Damp in a New Caravan

If a caravan has had damp on two occassions within its 4 year lifetime but the damp has been repaired by a dealer and the van has been serviced anually is it more likely to get damp again than another 4 year old van that hasn't had damp before?

It would all depend on how well the repairs have been fixed. During your annual service the dealer should give your van a damp test and should give you the results. If the area in question stays at a stable level it should be ok. If however it rises, then ask your dealer to have another look at it.

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Jun 23, 2017
Swift 565 elite 2017 NEW
by: Anonymous

,we purchased a swift 565 in April 2017 .first time out and water poured in from roof and wet all cushions and bedding.Have since returned said caravan and had a full refund,but no compensation for loss of holidays.Also left with a motor mover and no caravan.Will not touch swift again

Jun 10, 2017
Carthago Motorhome Water Ingress Issue NEW
by: Anonymous

Dont think that damp only exist in caravans, Fork out £75,000 on a Carthago Motorhome and the service you receive from the dealer and the Manufacturer is pathetic, we have been trying to resolve our 2014 motorhome water ingress issue since February 2015 take a look at the YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwXPFS3vKRc

Jan 30, 2017
Sterling Eccles Jewel 2004 NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello all

Wanted some advice really, just bought this caravan all seemed fine did a damp meter test nothing above 13 so seemed all good. Just checked after heavy rainfall and the mattress had a wet patch about the size of a breakfast bowl, has anyone else had the same problem, we are thinking its coming through the roof, advice really on sealing........

Sep 03, 2016
2013 lunar clubman si NEW
by: ken

Bought from Campbell's caravans Preston new had water ingress on front window on way home after picking up. Repaired,since had damp repaired in toilet shower area on taking van home found toilet had been damaged and was leaking so had to go back. While in damp was found round front off side window back in for repair. Now been waiting 15weeks for parts to come in for 2 further areas off damp. Date given for repair November informed Campbell's that while waiting for these repairs to be done the front off side window previously repaired was leaking in again. Not bad for a caravan 3 year old, lunar caravans cosmetic finish good unfortunately against water ingress CRAP, Campbell's answer this is perfectly acceptable. We must be crazy wasting our money on caravans when the dealers and manufacturers don't give a ----.

Apr 01, 2016
Swift Coastline 550
by: Anonymous

We had serious water ingress resulting in wide spread rot on the front o/s of our van (2010), taking on the repair ourselves as Swift don't want to know as caravan services elsewhere.

Worse place to have the rot as its behind the fitted kitchen. After dismantling and removing the affected area's, happy to say that end is insight and we are in the process of fitting the new floor, wallboards and repairing where the water ingress started ( wheel arch side window and lower awning rail).

Can't thank the caravan repair man who completed the damage report for us enough, he supplied all the materials we needed along with some helpful advice to enable us to proceed with the repair. Just waiting on our legal cover to take the nasty seller to court for misrepresentation when they advertised the caravan for sale.

Feb 24, 2016
Sterling Ruby Eccles 2011
by: Rally

Just found we have a damp reading of 50% at the rear of our 2011 Sterling Ruby. After our winter service..disappointed is an understatement. Went to the dealership and lo and behold because we don't service through Swift it's tough luck..

However the dealer said it was unlikely to be the end shower as we'd be flooded out by now...told us to seal around the wheel and storage door to see if it helped. We bought our own damp meter and the highest reading was 21!

The dealer showed us to the workshop to a van which had damp everywhere and they were refurbishing as he was under warranty..The water had been leaking in the window seals and onto the floor at the front.

Also the bathroom toilet area was black with damp.This was a Swift 2015! We thought we'd bought a great caravan and are so disillusioned by Swift who from all accounts seems to be aware of this problem but get out of it by, if you don't service with them your buggered.

Feb 18, 2016
by: Vandweller645

Swift caravans even have condensation problems in their new vans, plus their bathroom rear panels are de-laminating in the Elegance top of the range caravans.

My van has had over 20 problems in first year and Swift`s attitude to repairs have a Bodgit n Scarper repair service. Save your money and buy another make.

Apr 30, 2015
Damp Through Kitchen Window - 2005 Bailey Senator Vermont

Hi can anyone assist
Just had my van serviced and I have obviously got a leak in the Kitchen Window as the damp measure was 80%...... our engineer cant fix it till Sept (fully booked up) and could not find the obvious cause so no remedial fix, he has after consultation with me put small holes in the kitchen wall to allow some of the damp to evaporate over summer heat (here's hoping we have a summer)....

