Caravan Security
Immobilising Devices

Which are the most effective caravan security immobilising products to buy?  What's the best way to keep the caravan thieves out?   We can offer advice and help.

One of the most popular security products is the Alko wheel lock, which is fairly new to the market. This superb security device from Alko has been tested to Diamond standard from Sold Secure – the only product on the market with this level of security.

Over 30,000 security combinations together with a drill resistant lock and anti-pick tumbler mechanism ensures that your caravan is safer than it has ever been from theft. Wheel specific inserts are used to protect the wheel nuts plus a registered key management system using a dedicated hotline number. We have one of these fitted to our Bailey caravan and we think it is a brilliant caravan security device and is very easy to use. All new Bailey Senators come fitted with these locks as standard, as do many other caravans made by different manufacturers. The Alko wheel lock is only able to be fitted to caravans with an Alko chassis and specific wheels. To find out more, please click here Caravan security from

Many caravanners use at least one wheel clamp - a device which fits to the caravan wheel and prevents it rotating. We actually used two before we got our Alko wheel lock. The wheel clamp we use now is a QD Bulldog wheel clamp which was quite expensive but worth it because it is "sold secure" which means it has been attack tested and is approved by many major insurance companies for effective theft prevention. One word of caution, please ensure when purchasing a Caravan Wheel Clamp that it is the right size as wheel clamps come in various sizes to fit different wheels. Most caravan insurers insist on one wheel clamp - please check with your own insurer. Try to use a heavy duty wheel clamp - this may be large to store in the caravan but is definitely more theft-proof than a smaller one.

Another caravan security product is a Hitch Lock. The hitch lock is a metal cover which fits over the coupling head while the caravan is stationary. This prevents a vehicle being hitched up to the caravan, therefore stopping the caravan from being stolen. We use an Alko hitch lock which is specifically designed to fit the Alko AKS stabiliser which is standard fitted on our caravan. Don't just use a hitch lock on it's own though - a thief could just wrap a rope or chain around the hitch or A-frame and pull it on to a trailer.

Fiamma manufacture many Caravan Door Locks and Handles which can be retro-fitted to make your caravan more secure.

They will make your caravan more secure but always remember that when you come to trade in your caravan you may lose a little money as dealers and buyers don't always like items which have been added to the caravan, particularly ones which have to be screwed into the bodywork.

If you store your caravan on your driveway when not using it, then you should think about a driveway caravan Folding Security Parking Post. This has to be secured into the ground with concrete and is used to block the driveway to prevent the theft of your caravan. With a hitching security post the caravan then hitches onto the ball head and can be locked on to the hitch.

Corner Steady Leg Lock - these lock the caravan steady leg in a down position therefore making it unable to wind up the leg. You can use more than one if you wish! A very easy and effective theft deterrent which is not too expensive! These may deter the opportunist thief, but a determined one could quite quickly bypass them.

Caravan Immobilising Winter Wheels are used to replace the caravan wheels when storing your 'van during the winter period but can also be used to boost your caravan security. A thief will have immense trouble trying to steal your caravan when it has no wheels! These will also stop the caravan tyres becoming cracked when they are stood in the same place for a long period of time.

These are all caravan security products which will "immobilise" your 'van, i.e. make it harder for the thief to move or steal the caravan. Have as many of these fitted as you can, especially the Alko wheel lock! We do - we would never want our caravan to be stolen, and we don't want yours to be either!

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