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Porch awning for Gobur Carousel 10/2 
I'm looking for a porch awning for a Gobur Carousel 10/2 folding caravan please.

Caravan shower hose 
We have a Sterling Europa Classic 450 eb and there is no shower hose, don't even know how it would fit. Anyone know where to get one?

Sprite Firebrand with ALKO tow hitch ? 
I have a Sprite Firebrand Major, can you fit an Alko hitch to it because I have read you can't if it has a gas strut handbrake?

12 volt fuses - Elddis Firestorm 524 2005 
Some of my 12 volt fuses have melted, yes melted and now none of the 12 volt system works. The battery is charging, the 240 volt system is fine, the main …

Shower in my Elddis Mistral keeps going hot & cold 
Shower in my Elddis Mistral 2014 keeps going hot and cold. .. Is the problem with the pump?

Ideal tow car for my caravan 
We have a Swift freestyle 550 2009 model and are about to change our car. However, towmatch is not coming up with any options! any advice?

Lunar clubman 530/4 radio fuse 
Hi i put a cigar socket on to the radio supply to charge phones by a USB. I then plugged a tyre compressor in to it to pump my caravan tyres up and the …

Fix for basket drawer unit on Swift Challenger 570 
The two-basket-drawer unit in the kitchen has broken, in that the runners have parted with the wall at the front. Does anyone know how to fix this? …

Roof depth / thickness? 
hi i have Abbey Expression 520 6 berth caravan 2005 i want to change the roof light for a mini heki s, does any body know the roof depth / thickness is …

Known Issues 
Hi, There are a lot of secondhand UK caravans coming into NZ at the moment. We are going to be looking at a 2000 Swift Fairway and a 1999 Swift Challenger …

Towing Capacities 
I have just purchased an ABI Prestige 590 /4 1997 and find it uneasy to find if my car will tow above van? I drive a 307cc 2.0 hdi 2007 138bhp .

Caravan towing over 7mtr maximum length 
I have towed a Bailey Senator for many years with a Toyota Landcruiser. The new towing rules about to come in will restrict towing a trailer/caravan to …

Electric Heating 
We have a Bailey Pageant Champagne 2005 and cannot get the heating to work on electric. It's blowing but no heat. Everything seems OK on gas. Many …

Vanette 5000 wl manual and age 
hello i am trying to find a manual and how old my Vanette 5000 wl cooker is? thanks

PMS 7 button stuck 
On my pms7 unit the button for the hot water has stuck could I replace just the switch or do I have to replace the whole unit ?

Static caravan seat removal 
We have a 2001 consult Rimini static caravan, can we remove the fixed seating to replace with a normal suite?

Main lights in caravan  
Lights in the living area of the van won't work, they did power but went off. Fuse switch went off, switched it back on, lights in bathroom now work, …

Install outside light 
How can I wire / put an outside light on my caravan? Where can I wire it to and can I wire it into a single light switch for the hall ? Cheers …

Tyre pressure 1989 Abi Marauda 380-2 berth 
Can someone advise the tyre pressure for a 1989 Abi Marauda 380-2 berth caravan ?

Electric trip switch  
Heater and socket switch keeps tripping sometimes keeps on for hours then trips then will not go back on will keep tripping. We leave it then it comes …

Getting the pump working after winter storage 
hi i have just bought a Lunar Clubman 2 berth 1997 and i cannot get the water to flow. The pump is plugged in and seems to sound like it is running however …

Changing outside light bulb 
How do I open the fitting of the outside light to replace the bulb on my Willerby Winchester caravan?

2 electric hook up sockets? Lunar clubman 
Why does my Lunar Clubman 1997 have 2 electric hook up sockets. One on each side of the caravan?

Kitchen tap u seal 
Where can I get a u seal for 2005 Lunar Clubman 530/4 kitchen tap ?

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Replacement caravan keys 
Where can I get a spare key for my Ace Jubilee Ambassador 2009 ?

1998 Bailey Pageant Champagne Handbook 
Hi, can anyone help me? I am looking for a copy of the above handbook, if anyone has one I would be grateful if you could send me a photocopy. As a pensioner …

Cheap or cheerful donated caravans? 
Hi - we're look for donated or cheap n cheerful caravans on behalf of a charity called Help Refugees. These caravans will be going to the Calais Jungle …

Caravan cover for Bailey Ranger 510/4 
What size caravan cover do I need for a 1999 Bailey Ranger 510/4?

Ultrastore water heater 
hi we are new to caravanning we have an Abby Vogue Gts 516 2006 model. We have a switch to regulate the water heating by gas but can't find any switch …

Leaking Water Pressure Switch 
Without FAIL every new season there is a water related incident in my van. This year's 'incident' is the water pressure switch is leaking from the join. …

Lunar lexon EW 2004 dual axle wheel bearings 
Are they packed or do they need full replacement? If they need replacing please can I have the full specifications to order a pair. Thanks

Alloy wheel torque settings 
Can any one tell me what the torque settings are for alloy wheels on a Buccaneer cruiser. cheers in advance

Caravan door gap 
When I close the door on my Bessacarr I can see daylight (bottom third of door) between the seal and the door frame, is the door out of alignment can it …

Paint code Sterling Europa 490 2005 (4 berth) 
What is the paint code for a Sterling Europa 490 /2005 model (4 berth ) ?

Bailley Rimini roof light 
Hi i have a Bailey Rimini where the shroud cover around the large roof light has come down due to plastic surround on the ceiling warping and pushing from …

Cracking to the bathroom shower tray 
I have got cracks in my plastic shower tray, my caravan is a Bailey Ranger 500/5 . Please can you advise on what product I can use to mend this problem …

Location of stop cock - Willerby Sunset 
Where is stop cock on a Willerby sunset ? please

Height of Elddis Whirlwind caravan 
Please be good enough to tell me the height of an older Elddis 2 berth Whirlwind Caravan - I can't see this info anywhere. - Irene Aitken.

Elddis Affinity 540 alarm 
My alarm on the caravan stopped working. I checked the caravan battery and it is holding 13 volts. I tried to check the fuse but, I cannot find anything …

Indicator bulb replacement 
How do I change my indicator bulb on my Bailey Pageant burgundy 2009 series 7 ?

Caravan alarms - Bailey Unicorn Vigo 
I have a Bailey Unicorn Vigo and would like to fit an intruder alarm . Any tips on fitting and type of alarm to purchase ?

Motor mover advice - Elddis  
I have a 1992 Elddis Shamal ex200 and want to have fitted a motor mover. Does anybody know of the correct make/type to have fitted and can recommend …

Caravan skylight questions 
I have a Bailey Bordeaux series 6 2007, could you please let me know if you can. What is the proper name is it skylight or roof light? For the moment …

Working Manual - Abi Dalesman 380/2 
I have a Dalesman 380/2 touring caravan but no books with it. The serial No is SG7SACEABVO192019. Where do I get a working manual please? Peter Wright. …

Bolts spinning on corner steady  
I'm trying to change the nylon to me tell screw nut but the bolts are spinning on the top. Any ideas to get around this.

Thetford toilet flush tank level 
Hi, I have just purchased a 2012 Bailey caravan and the Thetford toilet is somewhat different to the one in my 2000 Swift. I have been told that if you …

Hobby bulbs 
How do the bulbs come out of the surround lights on a hobby caravan?

Old wreck needs removing 
i have an old caravan that is all but falling apart. Is it worth advertising for spares or scrap?

Thetford c2 cassette toilet leak 
Water leaking from flushing tank which is on the right of the toilet, pump is working okay and waste tank housing is dry so don't think its a faulty seal. …

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Water hookup and pump - Bailey Scorpio 
I just got my first caravan a Bailey Scorpio 450/4 and don't know how to hook up water supply. Does it have a built in water pump ? Can anyone help …

Window board 
Hi I have a Bailey Senator 6 Arizona I've had leaking window and need a new shelf board for behind front window . Any ideas were to get one from?

Boat window 
i am looking for a caravan window for my narrow boat as a escape hatch. It will be roughly 2ft high by 3ft long, both windows opening fully with no bar …

Wheel removal, locking nut Abbey 2003  
Is there a locking device on wheel nut e.g. anti theft?

Buying a caravan - 1989 Swift Challenger 390/2  
I have been looking at buying but the front window is taped in and the wall round it feels soft. Is this a problem or an easy fix ?

Courtesy Light  
Hi everyone I bought a Elddis 2015 Crusader Mistral, does anyone know what the small light at the bottom of the left hand bunk end does? It appears …

Thetford N3000 showing fault on 12v 
Hi, I have an Thetford N3000 installed in my Swift Challenger caravan. Recently I have noticed that when hooked up to vehicle on 12v during transit, the …

Where is battery in caravan 
Where is the battery situated in a Hobby Prestige caravan?

Battery charger Swift Challenger 520se 
Where is battery charger on Swift Challenger 520se ?

Battery charger 
Hi when I plug in electric lead to caravan no lights or 12vs work, now when I put van switch on they all come off but after hour everything dies I think …

Mains switch wiring for Truma space heater 
I need to rewire the mains switch for my space heater, but i need to know where the blue and brown wires go?

