Caravan Covers

A caravan cover is a useful way of protecting your caravan when laying up for the winter. They will protect your caravan from damage from frost, UV rays, wind, general bad weather, dirt, dust, bird poo and tree sap.

They also make cleaning and polishing your in Spring much, much easier. Have you struggled to remove all the gunk and dirt before using your caravan?

If you are considering purchasing a caravan cover, there are a few things you need to think about:

Make sure it is made from a soft polypropylene material as this won't scratch the windows or paintwork. 

Caravan Covers

Ensure it is water resistant but not 100% waterproof. Fully waterproof covers can cause winter damp problems as it traps damp and condensation inside the caravan.  So it preferably needs to be breathable – many cheaper covers are not.

A good cover will have fixing straps to go underneath the caravan and will also have an elasticated hem for a good fit.

A cover with a side zip for easy access to the caravan is advisable. You don't want to have to remove the whole cover just to get into your caravan!!

Before buying you need to find the correct size. To do this you need to measure the length of the caravans body (not including the hitch). They come in different size ranges – make sure your caravan measurement comes within the correct size range.

A good caravan cover will come complete with corner protectors, a storage bag and door access.

Before fitting you will need to remove any sharp or protruding objects e.g. your aerial. If it is not possible to remove, cover with cloth or carpet before fitting the caravan cover. Your cover should come complete with full instructions which will explain all this.

A caravan cover is also an additional security measure as it will prevent people from seeing the make, style and age of your caravan, plus it hides anything you may keep inside the 'van.

Caravan covers are a great idea - would you like to recommend one? Click here to contact us.

Caravan Covers on Amazon

We have never purchased a caravan cover but think they sound a really good idea to protect your investment. What do you think?

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