Anyone got any other suggestions do you think I should have this fixed sooner...thought I might put some salt in the van near the wall to try and attract some of the moisture.... appreciate any comment...thanks BPSurrey

Mar 06, 2015
by: Anonymous

I bought a small 1998 5 berth Elddis caravan from my daughter and her hubby in early 2014 we toured last year with it but we had to replace the battery twice (there was a dead cell in the first one).

We noticed dry rot in the front of the van and water lying in where the gas cylinders are kept, we saw dust rising at the front window and water was getting in here as well when it rained.

This year 2015 I am taking all the damp wood at the front window out and its worse then I first though. I am using 18 mm board to replace the sodden wood that I have removed I intend then to seal the complete van top to bottom.

Hopefully this will cure the problem, I thought we had got a bargain as we only paid £1,000 quid.

I think if we get this year out of it I will sell up and upgrade.

Nov 26, 2014
Leaking Caravan
by: Chris & Brian

We have a Bailey Senator Arizona 2005.

We have got a big problem with water coming in, its in the front of the van. We thought it was getting in via the windows at the front, but we wondered if now, it was coming from the roof. We have to solve it very soon as the wood is getting affected now under the front windows.


Jun 10, 2014
Damp - Sterling
by: Ali

I've got a Sterling Carl 2011 and I've noticed damp on the side of the front window, does any one know what I can do about this problem?

May 20, 2014
Sterling Quartz 2011
by: John and Chris

Bought new in 2011 - hardly ever used in wet weather and stored in a barn when not used.
On 3rd service damp found above door and on one of four skirts - GUTTED!
Dealer quite nonchalant about it and lo and behold we now find out its a problem with lots of Swift 'vans!
Will this ever be sorted?

May 01, 2014
Damp in Shamal 2012
by: Elddis Issues

I bought a new Crusader Shamal in June 2012. Apart from the numerous problems that appeared during the first and second outings - 3 months - the van started to leak around one window.

The dealer and Elddis agreed there was a problem and Elddis provided the part - June 2013 - and I am still waiting for the dealer to 'fit me in' to effect the repair! I had a full damp test on the van yesterday - 30 April 2014 - by an independent company and discovered that there were at least 3 areas with serious ingress.

I would like to return the van as it is not fit for purpose - what chance? I suspect it is going to be a long haul to get a resolution. What a pity that caravan dealers cannot show the same urgency that other suppliers of goods can particularly when a customer pays well over £20K for products.
Surely it is time for the consumer to stand firm against shoddy workmanship and abysmal aftersales care.

May 16, 2013
by: Anonymous


Mar 23, 2013
2013 Sterling Caravan - Damp
by: Anonymous

Took delivery of a 2013 Sterling Eccles Solitaire caravan on date of new release Sept 2012. Used for 1 week then packed away for winter. In November 2012 Swift sent letter to tell me possible damp problem. January 2013 man came out to my home to test van & said high reading of damp in rear of van nearly 30 reading on damp meter. Swift have very poor attitude to customers. If I bought a new coat that was faulty I would get money back or replacement, surely a brand new caravan should be the same under sale of goods act. Still fighting this out with Swift & dealer(who is very quiet throughout all of this, even though many letters sent to him). Not a good advert for Swift / Sterling caravans.

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Hobby 720 Damp Patch

by Maria Needham

We have come to re-open our caravan sited on a pitch but have a small damp patch on the rear side panel on the back of the caravan. How do we treat it?

You should really get this looked at by a professional. I should ask your local dealer to have a look at it and they should be able to advise you on how far the damp has penetrated your caravan and the best course of action to take.

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Mar 17, 2016
Damp ceiling edges
by: Anonymous

we have damp coming in from edge of ceiling in toilet and kitchen. Any advice what to use to stop this?

Jan 21, 2016
Fleetwood ruined
by: Caretaker 69

Hi, really interesting comments about damp in caravans.
I have owned a Fleetwood countryside 2000 van for four years. Obviously not a new van, but newer than any previous van I have owned, and although not really expensive, it was as much as we could afford.

I have been plagued by water coming in through the front of the van. The dealer doesn't want to know. I paid a repair specialist £280 to reseal the rail across the front of the van between roof and front panel and it still leaks.

I have replaced all front window seals and all the rotten wood battens but it is still leaking. There are small splits in the front skin, which I have attempted to fill, but the filler keeps cracking. I am determined to stop the leaks, but do not know what else to do.

I am just waiting for good weather to strip it down again.....any suggestions gratefully received.