Electrical wiring advice - Static caravan 
I have fitted a heat trace cable to the cold water main under the caravan. I have connected it to a junction box with a 1mm twin and earth. From that junction …

Constant Battery Charging  
I have my Bailey Orion parked on my drive when not in use. Can I leave it plugged into mains electricity to maintain my battery or not, there seems to …

Onboard battery charger - Swift Challenger 480 
Hello can you tell me where my battery charger unit is please as it isn't charging my battery when on electric hook up. I have a Swift Challenger 480 …

Towing advice - 1997/98 Lunar Solar 524 four berth caravan 
Hi, I have just bought a 1997 Luna Solar 524 4 berth. I now need to decide which car to use to tow it - either a 1.8L petrol Astra Estate (06 plate) …

Size of Coachman Pastiche 500/5 
What is the size of the body of this caravan because I will need to buy a cover for it if I buy.

Fuse board location - Custom Royale 
Hi Does anybody know where the fuse board is on a Custom Royale 1991 caravan please?

Wiring diagram for Fleetwood Garland 148/2 EB 
I need a wiring diagram as electrics are shot...

Location of internal water pump; Help required please! 
Can anyone help me to locate the internal water pump on my Abbey Archway Royale 470 caravan, please? It is not starting so no noises to follow! It has …

Log burner? Willerby Bermuda caravan (static) 
My newly purchased van has fittings for a gas fire in the lounge. Would it be suitable to have say a log burner installed?

Elddis xplore 544 2010 one shot nuts 
Hi Does anyone know which size one shot nut fits my Elddis xplore 544 2010. Has a bpw chassis. Thanks

Abbey spectrum 420 water pump 
I need a manual for my caravan, I fill the water tank via ext pump, but the internal pump does not come on when I open any taps. Also where is the internal …

Gas problem 
Hi was cooking when suddenly looked like i'd run out of gas but gas bottle appeared to be half full. Gas in bottle but no supply inside?

Central chest removal  
Is it possible to remove the central chest in 2002 Coachman Laser ?

Replacement window size? Sterling Europa 620 2007 
The front centre window is de-laminated and I require a replacement I have lost the sizes, it is in storage 300 miles away. I cant get down to it until …

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Warm air heating not balanced - Autocruise Accent panel van conversion 
The electric heating to the front section does not blow out warm air. The rear outlet is like a hair dryer. The dealer is stating it is Ok. Is there …

BMW X5 reversing lights and rear fog lights go out when 12N & 12S plugs are pushed in 
Everything works fine on the X5 but when the two caravan leads are inserted the fog and reversing lights go out on the car but are on at the rear of the …

Microwave oven removal 
How to remove a microwave oven from a 2013 Lunar Quasar 554?

Caravan light lens covers? Ace Jubilee 
Hi can you tell me where I can purchase lens covers for both rear lights on my Ace Jubilee Statesman 2008 twin axle caravan please ?

tv aerial and ignition on cooker 
My tv aerial and ignition on the cooker has stopped working though it might be a fuse. We have a 57 plate Ace Sienna.

Motor mover 
Do you know of a motor mover that will fit a Abi Monza 350-2 ?

Spray paint colour? Ace Award caravan 2004 
hi what colour paint do I need for it ?

How to repair a water leak 
I have a Bailey Oklahoma caravan 2005. I have a small leak in a "T" junction.The junction is located at the back of the small kitchen cupboard which seems …

Abi Maurauder 2 500 ct, new to caravaning 
I'm new to this, just bought an Abi Maurauder 2 500 ct, need a new skylight window for shower room, where do i go pls?

Caravan sizes 
Hi, I am looking for a caravan no more than 18ft total length, 2 berth, end wash room, second hand from year 1998 to 2004. If there is such a van please …

Electrical Control Panel on a Hobby 640 vip caravan 
Hi where can obtain a instruction booklet of how to operate the panel which covers all lights, etc.?

Electrics tripping on 12v circuit 
Main fuse tripping on 12v side so battery not charging, caravan is a Compass Omega 482. Can anyone suggest a solution please.

Electrical problem on a Lunar Solar Caravan 464 
Hi, my parents caravan is static and is plugged in to the mains on a weekend if/when used. I went in last night and discovered the lights work but nothing …

Can my car tow a particular caravan 
Hi, I have a Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 comfort unleaded petrol car on a 52 plate. I am looking at towing a Bailey Discovery se Bordeaux 1995 4 berth single …

How do I fit a battery 
I need a battery in my Compass Rallye van as my lights don't work. I have no obvious leads or connectors showing where it might go. Can anybody help? …

12v electical sockets 
I have a Bailey Unicorn 11, the 12v sockets have stopped working. Is there a trip swith. The fuse is not blown and the rcd has not tripped?

Elddis Orline Folding Caravan (1994) 
We are looking to purchase an awning for our caravan but so far no luck. Can you advise where we can buy one for an Elddis.

Willer by vogue 2004 built in sound system  
Can any one tell me where are the input / feed say you want a radio how is it connected to the caravan system? As all we seem to have are the bank …

Swift challenger 520se 1994 
Where can I get new window catches and window seals?

Porch light Bailey Senator 
What bulb will fit my Bailey Senator Indiana porch light ?

Elddis Avante 2013 - Wallpaper 
I have a Elddis Avante caravan 2013 and the wall paper is coming off the units?

Awning size? Coachman Golden Laser 650/4 2008 
What size awning do l need ? The owners manual 1070, Bradcot recommend 1050 .

Fuse size 
hi can any one tell me which size fuse to use. On the water pump switch ?

Avondale Caravan paint 
Anyone help with contact who can supply paint for 2007 Avondale Argente?

Correct tyres 
Are 205/65r16c tyres suitable for a Elddis Superstorm twin axle?

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Caravans to be scrapped 
Hello. We have a static caravan - scrap or renovation. Free for someone who can arrange own collection. Is anyone interested in this?

Eldiss xplore water system pressure 
I am thinking about getting a whale mains water hose for my Eldiss xplore 544 caravan. I just wanted to check that the water system on the van would …

Gas test 
Can I sue for liable found gas leak after gas test.

Caravan hot water problems 
When I connect pump and turn on cold water works fine but no hot water coming out of taps. Pump keeps going on and off every minute. Cannot find any …

Jack point? - Bessacarr Cameo 525 2006 
Does the van have a jack point?

Abbey Freestyle 470 se flush water refill ? 
How do you re-fill the flush water for the the Thetford c-200cw toilet?

12v system on a Hobby caravan 
hi, I am having problems with transformer / circuit board om my Hobby 720 uml model 2003. In view of the problems, can I bypass the transformer/circuit …

Avondale 1998 Landranger onboard water tank sensors wiring diagram 
I recently purchased a 1998 Landranger. I have since discovered that the main water pump and wiring has been disconnected from the on board tank and the …

Speaker interference / crackle when off. 
I have a 2009 Swift Challenger 540. It has recently developed an annoying problem in that we get crackle interference on the stereo speakers, all be it …

Rear light fault 
Luna Astra 2003 the rear lights from above cooker to bathroom stopped working on our last holiday. I've checked fuse on the power system, all OK, bulbs …

Caravan ceiling light  
We have just bought a used Fleetwood Colchester caravan and need to change the bulbs in the ceiling lights but don't know how to remove the covers. …

Interior lights stop working 
Hi I've got a Luna 2003, the interior lights from over cooker to bathroom stopped working whilst on holiday. Checked fuses on power system, all ok …

Left indicator panel not working 
The left indicator bulb does not work. The bulb was replaced and it still does not work?

Sky light removal 
How do I remove the sky light on my Fleetwood Heritage 550 es touring caravan?

Fuse box 
Where does the fuse box sit in Abbey Vogue 495 2008, I've looked everywhere ?

Fuse location? 
The outside 240v power point on my Compass Caravan has stopped working. Where would I locate the fuse?

Fan master electric heater stopped blowing hot air  
Hi Our electric fan master heater has stopped blowing hot air and just blows cold in our 1994 Bailey Pageant champagne caravan. We noticed this after …

Electical switch? 
I have a 1998 Fleetwood Colchester 1850 eb and under the front seat is on/off switch. What is it for, the seat is on the opposite side to the water …

Leaking lockers 
I have a leaking side rear locker in my Abbey 418. The sealant appears good around the top but the bottom rubber is wet?

Kitchen tap micro switch 
Do I have to take kitchen sink out to change micro switch on tap on Swift Charisma 2003?

How do I swivel Royal Atlas rollers out manually? 
How do I swivel Royal Atlas motor mover rollers out manually with a flat battery?

Leaking pipe 
I have a gold marauder caravan and when we turn the water on there is a pipe outside at the end that leaks (it is black). We can not work out what …

No neutral in 2 power points 
2008 swift challenger 480, no neutral at microwave and sink power point. Anyone know where the connecting points are ?

