Caravan Mover Advice

Caravan Mover Advice

Before parting with any money, have a read of our Caravan Mover advice guide.

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Why do I need a caravan mover?

For a lot of people the manoeuvring of a caravan can be quite a chore and with some drives, near impossible. A caravan mover can give you simple to use manoeuvring of your caravan no matter how tough your drive is. There are a couple of videos online you can watch to see exactly how the system works.

How much should I be paying for a caravan mover?
This is a question that is always fore front in everyone’s mind as it is a varied market. One thing we will mention on this subject is, don’t pay for additional mileage to a fitter to come to you. A fitting charge should be one price for the whole of the UK! You should be able to get a good quality mover supplied and fitted UK wide for around £700 - £800 for a single axle mover, the price will increase with the size of the mover.

What should I be looking for when I am buying a caravan mover?
There are a few things you need to look for starting with the size of your caravan:

What battery?
If you caravan is larger than 2 berth we would recommend a 110 amp leisure battery for your caravan, on smaller caravans an 85 amp battery will work.

How much weight will a mover move?
Check the loaded weight of your caravan, a single and twin axle will move a loaded caravan up to 1800 kg - if your caravan is over this weight then you will need to look at a four motor system.

Quality is in the eye of the beholder! Look at the quality and material of the mover, rollers should be made from non corrosive alloy rollers, this benefits the weight of the mover and also gives a longer life. Avoid chain driven movers, the chains tend to stretch and will need replacing within a short period of time.

Cross actuation is another must have feature as this will allow you to engage motors on both wheels from either side, so if your caravan is tight up to a fence for instance, you will have no trouble engaging the rollers to manoeuvre your caravan.

Ground clearance is another important factor; some caravans have more than others and you don’t want your mover dragging on speed bumps! Some older vans will need spacers fitting to the axle to give the correct positioning for the rollers to engage the wheels.

Can I fit a caravan mover to a twin axle caravan?
Twin axle caravans are not discriminated against! There is a range of movers for twin axles as well, just bear in mind the previous points on weight.

Can this be fitted as a DIY project?
Yes, movers come with full instructions for you to fit your mover, however be very sure that you can handle this and have a full day set aside to fit it. A professional fit should take around 2 hours and will give you the peace of mind that the warranty will stand. If you have fitted your own mover and have a warranty issue the manufacturers will always question who fitted the mover first and if it is a DIY fit then the quality of the fit may have a bearing on the cover.

Are there any caravan movers that can be used on folding caravans and trailers?
Yes, a caravan mover can be fitted to a folding caravan or a trailer tent if required. The thing to bear in mind here is that not all of these have a battery fitted so you will need a leisure battery, battery box, connectors for the power cables and drop plates which should cost around £200.00 for all of the extras. If you have any specific requirements and are not sure if this will work for your needs then please call us for more information.

Hopefully this caravan mover advice guide has helped and cleared up some of the confusion surrounding the purchase of caravan movers.

After being in the industry for years and being the main installers for Purpeline Caravans and Homestead Caravans we have gained experience which gives us the ability to give clear caravan mover advice to all our customers and by not being tied to one supplier we can give honest impartial advice on what the client’s needs are, not the needs of NVS!

You will find that companies offer a 2 year, 3 year and 5 year warranty, but remember you will always pay for it; nothing is ever free in this world.

We can only advise on the product, at the end of the day the make and model is down to the client’s decision, they all work the same mechanically but some are more reliable than others, all we can do is make sure our clients receive the same high standards of fitting no matter what they chose to buy.

The questions above are just some of the questions we are more commonly asked but if you have something you would like help with that we haven’t covered then please don’t hesitate, caravan mover advice is free.


Our telephone number is 0844 846 1707, and please quote "Caravan Advice" when calling.

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It's also worth checking out Amazon UK and Ebay UK to compare caravan movers.

If you need some Caravan Mover advice, please let us know and we will pass on your question to National Vehicle Solutions, who wrote the above on our behalf.

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