Sep 26, 2014
The horror story of leaking caravans
by: Anonymous

Mobile caravans these days are better designed than they used to be. Back in the 1970,s, the panels had mastic sealant that cracks and leaks. I have a static now year 1992, and to the best of my k owl edge they still use this stuff. It is quite deplorable actually. The manufacturer,s need to be taken out and horse whipped! Having owned caravans all of my life, a little tip. Once they start leaking, they are very, very difficult, if not I possible to stop leaking. You can quite literally take them apart, panel by panel, replace the sealant, with any product available on the market place. Two years later, almost guaranteed leaks will start again. If you are looking for a caravan, look for leaks, look for leaks, look for leaks. And don't believe any salesman buulshit about, professional repairs.

Mar 02, 2010
by: ste

Have it looked at but you could also try sealing it yourself as we know a serviceman and he told us how to do it with caravan sealer and save us a few quid too. P.S. caravan is bone dry now.

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Fleetwood Caravan Damp

by Mick S

We have looked at two Fleetwood 560/4 tourers and both have had a damp problem. Do you know whether this a common thing in the 2006-2007 Heritage range of caravans?

Does anyone own one of these caravans and has suffered with a damp problem? If so, just let us know and we will post the replies on our website.

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Nov 20, 2014
Fleetwood Damp
by: Anonymous

Our Heritage 2007 560/4 is riddled with damp this year, and each previous year had to have expensive repairs to cure leaks.

In one rain storm the water was running down the walls from the windows. The sealant used by caravan manufacturer is the cheapest they can buy, and will always need replacing but never use a dealer.

Van now part exchanged and will now be sold to the next unsuspecting couple.

Jan 24, 2014
fleetwood heritage twin axle 2004 and 2006 damp
by: stuart rossendale

Purchased 2004 Fleetwood Heritage new and within 18mths roof lights and all side window seals let rain in.

Traded in 2006 when Adria took over Fleetwood for a new same spec c/van and on handover told by dealer 2004 models had been made with window cut outs made 10mm too big hence seals would not seal a window entry 10mm bigger than the window and seal!!! No recall dealer answer put silicon all round window seals!!

2006 new van after 18mths roof light needed resealing and kitchen sink waste connecting under toilet to exit caravan never connected hence bedroom floor soaked in kitchen waste under lino for 18mths before I found problem.

Sold this caravan and would not touch a Fleetwood caravan with a barge pole!!!

May 06, 2012
Fleetwood Heritage 640 es 2005
by: Anonymous

We bought our Fleetwood Heritage 640 es new back in 2005 and have had damp all along the off side wall the floor delaminates after it was two years old - to be honest it was a complete waste of £21000.00 - I thought I was buying the best and shall be looking to replace with a German van now .

Apr 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

We have just bought one from a so called reputable dealer who said the patch in the corner of the end bedroonnwas condensation with a damp checker! Anyway on further investigation we found the seal in the top right hand corner had a hole in :(
Currently contacting trading standards as we flagged the suspicious patch up in warranty period and they lied. Currently dry patch out will have to the boards replaced at the end of season.

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by Jim

As a result of recent damp test. I was informed that I needed a section of wallboard replaced in my caravan.
Where can I get wall boards for an Avondale caravan.

Your best bet would be to either ask your local caravan dealer or to try a breakers yard. Most offer a mail order service, so distance should not be a problem.

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May 02, 2013
Ceiling Boards
by: Tracy from County Durham

Hi, do you do the ceiling boards, If so can you please contact me by email at my works email,


May 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi if you find a caravan breakers yard who deals in wall panels can you let me know, as I have dampness on my caravn bedroom ceiling.
From County Durham

Apr 05, 2013
wall bord
by: shane francis

hi i do damp work on all caravans and motor home you can buy wall bord from a company called leasure plus about £20 plus vat for an 8x4 sheet

Apr 06, 2011
Wallboards for Avondale
by: Anonymous

I have looked before now on magnum motorhomes website and they have some wall boards for avaondale vans, if you google them I'm sure you can find them, that's google magnum motorhomes not the wallboards

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Caravan Damp - What are our options?

by Kayleigh

We have just made what seems to be a common mistake first time buyers make - we bought a damp caravan. It has absolutely no visual signs of damp anywhere in the interior, however caravan service produced readings of up to 40% damp 'degenerative woodrot at all structural areas.' So, I'm guessing its not worth repairing it, can we sell it for scrap, would a dealer take it? We really are clueless.

I would guess that the seller did not inform you of the damp problem. Have you tried going back to the seller to see if you can come to some sort of comprise? Failing that, take advice from the dealer that did your service and ask them if it is worth repairing and how much it would cost. If they say it is not worth repairing ask them if they would do a trade in for another caravan.