Gas Flow - Abbey Adventure 325 
Hi I have an Abbey Adventure 325. My gas connection is good on gas bottle & when first connected I get gas to my cooker. When not used for a little while …

Caravan jack 
I have a Swift Challenger 500se 2002. What type of jack do i need and we're are the jacking up points? regards Harry

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1994 Bessacarr Camio 550 gl intruder alarm 
Can anyone tell me where I can get a fob to activate 1994 Bessacarr Camio 550 gl intruder alarm the detector (PIR. I think) is above the front windows …

Cascade2 ge plus water heater 
We have tried to put water heater on but it is totally dead. We have looked at the fuse it is ok. We have tried to reset but the button does nothing …

Window measurements for blinds 
Can anyone tell me the sizes of the windows in a Willerby Westmoreland 1991 mobile home ?

Water system problem? - Eccles Elite Sport 584 2015 
We are having issues with the water system on the above - seems to be air in the system that we can't get rid of. Water spurts out and pump takes ages …

Thetford toilet not working 
Hi would appreciate any help thanks, it is a fixed toilet in Avondale Mayfly, it will flush fine but the waste won't open, the flushing knob feels very …

Clock battery  
How do u change the battery in the clock situated at the living end of the caravan I can't figure out how the clock opens?

Changing tap washer 
How do I change the washer in the hot water tap in the bathroom of our Abbey Vogue 415 gts please? It leaks when we turn on the kitchen tap too??

Electric Sockets 
I have just purchased a motor home, all the electrics are working except for the sockets. Do you have to plug into the mains before they work or have …

Colchester caravan strips 
Does anyone know of or can tell me where I can purchase some metal stripping for the edge of the caravan for a Colchester make? I want the actual aluminium …

Whirlpool toilet 
I believe my pump is not working. How can I empty the cistern tank as I obviously can't flush it?

Thetford Toilet Cassette Use Query 
Hello, We have a Bailey Pageant Auvergne and have always kept the cassette blade closed while using the toilet, then flushing and opening the blade so …

Replacement front window - Swift Signature 2001 
I have a Swift Signature 2001 the front middle window has signs of crackling but is dry, I want to know if all swift caravans have the same size windows …

Spark ignition? - Sterling Europa 470 2000 
Do you know if the cooker hobs and oven in this model were spark ignition? Many thanks

Inboard water tank float switch 
I have a Bailey Senator 4000, I have a float switch which has never been connected. Could any one tell me the connection points for the wires which are …

Thickness of floor on Willerby Westmoorland 
What is the thickness of a willerby westmoorland floor? I need to replace a section.

Water heater keeps tripping main fuse to electric hook-up 
Why does my water heater keep tripping the electric hook-up in my Ace award Transtar 2005 caravan, we can not get any hot water, any ideas please?

Stabiliser - Abbey Spectrum 535 2005  
I'm of to buy a Abbey Spectrum 535 2005 model. Would this can be fitted with a stabiliser as standard?

No LCD display or 12v Battery working on my Sterling Europa 620 
Just got on site we have power to electric sockets, but no 12 v power to fridge lights etc & no LCD display? Is it the battery?

Keys - Swift corvette 1998 caravan 
Entrance door and toilet locker keys are they compatible, I have the door key spare in the UK but the caravan is in Spain and I will need a key for the …

Leaking of glycol and a leaky shower elbow 
Hi I hope someone can help I have a 2001 Bessacarr Cameo 550GL. Yesterday I turned on my central heating system (wet system) and all the glycol came …

Drain down points? 
Can you tell me where drain off points are for Abbey Tri star Award?

Bleeping from Dometic RMS 8551 fridge 
Bleeping from fridge started for no apparent reason. Bleeps for 24 seconds (33 bleeps)) every 2mins 12secs. Troubleshooting says if only audible sound …

Compass Omega 550 shower problems 
hi there I have a compass omega 550 and plug it into are mains in the house leave it a hour then get a shower but I only get 5 minutes of hot water tops. …

What size awning ? - Sterling Eccles Opal 2004 
hi, I wonder if you can tell me what size awning I need for a Sterling Eccles opal year 2004. Thanks Chris.

Wheel lock 
Can anyone tell me which Alko secure wheel lock will fit my Bailey Senator Wyoming? many thanks Mike

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Battery fuse 
My battery is fully charged but does not work inside caravan, been told that there is a battery fuse but can't find it, caravan is Bailey Pegasus Genoa …

Fleetwood Heritage fuse box location  
Hi the fuse has tripped inside the caravan but we can't locate the fuse box ? Fleetwood Heritage 2005 model

Hi, I am looking how to advertise my company on your website, not sure if I am needing glasses but I couldn't seem to find information on this. …

Correct method for replacing Swift wet locker 
hi does anyone know the correct method for replacing the wet locker on Swift Charisma? I've heard that it can crack the window above it if its not carried …

Water pump is malfunctioning! 
I am a relative newbie to caravaning, but am confused by the water pump. It's a submersible type and has always functioned well in the past. However, …

Toilet full warning light is permanently on. 
I have a Bailey Pegasus 514 with a Thetford toilet, electric flush. On the top of the cistern, near where you press to flush the toilet is a light that …

Front Interior lights Swift 550 range 
Our new (to us) Charisma 2011 has two lights over the seating corners at the front. Each has a small rocker type switch, but neither lights. Yet …

Motor mover - Elddis Whirlwind ex300 
Hello I have just bought a Elddis Whirlwind ex300, with it came a Truma mover I got it to work but when I switched off the remote and switched it back …

Tyre pressure 2007 Swift Charisma 570 
Have just had both tyres changed, running at 38psi but unsure if that's correct. Has anybody had any experience or knowledge of correct pressure on these? …

Can you connect water supply direct into caravan  
Hi, can you connect directly to the water system on my Bessacarr 550 gl van to run all water needs with out filling barrels or on board tank. Many thanks. …

TV reception in fixed bed area 
My tv reception is okay in living area, but have no signal in fixed bed area??

Abbey Spectrum 625 awning  
Will an abbey spectrum 635 awning fit a spectrum 520 caravan?

Help identify  
Please can anyone help identify our new home we believe she's a 1962 or 1966 Sprite Musketeer ?

Every thing goes flat 
When i hook up the car it drain the battery in the car that is mains power. House battery as well, now wait for it there is no load in the van or the car …

Movers - Sterling Europa 470 MB 
Hi i'm Joe and i have just bought a caravan with movers. Unfortunately, the previous owner could not give me the remote as he lost it. There are no …

Removal and replacing domes - Bailey Beachcomber 350/2 
hi..needing to replace both domes on my Bailey Beachcomber 350/2 year 93/94. How to remove and where can I obtain spares, also remove gas heater to …

Problem with caravan tail lights 
Hi. My brake and indicator lights work fine until I switch on my night lights. When the night lights are on the indicator lights stay on continuously …

Where can I find the fuse box - 1981 Sprite Major ci GL 
Hi I am hoping somebody may be able to help me. I have took on my brothers caravan who has died so I cant ask him anything about it. I think the …

Wiring diagram - Fleetwood Garland 148-2 EB 
Hi, I have Fleetwood caravan Garland 148-2 EB. I need a electrical wired diagram. Thank you, Adrian

Awning size for 2013 Elddis Afinity 
Could anybody tell me what size awning I need for a 2013 Elddis Affinity please? I measured the rail with a piece of string and it's 9200mm long from …

Window size - Sterling Eccles Opal 
Hi I'm looking to find out the size of the front middle window for a Sterling Eccles Opal 2006 ?

Guidance bush - Hobby 560 ufe 2006 
I have got a Hobby 560 ufe 2006, where can I get a guidance bush on the A-frame? Mine has pulled out or can the old one be put back? regards rproctor …

Weight - Cotswold Robin 
What is weight of Cotswold Robin 5 berth caravan 1982 model?

Dripping / creaking sounds - Pemberton Montreux 2009 
Over the last few months there have been noises from the cornices of the bedroom roof, it sounds like a dripping noise but we have checked everywhere and …

2006 Elddis Crusader Super Cyclone RCD unit location 
Can you tell me where the RCD (Residual Current Device‎) unit is situated on 2006 Elddis Supercyclone?

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Shower/toilet cubicle door dropped - Abbey GTS 418 
I have a 2007 Abbey GTS 418 with corner shower/toilet cubicle on which the door has dropped and will not close without lifting. I'm unable to see how the …

16w main 12v light not working - ABI Marauder 
I have a ABI Marauder and the main 12v light stopped working, put a tester across the wires and it showed 11.75v so assumed it was the bulbs, replaced …

Caravan weight 
I am thinking of buying a 4 berth caravan and would like to know what caravan is compatible with a Nissan Primera 1.8 Manual Petrol Car.

Cavitation Truma water pump - Swift Charisma 
I have an internal water pump in our Swift Charisma. After connecting the water butt and ran through the priming process the pump is still cavitating. …

Un traceable electric useage 12v 
Following a recent 12 volt problem. I noticed with the 12 volt control panel turned off at the master I was still getting a discharge / usage of 0.1 amps, …

Exterior Water Inlet Location - 1994 Bessacarr Cameo 550 gl 
Could anyone tell me where the exterior fresh water inlet is?

