Caravan Awnings

Harrison caravan Awning

Caravan awnings are a good way to extend your living space (without having to buy a new caravan!).

Awnings come in many different styles and materials, plus all sizes to fit all caravans. They include :

  • A simple sunshade awning
  • A sun roof with optional zip-in side panels
  • A porch awning
  • A midi awning which can be anything from a porch awning to -
  • A full awning which runs the whole length of the caravan
  • caravan awnings

    If you need further space after adding a caravan awning you can always put up an awning annexe which zips in the place of one of the side panels. These are often used as bedrooms in the awning (especially for children or teenagers so they can have their own space).

    Are you unsure of the size of awning you need to fit your caravan? If so, click here for very simple and easy instructions.

    caravan awnings

    There are lots of compact caravan porch awnings on the market at the moment. These are easy to stow in the caravan as they pack up into a small bag, easy to erect and an extremely useful undercover storage area for shoes, wellies, bikes, or whatever you need to keep dry!!

    Click here for great deals on Caravan Awnings

    We use a lightweight porch awning called a Base Camp Panorama XL which is a little larger than a normal lightweight porch awning, and a Harrison Belgrave full caravan awning. We put up the porch awning when we caravan for just a few days (this can easily be erected by just one person) and the full caravan awning when we are staying longer.

    We have also had a Fiamma Caravanstore Zip awning in the past - click here for more information.

    caravan awnings

    UPDATE - Our Harrison awning doesn't fit our new caravan so we have had to order another. We have spoken to someone on our caravan site with the same caravan as us - he said that before he purchased his awning he researched them for six months! So we have ordered a Dorema Montana caravan awning. We will let you know what it is like when we get it. Keep a look out for future updates!


    We have now had our Dorema Montana awning for about two years and have used it extensively. We use it the most in the summer months, especially over the six weeks summer holiday when we leave it up permanently.

    We have had no problems at all with this awning. The poles are easy to fit together, the awning is pretty heavy to get through the awning channel but any awning of this size would be the same, and once it's up it stays up!!

    caravan awnings

    This year we purchased a tall awning annexe for our children to sleep in. This was great – it was easy to put up and fix into the existing awning, and gave us so much room as the bedroom was out of the main awning. Our local caravan dealer was selling this one off as someone had ordered it and then cancelled, so we got it at an extremely low price – the only downside being that the awning annexe is green and our main awning is burgundy!! We don’t mind as it serves its purpose extremely well whatever the colour!!

    caravan awnings

    We also purchased a porch awning – a Sunncamp Ultima 260. This is a brilliant awning to put up if you are just staying for a few days. It can be put up by one person as long as it’s not too windy!! It has two long bendy poles for the sides plus one straight pole for the inside to hold the two sides out. It has enough space inside for a couple of chairs, a cooking table, plus our shoebox and wellies etc. We purchased the smaller size which only has two windows at the side – there is a bigger size which has three windows.

    Remember - if you purchase a midi or porch awning it will fit if you ever buy a new caravan but a full size awning may not.

    For help on putting up a caravan awning, please click here.

    Awning Mats and Groundsheets

  • An awning mat will need to be waterproof to prevent mud forming on the top which will then be trodden into your caravan. Many sites prefer or insist that you use a permeable awning carpet which will allow the grass to survive underneath, as a PVC mat will kill the grass if left down for a while. 

  • Amazon sell an "Ecomat" which is kind to the grass underneath! PVC groundsheets can also become very slippery when wet. Groundsheets are best pegged out at the edges to prevent it rolling up and tripping people up! The groundsheet must always be dry when put away otherwise it will rot and become mouldy. If you bring a wet and muddy groundsheet home, hose it down (or even better use a pressure washer) and leave to dry thoroughly before storing.

    Awning Mat Update -
    Carpetina caravan awning matt

    We recently purchased a new awning mat as we did find that our old one let the grass and worm casts through if we were pitched for the six weeks over the summer. We bought a Carpentina Awning Carpet which is breathable but waterproof. It is more tightly woven than our old mat but is thinner fabric (not rubber) so we decided to put it down over the top of our old mat. This made an excellent floor and kept everything damp free.

    We have many awning related tips to help you out - please click here.

    Ask an caravan awning question - please click here.

    How to measure your awning - please click here.

    If you would like advice about Awning Care we are able to help! Please click here.

    Just remember - caravan awnings can be very expensive, don't rush into buying the first one you like. Take time to research them and ask other caravanners their opinions (the best way to find out!).

    Gazebos can be a quick, easy and cheap alternative to caravan awnings. Click here to find out more.

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