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Urgent Repair - Damp

by Denis
(West Yorkshire)

Due to being ripped off buying our first caravan that was advertised as no damp, we now find ourselves having to replace half of the floor, I am very handy but need advice on if I can replace the floor without touching the outer skin of the van. I have not started to remove anything yet apart from the lino that hid the damp. Please help as I am having to do the work myself as we spent our hard earned cash on what we were led to believe a dry and perfect van.

To all you DIY buffs out there, does anyone have any advice that can help Denis. If you do, please contact us and we will pass on the information to Denis. Thanks.

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Oct 29, 2012
Damp floor above corner support leg
by: Richard

I have some damp in the front stable leg mounting area of my Lunar 6 berth. I am looking at carrying out a repair myself can anybody give me some advice on how to go about this and how is the floor mad up.
Is it possible to cut a section out and replace it with similar and possible use aluminium plate as an additional strengthener after the repair.

Looking forward to any reply's



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Water Damage in Corner of Seating

by Chris
(North Yorkshire)

Unfortunately we have a leak in the corner of our caravan but can't seem to find out where it is coming from. There does not seem to be any damage. Could anyone advise?

You need to book your van in with your local dealer before any further damage is caused. They will be able to trace the leak and repair it for you.

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Damp Caravan

by Pauline

Help! We're new to caravanning and have just bought our first caravan. It's a Swift 450se Challenger (think 1995) 5 berth.
We spent over an hour looking over it before we bought, checking all the corners and tell tale areas where damp could be. There was indication of water ingress around the flue area but our friend (he has owned several caravans) thought it might have been caused by snow coming in through the flue. There are no black marks in the area just some bubbles.
Since having it home and giving it a clean I've had time to notice things more. I have noticed around the door area the walls feel spongy! And it rained heavily the first night home so I checked all cupboards again and noticed on the front right hand side the wall felt wet
My partner is very hands on and can carry out repairs to anything. He was going to go over van at weekend and reseal areas round the roof etc.
My question is, should we keep the caravan and do the repairs or should we sell quickly? I'm just scared when we attempt to repair it will open a can of worms and be much worse than we expect.

You really need to have this looked at by the experts. Damp in a caravan can be a serious problem. My advice would be to ask your local caravan dealer to have a look and they should be able to tell you what the extent of the problem is and whether or not it is worth having repaired.

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Adria Leak

by Shirley

I have a One month old caravan with water pouring in from what appears to be non sealed edge of wet box locker. The van has had a temporary job done but that much water inside has damaged wall, bench and floor. The dealer wants to repair it but am I best insisting on caravan replacement?


As the caravan is only a month old and I presume that you are not happy about having a repair, I would ask for a replacement caravan. If you get no joy from the dealer, contact Adria caravans direct and see what they have to say.

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Apr 07, 2013
Damp in new caravans
by: Anonymous

Why should we put up with paying vast amounts of money for faulty goods eg caravans. Surely if they are damp just weeks after purchase they should be replaced not repaired as we did not pay full price for damaged goods. I would be interested in knowing how you get on with Adria, Swift are so unhelpful & have total disregard for customer service. Would they pay full price for faulty goods!!!!

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Bailey Caravan Leak

We brought our caravan out of storage today to clean and found there had been a leak by a window causing wallbord to rot. Where can we match the pattern? It's a 2003 Senator Bailey Arizona.

Your best bet would be to contact Bailey Caravans direct. You can do this via their website (www.bailey-caravans.co.uk).

You could also try contacting a Caravan Breakers yard. A list can be found on our website. If you click on the site map on our home page and you will find a link called Caravan Spares & Caravan Breakers under the Miscellaneous section.

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Bailey Senator Louisiana Series 5 Nov 2005 Leaks

by Muriel Lawson
(RYDE Isle of Wight)

Any info on leaks this particular make and model, only ours has leak at rear right from towbar affecting wardrobe and bedroom wall.

I have not read of any problems in the caravan magazines. I would suggest that you have this checked and fixed as soon as possible to avoid any further damage to your caravan.

Although I don't think there are any Bailey dealers on the Isle of Wight, there is a mobile service and their telephone number is 01983-246077.