Information - Abbey Archway Royal 620 caravan 
Hi i am after more information about Abbey Archway Royal 620 caravan. What is it made off? is any good? etc., etc.

Caravan Awning needed - Avondale Sandmartin 
We have a 1996 25th Anniversary Avondale Sandmartin caravan. We need an awning height from section it fits into is 2140 mm from the fixing section to …

Caravan stabilizer - Bailey Discovery 100 
We have a Bailey Discovery 100 4 berth year 2003. Please can you tell me what is the best stabilizer for the caravan. thanking you.

Electrical systems - Lunar Clubman 400/2 
Clubman 400/2 1994 does this unit have in board battery charger working off the mains?

Re-string blinds on roof light - Bessacarr 2006 caravan 
How can I re-string the blinds on the roof light of our Bessacarr 2006 caravan?

Washroom lights  
The washroom lights won't switch on, all the other lights are working, any ideas ?

Awning suitability - 1995 Elddis Typhoon gtx 
hi can a 934 Isabella awning be used on my 1995 Elddis Typhoon gtx 4 berth which measures 900 cm {a frame} . thankyou

Seal strip - 2006 Abbey Spectrum  
Seal strip near back top of van looks tatty after inspection and damp patch on ceiling in bedroom. Took off strip and could see underneath where the …

Rear end plastic replacement - Coachman  
I have crack in the rear of my Coachman caravan i have been told a repair to plastic is not guaranteed. How much would I expect to pay for a new backend …

Shower and bathroom tap not working - Swift Lifestyle 450 
I have a swift lifestyle 450, the shower and bathroom tap wont work unless the kitchen hot tap is on and even then its just a trickle. Have recently …

12v socket in caravan 
Is it possible to wire up a 12v cigar socket in the caravan that stays live while driving to power a cool box as well as the fridge?

No brake lights - 1995 Lunar Clubman 
Hi I have 1995 Lunar Clubman, lights stopped working so replaced the black cable as it looked like water had got in, still the same, so replaced the …

Toilet won't flush - 1999 Elddis Crusader 
I have a 1999 Elddis Crusader I'm wondering is there a separate tank for the toilet as there's only a wee trickle of water coming out when I flush it? …

No Hook Up Power - 1999 Abbey Archway Royale 
We have just bought out 1999 Abbey Archway Royale, lovely until we hooked up, as on 2nd day when battery was nearly flat, the mains hook up wouldn't work, …

Paint colour - Elddis Xplore 540 2011 
Can you tell me what colour white paint it is?

Toilet won't flush - Lunar Clubman 1999 
Hi I have a Lunar Clubman 1999 with what appears a manual flush. It will not flush, it's not blocked, cassette is instu can anyone help?

Submersible pump - Fleetwood Garland 
Hi I'm new to caravaning. Just wondering if a submersible pump that fits a Baileys 1996 will fit a Fleetwood Garland 1996. Any help will b greatly appreciated …

Caravan Security - Fleetwood Colchester 2000 450 
Hi, Í've recently bought a Fleetwood Colchester 2000 450, just wondering what type of hitch lock i need? thanks keith

Wet bathroom floor - Swift Archway 
Where could water come from in front of toilet and shower. It is not from under wash basin.

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Gas Heating - Fleetwood Colchester 2 berth 1996 
Is the gas supply separate from the heating from the cooker supply? If I turn the gas on for the cooker, the gas comes out in the cooker but you cannot …

Truma pump not working - Avondale Perle 
I have an Avondale Perle caravan (1990?) and the Truma submersible pump is not working, have checked the pump with a battery and it works OK. I thought …

Locating Cabinet Light Switch - Willerby Grenada 
Where is the light switch located in a Willerby Grenada caravan for the illuminated cabinet in the lounge please.

Coachman Amara caravan questions 
Can anyone tell me how to change outside light bulb on 2006 Coachman Amara? Thank you

Caravan lights - Abbey Vogue 620 
How do you work the internal lights when plugged into electric on site, caravan is a Abbey Vogue 620.

Where is ignition switch Vanette GG 7000 oven 
Vanette gig 7000 oven does anyone know where the ignition switch is? All works fine if I use my lighter but I'm sure there must be a way of igniting.

al-ko locks - Lunar Lexon 640 
I am trying to find out the number for the al-ko secure wheel locks for a 2015 Lunar Lexon 640 as there are so many, can anyone help?

Water pump fuse location - Elddis GTS Hurricane 1997/98 
Where does one find the fuse for the water pump circuit in an Elddis GTS Hurricane 1997/98? Searched the caravan from top to bottom - no power at pump …

Alde heating in a caravan - Bailey Unicorn Vigo 
When the caravan heating is working, the pump is noisy at night. Can any one suggest a remedy, or must I switch it off. I have a Unicorn Vigo with …

Alloy wheels - Bailey 510/4 
Can I change the steel wheels on my Bailey 510/4 for alloys, do I need to convert the hubs or is it a straight swap ?

Water heater issue - Sterling Europa 490 2004 
I have a Sterling Europa 490 2004 caravan it's never happened till now but when I switch my water heater, switching it trips out my electric..., please …

Windows - Bailey Beachcomber 500/5 1996 
Hi there does anyone no what sizes I need for front left and right windows on a Bailey Beachcomber 500/5 1996 are please as I am in desperate need of both …

Towing with Nissan X-Trail 
Will my 2008 X-trail tow a abbey spectrum 520 ?

Thetford door seal - Elddis 
How do I change a toilet door seal on my Elddis, its a Thetford type 3 door.

Gas supply problem - Coachman Pastiche 2004 
New gas bottle connected with plenty of pressure. Went to light cooker ring and it lit briefly then went out. Now cannot seem to get any gas through …

Rotten floor - Coachman Genius  
The front leg had gone partly through floor due to rotten plywood is it possible to repair myself?

Water pump situated ? - Bailey Champagne 2000 
Hi I have a Bailey Champagne 2000 and the water pump or pressure switch has packed up, I know where the switch is but the pump has baffled me to it's where-abouts? …

Charging battery - Elddis Swift Supreme 1994 
I am struggling to work out how to charge the battery when hooked up a 240v in my garage. On the panel is a rocker switch Position 1 - car hook up Position …

Water heater - Sterling Europa 520 2008 
Water heater not working. Have filled tank, put down switch on fuse box. No warm water coming through after running tap even though its been on over 24 …

Torque setting - 2011 Sterling Europa 460 alloy wheel 
What is the torque setting for a 2011 Sterling Europa 460 alloy wheel?

Water pump not working 
I have connected my battery all interior lights on but battery gauge is showing nil and the water pump is dead .... Any ideas please.

Overhead locker catches adjustment - Bailey Pegasus 534  
The catches on a couple of my overhead lockers won't allow the door to open can the doors be adjusted on the hinges?

Rear tail lamp cover 
I have a 1994 Beyarland Sprinter. the rear right plastic tail light cover is broken slightly and I don't know where I can find a replacement. The lights …

Caravan seals - Bailey Rimini 2013 
Can anyone help me to replace or repair my seals which have popped out at the rear of the van. Thanks.

Buccaneer Schooner 1994 Advice 
I am looking at buying a 1994 Buccaneer Schooner. Its layout and design seem to be everything we want and it is within budget. Has anyone got/owned …

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Electric hook up - Compass Omega 1993 
Where is the electric hook up on a Compass omega 1993 model?

12 volt system - Avondale Leda Wenlock 
Zig Panel MK 101 (Dart/Leda) Having acquired this caravan (it's our first) which is in very good condition and has been well looked after. I have fitted …

Light bulbs - Abi Coniston 2011 
Where can I buy the recessed bulbs in lounge and kitchen?

Fuse panel - 1993 Sprite caravan 
I'm trying to get my pump going in my caravan, with not much luck. I have the electric going into van but power is not there for the pump to go, I've checked …

Fridge socket location - Abbey Freestyle 500 
I am looking for the fridge socket as fridge is not working and engineer advises to check socket before he orders a new element as he may have a wasted …

Shower rail loose - Abbey GTS Vogue 415 2000 
The shower rail which holds the shower head has come loose on the sidewall. I can't see any way of tightening it up. Mike

Window size - Lunar Lexon EB 2001 
Does anyone know the measurements of the middle front window of the Lunar lexon eb. I need to replace one but my caravan is in France.

Door seal - Swift Conqueror 2003 
What type of door seal do I need for 2003 swift conqueror please. Just bought second hand. Thanks Sue

Remove rooflights - Elddis Avante 524 
I can't see the way to remove rooflights in an Elddis avante 524 2003 model. ken

Battery charger - Ace Globetrotter  
Where would I find the charger for my Ace Globetrotter caravan?

Lighting gas fire - Bailey Senator Indiana  
How do I ignite the gas fire in our Bailey Senator?

Radio aerial - 2011 Swift Challenger 530 
How do I fit a new radio aerial to my 2011 Swift Challenger 530?

