Caravan Steps

Caravan steps are one of the most important accessories you will need. You could probably climb up into your caravan and jump back out again if you are very fit or a child! But most people just use a step!!

There are many different types on the market. Go to your local caravan accessory shop to see what is available or look around when you go away in your caravan. If you see another caravanner with a step you like ask them about it - we love giving advice about anything to do with caravans!

Caravan Steps

Caravan steps are either a single step or double step . Most people tend to buy a single step (or a single step comes included with the caravan they purchase). We have found, though, a is a lot easier to step down onto from the caravan and no-one has actually fallen off our double step yet (unlike our small plastic step - yes, we have personal experience!!).

Remember though, that your steps need to be light enough to carry, and also light enough to stow in the caravan when travelling. Steps are usually made from either steel, aluminium or plastic, Steel is the strongest of the three but it is also the heaviest. Aluminium and plastic are both lightweight but obviously Aluminium Step are much stronger than plastic.

When you go to a caravan accessory shop to buy a step, try them all out before you decide on which to buy. After all, you don’t want to buy an expensive step only to find it's not stable enough or wide enough to suit you.

You can even buy a step with a handrail which you can hold on to when getting in and out of your caravan. Really useful if your legs are not in tip top condition!

We have a double step made of steel with rubber grooves on the top of each step. We find it much easier to use than a single step. The rubber on the top gives you a much greater grip and because it is grooved, the rain can run along each groove and off the step.

Look out for steps which are able to be pegged into the ground which will give you even more stability.

Caravan Steps

My mum has dodgy knees so my parents have a huge double step made of steel with grooved rubber on the top. My dad has also attached two long pieces of wood to the feet to stop the step sinking in to the ground when it rains. It is a large and unwieldy step but you will never fall off it! They also have a seasonal pitch so they just leave their step outside all the time and chain it to the caravan.

If you would like to recommend some caravan steps to other caravanners, please let us know.

There are so many caravan steps to choose from. Just make sure you try them all before you buy, and do some research - look and see which steps other caravanners use.

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