Caravan Site Etiquette

What caravan site etiquette and behaviour should be remembered to make yours and other people's holidays more enjoyable? When you go caravanning you want to have the best holiday possible (and it's the same for other people). Therefore, there are a few things that you could remember to make yours and other people's holidays more enjoyable.

Have a look at the following caravan etiquette tips and try to remember to follow them:

  • Caravan sites usually have a separate area for ball games which is away from all the caravans. Please make sure you and your children use these areas as some people will get very worried in case a ball hits their caravan - a very valid point as caravans can be very expensive purchases. Some sites actually forbid ball games on the caravan pitch areas. You may find the warden coming after you and telling you off!!
  • When you walk around the site, even just to the toilets or showers, don't cut across other people's pitches - use the roads and paths. It might get you to the toilets a little quicker but it will upset some people if you walk right by their windows or awning. Would you like people walking by your caravan windows every few minutes to get to the toilets?
  • Always leave the shower and toilets as you would expect to find them - some people think that because they have paid to go on holiday someone else will pick up and clean after them!! Some Club sites leave a bucket and mop in the showers for you to clean out the shower before the next person uses it.
  • Again, another caravan site etiquette must - leave the laundry and washing-up sinks clean with no food waste left behind!! If all the sinks are busy, wait in line for your turn. Don't use the laundry sink for washing-up and vice-versa.
  • Leave the sinks as you would like to find them.
  • If you take a pet with you on holiday, always make sure they are under control - remember some people are not animal lovers! Some caravan sites have a policy that dogs must be on a lead at all times. Always make sure you take your dog to the designated area for dog walking and clean up your dog waste. Even if it is a specific dog walk it doesn't mean that someone else wants to clear up your dog mess!!
  • If you use a tv or radio in your caravan make sure it's not loud enough for other people to hear it. Many people go on holiday for peace and quiet!!
  • Don't make too much noise late at night or early morning - remember some people will be trying to sleep!
  • If you are using an awning groundsheet, make sure you use a Breathable Awning Carpet which will not kill the grass underneath as the next people using your pitch may not be using an awning.
  • Warn children about riding bikes too fast around the site and don't allow them to ride too close to caravans or cars.
  • If your caravan site has recycling bins make sure you separate your waste and put it in the correct bin.
  • When you leave don't leave rubbish on your pitch and put any bricks or blocks back which you have borrowed for levelling your caravan.

Remember, if you try to follow these caravan site etiquette tips you and your fellow caravanners will have a much happier holiday!!

Do you have any caravan site etiquette tips which you think should be added to our list? Click here to contact us and let us know.

Rod has emailed us and reminded us of the following which is an important tip to remember when on site: When having a barbeque remember your neighbour may not want their caravan filled with your smoke and smells so check wind direction before lighting.

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