Taps - Swift Archway Barnwell L 2001 
Hi I have a Swift Archway Barnwell L 2001 model. I have to turn the kitchen tap in order to get water in the bathroom. Anyone have any ideas? …

Drawer removal - Bailey Pageant Burgundy series 6 
I have a Bailey Pageant series 6 and the drawer above the heater has started to open by itself. How do I remove the drawer and furthermore how do …

Gas regulator on static caravan 
I own a static caravan, and recently had problems with the central heating. The gas man on site fitted a new gas regulator. The site now want to charge …

Water flow to taps - Bailey Senator 8000 1991 
Hi I have a Bailey Senator 8000 caravan 1991 and I'm having a problem getting water to flow out of the taps I have filled the onboard water tank full of …

Drawer locator not staying closed - Bailey Pageant Burgundy 
I have a Bailey Pageant burgundy and the drawer above the heater no longer stays closed. Any ideas?

Removing wet locker door - Abbey vogue 495 
How do I remove wet locker door and frame?

Delaminating floor - Swift Challenger 500  
Can someone tell me the depth of floor for repair.

Mains Charger Fault on Bailey Olympus 525 
On connecting to the 240V supply after winter lay-up I noticed the voltage indicator was pulsing between 12 and 13 volts. On switching the internal lights …

Tyre pressure - Swift Corniche 13/2 
Tyre pressure for a Swift Corniche 13/2? Jungle

10 month old Sterling Continental 580 
Our Sterling Continental has been out twice in the dry and on this weekend we took it out for the third time in the rain, the rain poured in and we had …

How electrics work - Hobby 365 
In the cupboard there is a dometic box, it has four fuses. One of them has a red light above it and the plug sockets don't work. Have checked the fuse, …

Replacement battery box hinges - Lunar Lexon SE 
Where to purchase replacement battery box hinges? Because of the proximity of my neighbour's house wall and the fact my motor mover had packed up due …

Water pump location - Abbey Spectrum 620 1996 
Where do I find the water pump location on Abbey Spectrum 620 year 1996?

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Toilet not flushing - Sterling europa 495 2009 model 
We had our van repaired as some damp was found in the back wall. Now our toilet won't flush we have changed the fuse but it still wont work any ideas …

Caravan tyres - Ace Award Tristar 2007 
Can you tell me what the external diameter should be for an Ace Award Tristar 2007 caravan tyre. Thankyou

Charging my battery while travelling - Bailey Pegasus GT65 Rimini  
Can I leave my fridge on 12v on long journeys. Will I have enough charge in my battery to run my powerwheel mover when i arrive. Thanks Gwen

Electrics flicking off every 6 seconds and overcharging battery 
I have a Bailey Pageant 7 Burgundy 2009. At a recent campsite there was a problem with the electrical supply to the site going down. We seemed to be …

Tyre pressure - Bailey Pageant Monarch 2002 
Would appreciate some help with the tyre pressure on my bailey pageant monarch 2002.

Therme light on cooker hud lights up? Why - Hobby 460 UFe 
Hi, the light on my Hobby caravan electric therme / boiler switch lights up over my cooker, lights-up even though I don't have an electric boiler attached …

Bathroom Sink - ABI Brooklyn 400/2  
When you fold up the sink in bathroom the water runs out over toilet. Has something come adrift and is it an easy to repair? thank you

Swift Adventurer and tow car 
I have a Peugeot 806 and am thinking of buying a Swift adventurer. Is this a good tow match?

No power 
Hi there. I've brought my caravan out of storage to go away next week. where I store I my caravan I have permanent power. There was power last week everything …

LED awning light replacement - Swift Conqueror 645 2009  
I need to replace the external awning led strip light above the entrance door but unable to see how to remove existing strip and get to wiring terminals. …

Tail lights not working - Bailey 534 
Hi can anyone help please my 2010 tail lights and LED handle lights don't work however the brake, indicator and reverse lights work fine. I have checked …

Gas Problems Cooker Working But... 
Hi, my cooker in my caravan works fine on gas but my other appliances don't. The manifolds are set to "open" so there should be gas flow there but fridge, …

Lost Key - Elan 15 Buccaneer 
i have lost the key to Elan 15 Buccaneer can anyone help?

Laying laminate flooring in a static caravan 
Hi Can someone please tell me what underlay I use if putting laminate flooring in a static caravan? And also can you remove the fixed seating to put the …

Servicing the fire on my Abbey 520gt 
I am trying to light the fire on my Abbey 520gt but I can only get as far as the pilot light working. Is this a common problem or could it be a result …

Wheel Nut Torque - Bailey Pageant Bordeaux S 6 
I am trying to find out what torque the wheel nuts on a bailey pageant bordeaux series 6 should be done up to?

Thetford Toilet Switch 
Red wire has broken off switch, how can I put it back on has there is no screw?

AL-KO hitch lock extra key 
Can't get a second key for hitch lock been advised by al-ko to replace barrel and get 2 keys which they would provide. Is there any other option?

ALKO hitch - Bailey Pageant Majestic 2001 
Will ALKO hitch fit Bailey Pageant Majestic 2001?

Tyre pressure - Fleetwood Crystal 148-5 
Hi I have just purchased two new tyres for my 1994 Fleetwood crystal 148-5, tyre size 165 R 13 C . Can you advise on tyre pressure please?

Awning Light Change - Lunar Solaris 2006 
Hi there My dad is having trouble getting the awning light bulbs out of his Lunar Solaris 2006 caravan. Can you help? It's a bit dark out there …

Hot or cold shower Elddis Whirlwind 1994 
Hi, we have a Elddis Whirlwind 1994 and con not adjust the hot and cold water in the shower to get a consistent warm shower, any suggestions. Cheers …

Wet Locker Lock Fallen apart 
The lock fitted to the wet box locker has become loose, trying to repair it and releasing the corner cover the three springs came out. How can this …

Dripping overflow - Coachman Pastiche 2010 
Water is dripping from overflow pipe of hot water system in my Coachman Pastiche 2010 caravan. Any ideas gratefully accepted. Thanks.

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Battery not charging when caravan connected to mains - Bailey Senator Indiana 
We are new to all this so apologise if not using correct terms! Just setting up for the season and after having purchased a new battery because we …

Tap Leaking Washroom Cupboard - 2006 Bailey Wyoming  
The tap is leaking in our washroom cupboard. How can i remove the tap to investigate and repair or replace?

Gas Bottle Size - Bailey Senator Wyoming 
Can you tell me what is the biggest sized gas bottle that I can fit into my Bailey Senator Wyoming?

Toilet Wont Flush - Swift Corniche 15/2e 1998 
as there is no tank visable to fill does it use the main water system and if so how do i get it to flush?

Wallboard - Swift Challenger  
What wallboard is used in the 2005 Swift Challenger 490?

Caravan Weight - Quasar 1988 
What is the weight of an ABI Quasar 1988 model please? My son wants to tow but not if he can with modern licences.

Removing Microwave - Compass Omega 550 2014 
How do you remove the microwave surround on a Compass Omega 550 (2014) to replace a faulty microwave? Microwave has a wooden surround and no obvious …

Paint Colour - Willerby Vogue 2005 
Could you please advise what paint to use on scratches on the outside of our caravan and the colour of above model?

Water moisture double glazed panes of caravan windows 
How can I remove water from between double gazed window panes, and prevent re-occurrence?

Spare Wheel Tyre - Bailey Moselle 
Hi everyone, I am trying to find the spare wheel to my Bailey Moselle which I thought would be under the caravan but alas there is none, also there is …

Replacement Lens - Bailey Unicorn Cordoba 2014 
Does anyone know where we can get a near side rear replacement lens for a Bailey Cordoba 2014 please.

Water Damage Parts Needed - 1998 Elddis 
I have a 1998 Elddis with quite bad water damage on one wall and at the front window and storage area I have started to strip this out and will need the …

Low Battery on Display 
Display saying battery not connected low battery, yet showing 14.3 volts and 12 volt lights are working. can get battery to show volts on display.

Electrolux Caravan Fridge 
Igniter switch does not flash or click when turned on gas?

Rear Body Panel - 1990 Elddis Crusader 
Can you please advise me where I can get a rear body panel for my 1990 Elddis Crusader van and what colour the paint is please?

Water Heater Location - Abbey Vogue 516 
Hi we have a Abbey Vogue 516 gts caravan and we can't find the gas water heater to get hot water, please can you help. Many thanks Jaime

Plug Sockets not working consumer unit tripped out 
Caravan plug sockets do not work and trip switch on consumer unit wont switch back on.

Brake Lights - Luna Clubman 
All my lights are working but the brake lights do not come on when i but my foot on the brake help please.

Some Electrical Sockets not working in Static Caravan 
some of my electical sockets are not working in my static caraven but not all of them ?

Water Filter Change - 1998 Swift Conqueror 
How do I get in to change the water filter on my 1998 Swift Conqueror caravan?

Wall Mounted Caravan Headboards Removal 
I have a Willerby westmorland caravan, some of the headboards are a little tatty and need replacing. Any ideas on how they are secured to the wall, …

Wet around Door - Atlas Topaz Super 2005 
Wet round bottom of door jamb on twin bedroom same on opposite side but not as bad. No sign of water coming down, plastic been damaged.