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Dec 29, 2012
Same issue
by: Anonymous

I have the same issue with my Bailey (same model / year) and siliconed up the roof joiner but still have the issue ( not a lot of water but enough to feel the dampness on you hand and to render the wardrobe useless in the rain. Have you had yours repaired yet and what did they do? Regards kevin@crown.net.nz

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Help - Damp Caravan

by Mandy

Hi there, I have just broken the ultimate rule in purchasing a caravan, and bought a caravan from a couple that is damp! They totally b*******d me and I fell for it hook line and sinker - they were an older couple and so lovely (yeah right!). It is dangerous as the whole side of the caravan is soft and as far as I am concerend dangerous, we did not notice it until we went to clean it, and then we found that it was soft, devestated is not the word! We have no money now, that was our lot!
Can anyone please tell me if there is anywhere I can go to take this person to court?
They never gave me a road worthy certificate, should they have? I cannot just accept this as we have nothing now, we are only a little family with not a lot, and I am so upset, please can anyone help me with some good advise, thank you Mandy

We are really sorry to hear what has happened but unfortunately, I am not sure you can do much in this case. What I would advise is that you contact the seller and see if you can work something out with them.

At present, caravans do not require to have an MOT certificate. It is the owners responsibility to make sure that their caravan is roadworthy. We always advise that owners of caravans always have their caravans serviced anually.

I would take your caravan to your local dealer and ask them to have a look at it. You never know, it might not be as bad as it seems. By doing this, at least you will know one way or the other what you are dealing with.

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Water Coming in to the Wall of my Caravan

by Lynn

I have water coming in to the wall of my caravan and I need to seal the side strips/rails - what do I use? I was told no more nails is no good, there is so much for sale and everyone I ask says it's no good.

You should definitely not use No More Nails. You need to use the correct mastic. What I would advise is that you should have this done by your local caravan dealer. After all caravans are not cheaper and this job needs to be done correctly otherwise your caravan will end up with damp.

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Damp in new caravan

by Wendy

What can I do. I found water on floor at the back under bunk beds caravan is Elddis 554 brought July 2012. Took back to dealer they had caravan for 4 weeks. Said they had sealed outside bottom rail, collected van two days later water on floor again, took back to dealer they resealed again put heaters in it, kept it 6 weeks went to collect it got my damp test meter, it went straight into red. Got the technician to test it his meter went all in the yellow then a part of floor went into red, they are not prepared to exchange or refund money what can I do many thanks. Worried.

It depends on what sort of warranty that you got with the caravan. Try asking the Citzens Advice Bureau and see what they say as to where you stand.

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Oct 28, 2014
New van but damp?
by: Anonymous

New van but damp, any cheap solutions as I have no money...

Feb 13, 2013
Damp in New Caravan
by: Wendy

Thanks for comments. Yes, have been in touch with Elddis they are taking caravan back to workshops , so hoping they will sort something out for me .

Feb 08, 2013
Damp Caravan
by: Anonymous

Surely sale of goods act 1979 covers this sort of problem. not fit for purpose.

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Elddis Elf Caravan - Damp?

by Marty Prior

I have just purchased an Elddis Elf 2 berth which is in very good condition except I noticed after a very heavy rain storm the other day the front storage compartment was very wet on the near side. On examination I noticed the wood at the top of the compartment was wet but not rotten. I have checked the front side lights but they are sealed. Do you have any suggestions?

If you bought this from a dealer, you need to take it back to them and ask them to sort this out. Damp can be very damaging and the longer you leave it, the worse it will get.

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Nov 01, 2013
Damp?wet in front locker
by: Nib

It is not uncommomn for this type of water egress to be caused by poor sealing at the awning rail . When fixing awning rails it is a common fault to find poor application of sealer during manufacture to have lead to eventual water ingress This is not an insurmountable job for a keen DIY person and the materials needed are easily obtained from a hardware/ diy shop Failing this you will have to hire professional help at huge cost because you will be at the mercy of what you are told is wrong not what necessarily is wrong. It is certainly worth your while to inspect the workmanship applied to this awning seal sealing to check if it has contiuous sealant or some gaps allowing water to pass .

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Abbey GTS420 Vogue 2004 Leak

by Colin Ball

Recently had a leak under the bed by the locker, we have tried sealing everywhere but we have not found were the water is coming in. Has anybody else had a similar problem and can share a solution?

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Oct 10, 2014
Faulty Swift Challenger Sport
by: Tom

I have a 2013 Swift Challenger Sport, bought new. Just been away for a ten day holiday, and had to cut it short for the following reasons.

1. Heating does not work on gas or electric.

2. Electric flush toilet does not work.

3. Front window leaks water. Paid £220 for a full service, which should have included a damp test. I was not told by the dealership about any damp, and I had to tell them about it.

4. Grill lights, then is blown out by a fan on cooker.

I would give my right arm to get rid of it, but I just can't afford to do so.

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