing caravan awnings you have the correct size. Do you have another way of measuring? If so, click here to let us know.

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