No power to water pump - Swift Corvette classic 1995 
I have a swift corvette classic 1995 I seem to have no power going to the pump inlet have checked all fuses all OK what next ???????

Tyre Pressure - Abi Tristar 
abi tristar tyre pressure

Water pump 
The water pump is working but the water is not getting to the taps, help.

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Wheel Change - Bailey Senator 
I am trying to change a wheel on my bailey senator, i have taken the nuts off but there seems to be a locking nut how do I unlock it.

Indicator Light Cover Removal - Elddis Avante 505 
I can't seem to get the off side indicator light off to change the bulb. Is there a knack as I don't want to snap it. Thanks si

Caravan Replacement Bulb - Elddis Avante Firestorm 505 
I have a Elddis Avante Firestorm 505, 5 berth 2005 model caravan. I cannot find a bulb for the outside porch light. The one which came out of the light …

Torque settings - 1998 Avondale Mayfly 
Can anyone give me the torque settings for a 1998 Avondale mayfly?

Gas stove wont work - Bessacarr Cameo 
Despite full gas bottle oven won't work Bessacarr cameo 2006 ?

Fiamma Awning Size - Bailey Senator Indiana 
what size Fiamma would i need for a bailey senator indiana?

Extra Security Door Locks - Bailey Senator Arizona 2004 
Are there any after market security door locks available for the Bailey senator arizona 2004 model that will fit and give added security from inside and …

Paint Code - 2010 Sterling Eccles Jewel 
If i want to get spray paint for the body what is the equivalent in a Holt spray can?

Centre Drawer Removal - Swift Challenger 530 2011 
how do i remove the centre drawers in my challenger 530 2011, I have loose runner that needs a repair?

12v lights not all working - Bailey Moselle 2001 
I had a look could not find the 12v trip switch, rcd lights not working roof lights and lounge spots could you advise me much appreciated. It is a …

Water Inlet - Bessacarr Cameo 470 GL 1990 
I have owned caravans for most of my adult life - my son has just bought his 1st, it is a Bessacarr Cameo 470 gl old one but good condition. It came …

Caravan Aerial - Elddis 1994 Typhon XL 
I have a Elddis 1994 Typhon XL. I have always used a small indoor aerial but signal isn't the best. I have just decided to try the caravan aerial but …

Whale Shower Hose - Avondale Wenlock 
Hi can one help please. My shower hose has cracked on the top where the head screws onto. What should I do, or does anyone know the size of the hose …

Reverse Braking - 1997 Fleetwood Colchester 1850 EB 
Hi i have just bought a 1997 fleetwood colchester 1850EB, the brakes always come on when i try to reverse, i do not know how to stop this. Should it …

Hand Brake Lever Fault - Abi Madura 
I have an Abi Madura caravan and the handbrake does not stay on when applied. All the brakes work well when towing but handbrake ratchet will not stay …

Motorhome Electric Step - AS Windrush  
Hi i was wondering if you could help me please? All of a sudden the electric step underneath the side door is only coming out about 75mm it used to come …

Water System Type/Battery Size - Abbey Spectrum 520 
We are in the process of acquiring an Abbey Spectrum 520 twin axle caravan manufactured in 2001. We want to connect to mains water as the caravan has …

Need Back Leg - Monza M11 Tourer 
I have just bought this second hand and need a new back leg - any suggestions where I can get one please.

Inflatable Awning Size - Avante 505 
I've a Avante 505 caravan & want to get a inflatable awning - not sure what size to buy?

Replace Bathroom - Cotswold Windrush 
Iv been offered a Cotswold Windrush 13/2 but for some reason the bathroom area has been removed! No sink, toilet, nothing! Is it an easy enough job replacing …

Water Pump - 2001 Bailey Pageant Champagne 
What kind of water pump do i need for a 2001 Bailey pageant champagne caravan?

Heater Problem - Bailey Senator Oklahoma 2005 
The electrical side of the heater has stopped working. The gas is fine. The green light on the control panel is not lit. Any suggestions?

ABI Jubilee caravan questions 
Hi can you tell me what size roof cover I will need for my 1995 ABI jubilee caravan. Unfortunately I cannot measure it as it is presently in Spain. …

Towing with a Clio 
Can u pull a 2 berth caravan with a Clio sport tourer 1600?

Where is the battery situated - 1990 Elddis Shamal gtx 
Where is the battery situated on a 1990 Elddis Shamal gtx?

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Battery charging and alarm system - Bailey Unicorn Barcelona 
I have a 2011 Bailey Unicorn Barcelona. When at home I connect my van to the house mains to keep the battery charged. The handbook states when the van …

Body she'll ripple - Swift 580 
We have a swift 580 caravan, 9 months new. We have noticed the roof section at the rear, around ten inches wide, has rippled. We were told this is normal …

Water Faults - Swift Corniche 14/2 2000 
kitchen tap will only run if i turn on the bathroom tap ...or kitchen tap will only use whats in the pipe after bathroom and then you have to purge using …

Carver Burglar Alarm - 1996 Abi Brightstar 2 berth 
I have a 1996 Abi Brightstar 2 berth caravan which i have recently bought, and the internal burglar alarm has been disconnected and i want to reinstate …

External Toilet Lock - Swift Conqueror 
I have an old swift conqueror. When we bought it, there was no lock on the external toilet lock - just a space for the barrel. Where can I buy one?

Replacing Door Frame - Swift Challenger 520 SE 2001 
Some lovely soul broke into my Swift Challenger 520 SE 2001. I need the door frame replaced and wondered if it shares parts with other models or makes. …

Tow Nose Weight - Elddis Shamal XL 2000 
What should the nose weight on a Elddis Shamal xl 2000?

Plastic Feet  
Need help to take the plastic feet off stabilisers ?

Technical Data - Sprite 400 
Can you sent me technical data for Sprite 400 caravan (1980-1990)? onu_dan

Paint Colour - Elddis Shamal 
What colour paint to use on the outside?

Wet near Door 
I can't locate a leak, I think it must be plumbing or maybe fridge? The carpet keeps getting wet near the front door, not rain definitely. Must be something …

625 Alarm Stopped Working 
Our alarm will not go on and we have replaced the handset battery - any ideas?

Microwave plug - Bailey Senator Vermont 2005 
I have just bought a second hand Bailey Senator Vermont 2005 and I cannot for the life of me find where the power for the microwave is. I tried turning …

Awning size for a Compass Omega 520 (22ft) 
We have a very old caravan and desperately want to buy an awning for it. We don't have the original info pack and wondered if anybody knows what the dimensions …

Microwave Wall Vent Leak - Lunar 
Has anyone had rain water come in through the microwave wall vent of any caravan? Mine is a Lunar, is there a vent cover available ?

Used Window Replacement - 2006 Swift Challenger 
I have a 2006 swift challenger with window delaminating! What age of challenger can I get a replacement window off?

Carpet size? 
I have bought a Bradcot Active awning to fit our Lunar Lexon EB 2005, what size carpet will I need or how do I work out how big the carpet needs to be? …

What Size Tow Car 
what size tow car would be required to tow lunar solaris 2006 4 berth?

Replacement Metal Paint - Willerby Westmorland 
We have a Willerby Westmorland caravan. The window & door frames paint has started to peel, we would like to touch the paintwork up but do not know where …

Bunk Beds - Abbey Vogue 416 
we have the Abbey Vogue 416, it has bunk beds, all the cushions to put on the bunk beds are different sizes and they don`t fit to the end of the beds, …

Fuses in Swift County 1999 
We have a 1999 Swift County Dorset. The 12v lights in the front half of the van have stopped working. I've checked the fuse for that section in the fuse …

Tracker Fitted 
How can I find out if there is currently a tracking system fitted to the second hand caravan I am buying?

Remove Internal Wall - 2006 Bailey Moselle 
I have a 2006 Bailey Moselle and would like know if it would effect the integrity of the shell if i re-site the toilet wall and door to create more space …

Registration Documents for a Touring Caravan 
How do I go about applying for the registration documents for a 2nd hand touring caravan ive just bought..

Which stableizer? 
Hi Can anyone tell me which stableizer I can fit to my 1991 Mardon Dalesman please

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Battery Charging Problem - 2014 Coachman Vision 
We have a 2014 Coachman Vision, following what I would describe as an overheating episode with the Truma combi heating, the fridge/battery override tripped. …

Battery charging - Sprite Musketeer 
Can I charge my sprite Musketeer battery on my Halfords auto battery charger?, is the caravan battery suitable for this type of charging?

Wiring Back Light - Hobby Prestige  
I had the right back light for my Hobby prestige pinched and need help with rewiring new light unit please ?

Water Leak - Sterling Eccles 2011 
Last year the caravan was found to have water ingress to the front, which was rectified under the warranty. However later on we found that the centre …

Changing Outside Light - Abbey Freestyle 470 SE 
How do I remove cover from light over door on Abbey Freestyle 470 SE?

