Caravan Bedding

What caravan bedding do you use? Most people use sleeping bags or duvets. What are the pro's and con's of these? Read on to find out more …

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags come in different sizes, usually single, double or king-size.

The rectangular bags can be joined together if required (usually as long as you have two of the same make and type).

Sleeping bags are lightweight - lighter than duvets.

A two way zip in your sleeping bag (top and bottom) will let air in at the bottom if you get hot!

A hood on your sleeping bag will give you extra warmth and comfort.


You can choose the size and tog rating to suit yourself and the season. Duvets tend to be heavier than sleeping bags and bulkier to store in the caravan.

We use a king-size duvet in our caravan as we find this much better with a fixed bed. We also think it is easier because you only have to wash and dry the duvet cover, not the whole sleeping bag. We also use a duvet cover as a mattress cover, plus a mattress protector (not one of those horrible plastic ones!).



More comfortable Lasts longer but needs looking after Warmer than synthetic fillings Down absorbs moisture easily and loses insulation properties when damp More expensive than synthetic fillings but will last a lifetime if looked after carefully


Synthetic fillings are usually hollow which reduces weight and traps air for warmth You are usually able to machine wash synthetics Less expensive than down Does not cause allergic reactions like down Synthetic fillings are bulkier than down Synthetic definitely won't last as long as down fillings In the end it's down to your preference. Like us, you may have to try both and then find which you like the best.

We have received an e-mail from John in the UK with a top tip for caravan bedding.

John says if you have a removable sheet tied into your sleeping bag, this will save on how often you have to wash your sleeping bag.

That sounds like a really good tip to us! Thanks for that John.

For caravan bedding we have used both sleeping bags and duvets, and definitely find using a duvet easier and more comfortable and much cosier!

If you use something different for caravan bedding, click here to let us know and we will look into it!