Considering Buying an Eccles Elite but Fridge Doesn't Work on Gas 
I'm not overly concerned about the fire but what are the common problems associated with fridges not working on gas ?? How much could I expect to pay …

Door Window Dropped Off - Lunar Lexon EB 2005 
While coming back from Spain along the motorway we stopped for lunch only to find our door window had dropped off somewhere along the road! We have …

Water Won't Pump - Bailey Senator Indiana 
Hi there. I have a Bailey Senator Indiana 2007 and I took it out over the new year period and the water would not fill the tank or get in to the caravan …

Blow Air Heater Cold - Bailey Orion 4.40 
We have a Bailey orion 440 and when we put the blow air heater on its cold left it running but still cold?

Truma Ultraflow Hot Water System 
Can anyone help i can not get water in to my hot water system, cold taps are fine and hot taps running so not micro switches. Someone said it may be …

Shower Vent Cover - 2012 Daydream Retreat 
Hi, I own a 2012 Daydream Retreat. It has double bunks opposite the shower. I want to know is there something I can buy to stop the light coming in and …

230 v Lighting - Bailey Pageant Burgundy 
They don't seem to be working. It's Bailey Pageant Burgundy. Series 6 all 12v and how many are 230 v in this caravan please.

Motor Mover Cables - Bailey Pegasus Rimini gt65 
Hi can some one help me as I purchased a Bailey Pegasus Rimini gt65 caravan last year and I have bought a Powrtouch auto motor mover which i'am installing …

Correct tyre pressures 
Can you advise me of the correct tyre pressures for an Elddis Wisp Supreme 450 ET 1994.

Onboard Water Tank - Abi Brightstar 1997 
Where and how do you fill the onboard water tank on an Abi Brightstar?

Wheel Size - Swift Charisma 540 
i have a Swift Charisma 540 2003, could you please tell me what size wheels are on them? Our caravan is in england and im in wales... thank you

Gas Regulator - Lunar 
My Lunar caravan is fitted with a Gas Regulator with a working pressure of 30 mbar however the gas bottles i have looked at have 37 mbar pressure. …

Damage to outer panel  
Hi all. What is the right thing to do ??? Replace the whole panel on the outside or patch the panel in the damaged area. It's been suggested both ways …

Gas Electric Fire - Jubilee Ace Caravan 
We have a Jubilee Ace caravan fixed bed and the electric part of the heater doesn't work how do i replace the element?

12 volt Battery Charging on Mains 
How do you charge the 12 volt battery while at home and the 240 mains are hooked up !

Locker Light Stays On - Bailey Senator Vermont 
Does any one know why the locker light on tow hitch stays on all the time?

Caravan Cover Size - 2012 Sterling Amber Elite 
What size cover will fit my 2012 sterling Amber elite ?

Alarm Won't Work - Swift Freestyle 550 
We have a Swift Freestyle 550 caravan and the alarm suddenly will not work, any ideas?

Gas Stove Settings - Bailey Avalon 1994 
Hi could anyone please tell me the stove settings for our gas oven that converts to normal oven temperatures. You can email me back at trina91a at …

Water Not Working - Vintage Caravan 
Have just got a vintage 10-4 caravan but can not get the water or fridge to work any advice would be good.

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Replace Bathroom Roof Light - 2007 Lunar Quasar 
We went to over-winter our 2007 Lunar Quasar 524 and the bathroom roof light needs replacing. I have found somewhere to buy but what size do I buy? …

Caravan Tyres Year 
Where on the tyres can you find the year of manufacture? I know they have to be changed every 7 years.

Trumatic s3002 Heater Isolator Switch 
Where is the isolator switch please on the electric side? thanks derek

Solar Panel with 240v 
Will solar panels run 240 and if it will what size panel?

Propane Gas - Abbey County Dorset 
New to caravanning am using my Abbey County Dorset over xmas, can i use propane gas?

Reseal Outside Awning Rail 
Can i reseal my awning rail on my caravan?

How to Empty Water - Bailey 2000 
How do you empty the water from a Bailey 2000?

Winter Draining Down - Lunar Solaris 2006  
We have bought a Lunar Solaris limited edition 2006 twin axel and would like to know all drain points for winter so no water is in it. Ian

Water Pump - Swift 2010 540  
Recently I have found that I have to switch my water pump switch off then on again in order to make the pump work. Then pump will then pressurise the system. …

Fitting Rear Light - Lunar Clubman EB 
I have purchased a rear circular stop tail light for my caravan. when i removed the old rear light i found this had 3 cables to the light white, black …

Excessive Tyre Wear - 2001 Swift Corniche 
Hi, I have a 2001 Swift Corniche with new tyres which have chewed out the inside of the tyres down to the canvas, is there any adjustment on the wheel …

Extra 240volt Socket - Eccles Elite Onyx 2009 
Extra 240 volt socket fitted between wardrobe and sink. How do I obtain power to the sockets from the mains box, the wire is in position but do not …

Overrun Assembly Grease Points - Lunar Clubman 2009 
lunar clubman si 2009 where are the overrun assembly grease points?

Leaking in front windows 
We have a Bailey Senator Arizona 2005 It has started having water in the front windows and it has now started to affect the wood. We thought it was …

Floor Measurement for Carpet Replacement - Sterling Sprite 1997 2 berth 
I would like to know the floor measurements of the Sterling Sprite 1997 2 berth caravan to enable me to purchase the right carpet?

Fuse Box - Elddis Jetstream GT 
elddis jetstream gt where is the 240v fuse box???

Clipper L Gas Fire 
Hi, i have in my caravan gas fire..and i don't know how to open! It's working with gas..when i push the button it's smell gas but i don't know where to …

Water Filter Fitting - Elddis Avante 540 
I have a elddis avante 540 caravan 2010 model. Which way round do i fit the water filter?

How to Remove Gas Oven - Willerby Static Caravan  
How do you remove the gas oven from a Willerby static caravan. The hob and grill work perfectly But I am unable to ignite the oven, both electronically …

Electrics Tripping 
My electrics keep tripping while on mains, have changed heater and looked at all possible connections but keeps doing it?

Change Light Bulb Outside - Atlas Debonaire 
How do i take off casing on my outside lamp so i can change the bulb in my atlas debonaire?

Tow Bar Electrical Sockets 
I am having a tow bar fitted and would like to know if i need just one socket 16 pin or two sockets. I have not purchased the caravan yet but it will …

No 12v Power - Abbey 418 Twin Axle 1991 
Hi, I am hooked up to mains and all sockets and mains lights are functioning fine. Battery is charging, full battery too. However I have no power to …

Road Lights Not Working - 1994 Buccaneer 
Can you please tell me how to get the road lights to work on my buccaneer caravan 94? Regards Ray

Kitchen Window Removal - Bessacarr 645 
How to remove kitchen window in Bessacarr 645 gl?

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Extra Seating - Bailey Pageant Loire 2004 
We have a Bailey Pageant Loire 2004 4 berth. Can you remove the front cabinet from in between the seating area to create extra seating and a larger …

Main Power Won't Stay On  
Hi I have just bought Bailey Ranger 550/6 2003. I plugged in to the mains today at home to test all the bits inside and to my horror the fridge …

Check Light Bulbs - Compass Omega 2008 
Hi, For the toilet and shower lights in my caravan, can someone please tell me how to remove the light covers to check the bulbs?

Which Al-ko Hitch - Luna Delta 500 1993 
Hi We have a Luna Delta 500 1993 caravan. Could you please advise us which model Al-ko hitch is best suited for our caravan.

Water Ingress Through Caravan Aerial? 
Can you advise where water could be entering the caravan in the aerial location. The evidence is water dripping from the aerial cable inside the cupboard. …

Drainage Tap 
Does anyone know where the water drainage tap is on an Avondale Wren?

Loss of Power - 1996 Swift Challenger 
We have a 1996 swift challenger which when hooked up to electrical supply has lost power to water pump, hot air system, toilet flush, some lights and …

Wheel nut socket size - Elddis Shamal Vogue 1997 
Hi there, I want to do the pads and a service on my Elddis Shamal Vogue 1997. I wonder if you can tell me the Hub Nut size? Thanks Jack .

Roof Lights - Swift Conqueror 590 
Does anyone know the size of Heki rooflight for a swift conqueror 590 twin axle 5 birth caravan?

Battery Problems - Coachman Mirage Vision 
Hi, we have a Coachman Mirage Vision 520/4 1998 model. Last night we ran the pump and it suddenly stopped, the lights in the bathroom, the spotlight/reader …

Radio Wiring Diagram - Sterling Eccles Searcher 2003 
Does anyone have any idea of which wires on the radio connection do what!! There are 2 wiring blocks, one has the speaker wires the other has 4 coloured …

No Battery Output - Lunar 2001 
12 volt works Ok from the charger system but nothing when the charger is off, battery voltage reads ok. I cannot locate the inline battery fuse 25 …

Draining System of Water - 2013 bailey pegasus gt65 turin 
Just purchased a 2013 bailey pegasus gt65 turin and it doesn't have a handbook as yet but i need to drain the water system and don't know where the drain …

Water Problem - Bailey Pageant Champagne 2000 
Hi all Currently on site in Brean have connected pump, etc., however it runs but water comes out of a plug on left side of van. I presume the water …

Water Heater - Bessacarr Cameo 525 sl 
Hi We are new to caravanning and have just purchased a Bessacarr Cameo 525 sl. We seem to be losing water from the tank after filling and then get a …

AL-KO Wheel Lock - Compass Omega 
Can someone tell me which wheel lock fits my 2006 compass omega 482?

Red Light and Flush - Lunar Clubman 
Lunar clubman se 2013 cassette toilet red light staying on and flush not working? Any ideas?

Tip Up Sink Toilet Unit - Compass Avantgarde 120 
Is the Thetford Contessa C400 "tip up sink" available on its own or do you have to replace the whole sink back unit?

Wallboard for Coachman VIP 
I need to replace a section of wallboard on my 2005 Coachman VIP. Can anybody tell me what the colour is and where I can buy it Thanks

Crystaline deposit on battery negative terminal 
What is the reason for crystaline deposit forming on caravan battery negative terminal?

Electrics Control Panel not working - Swift Challenger 625 
Connect to 240v lights work and tv but nothing else, like the water pump or aerial for the TV are not working? Control panel will not come on, Swift …

Sink Taps - Swift Challenger 530 
How do I change sink taps on a Swift Challenger 530?

Seat Length - Bessacarr Cameo 535 2005? 
We are looking at the Bessacarr Cameo 535 SL 2005 but cannot find the specifications of the seat length anywhere. Can anyone please tell me? Thank you …

Cabinet Removal Bailey Senator Camargue 1998  
Hi can anyone shine some light on a problem I am having? I have water ingress which is coming in from possibly a vent which is in a cupboard to do the …

Not sure if the year is correct - Bailey Scorpio 
We are about to purchase a Bailey Scorpio cd 4 berth caravan. The man said he thinks it's a 1996 model but I can't find any data for this caravan from …

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Carefull removal of cabinets (1968 Oxford Crusader 15") 
I have a 1968 Oxford Crusader 15" caravan and am endeavoring to remove the cabinets in a fashion in which they can be re-fitted. I would like to take care …

Road Lights - Swift Charisma 2011 
I have recently purchased a 2 year old Charisma. I have found that when reaching my destination after dark, if I keep my foot on the foot brake and switch …

Gas oven seal Swift Roselle 2011 
The gas oven in our Swift Roselle 2011 fails to achieve a good cooking temperature. The oven door seal does not fully seal the door. Rather there is a …

Pegasus 646 
Hi, I'm new to this forum, just bought a 2010 model bailey Pegasus 646 twin axle, max weight is 1740kg full, my car will tow 1800kg max (skoda superb L&K …

lights wont stay on 
I have a bailey senator indiana, with the mains power connected the interior lights keep turning off. The trip swiches are not tripping, but there is a …

Marker lights and license plates lights not working 
My tail lights work okay as do my indicators and brake lights. My marker lights front and back and my license plate lights do not work, I'm puzzled, I've …

Gas heater needs replacement 
I own a 1997 Stirling Europa 740 MB and the gas heater is falling to bits. Where is the best place to buy and get one fitted in the Maidstone area. A reconditioned …

Water System 
Can't get water through taps. Pump is running but water coming straight out of pump drain. Elddis XL Typhoon. It sounds as if the tap to drain the …

1984 Buccaneer Elan Caravan Wheel Rim Sizes 
Hi, I bought a 1984 Buccaneer last year and have recently had to remove the wheels only to find that they are impossible to get off without letting …

Water pump switch 
Hi, Can you tell me where the water pump switch for a Swift Corniche 14/2 1991 Thanks Not ever having owned a Swift, I am not really sure. All …

Brake shoes for Pegasus 514 year 2010  
Hi I am looking for Brake Shoes for my Bailey Pegasus 514 Caravan Year 2010 Caravan I am on holiday here in Killarney I hope to return to the …

Abbey 214 GTS weight 
The Mass in running order on this caravan is 910 kg could someone please tell me if the fridge, toilet, cooker and water heater is included in the mass …

Hi, Where can I purchase Bailey Pageant CD Avallon windows. 1994 model. Thanks. Your best bet would probably to contact a caravan breakers …

Swift Classic Baronette 
Can you help me .I have bought this caravan but it has come with no books on the caravan. I would like to be able to find out if there is somewhere I can …

Swift challenger 540 touch up paint colour 
Could you please advise me of the colour of my above caravan and were I can purchase it ,I know it's white but what shade Thanks Your best bet …

Water pump switch 
Water pumps through taps and also comes out of some sort of overflow pipe under the caravan when I turn the taps off it carries on pumping out of this …

Cushion arrangement to make up front bed Lunar Lexon ewl 2005 
Can anyone please tell me the correct way to arrange the cushions correctly to make up the front sleeping area. No matter which way we have tried arranging …

Fridge not working on electric - Bailey Pageant Champagne 
My fridge won't work on the electric on my 1998 Bailey Pageant Champagne.

Swift Corniche 14/4 charging problem  
Can you help i have a Swift Corniche 14/4 charging problem. I am new to this caravan, 2 questions I would like to ask, first does the battery switch …

No noise from water pump - Adria caravan 
Hi, we have a 2 berth Adria caravan & water pump is not making a noise. Changed pump still not working, only fuse I could locate is a 10amp fuse, any …

Blind tensioning 2003 Bailey Moselle caravan 
How do you get to the window roller to tension the blinds on a 2003 Bailey Moselle? Thanks Peter

VIN number  
I have a Bessacarr Cameo 550 GL 1989 where do I find the VIN number. I need it for insurance purposes, my insurer says it should be a 17 figure number …

Bailey pegasus electrical problem on battery 
I have a Bailey Pegasus 2010 when I bought it the interior lights and radio would work from the battery with out the mains being plugged in, but for some …

None of my caravan plug sockets work..Help! 
When I hook up to 240v, the fuse box light inside lights up to show it's connected (though a bit dim), but none of my plug sockets work...why is this? …

Hinges - Abbey 
Does anyone know what metal hinges I can use to replace the plastic one in the overhead lockers of an abbey caravan? thanx

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Caravan lights Swift Celeste 
I have a Swift Celeste 15/2 and need to change the bulb or maybe the socket in the wall light ( see photo) but cannot see how to remove the shade or cover. …

Compass Rallye 640 Radio power 
My radio in my Compass Rallye 640 has lost all power, i have checked the caravan 12v fuses and all seams to be ok, would their be another fuse hidden in …

Bathroom lights not working Bailey Pageant Champagne 
I have a 1999 Bailey Pageant Champagne with 2 ceiling lights, 1 works on electric hook up but the other one doesn't, any ideas? I've checked and both bulbs …

Window Replacement - Bailey Beachcomber 
Hi, my centre front window dropped out of its rail and smashed. The rubber seal and the rail are both damaged. It's a 1995 Bailey Beachcomber. I need help, …

Alko tow bar - Elddis Elusion 
We have an Elddis Elusion 1995 caravan 4 berth with Alko. We had an Alko tow bat fitted to car do we need another stabliiser bar fitted or is the alko …

Fitting plug sockets to static caravan 
Is it easy to fit plug sockets to bedroom of my Atlas Florida 1999 static. No sockets near the bedside cabinets which is unhelpful when my elderly mum …

Caravan hinges top lockers needed 
Hi wondering where I can get some spare hinges like these for my top lockers..... See attached photo Thanks

Replacing Door Window 
I have a Swift Challenger 480SE 1996 and the outside pane of the door window has been smashed. Do I have to replace the whole unit or can I obtain just …

A-Frame plastic cover - 1999 Abbey Caprice 
Hi, I have a 1999 Abbey Caprice 2 berth caravan, the plastic a-frame cover is damaged, could someone please tell me how to replace it with a new one, also …

Whale Pump - Elddis Xplore 302 
My van has a Whale pump which has developed an annoying fault. When switched on, it delivers a decent and constant stream of water from the bathroom …

Gas locker door stuck 
I can't unlock the gas locker on my Bailey Pageant; assuming the key is the same one as for door and all the other locks (I haven't got any other keys) …

Hooking up Mains Water Supply - 1996 Abi Northstar 
Hi all I have a 1996 Abi Northstar and would like to know if it is possible to hook it up to mains water supply and if so what would be involved in the …

Caravan roof paint 
My Elddis caravan roof paint is flaking and I want to repaint it. The roof is made of plastic and seems to flex. Do I need special paint that will not …

Floor Skins - Swift Challenger 490 
Does a Swift challenger 490 have a single or double skin floor please?

Tap Mixer Make - Sterling Europa 495 2011 
I have mixer tap on basin and I would like to know the make of the mixer?

Leaking Front Windows - Compass Omega 
How do I remove and reveal front windows?

How often should I change my Water filters 
I have checked all of my handbooks supplied with my Buccaneer caravan and cannot find any mention of the water filter fitted. I would like to know how …

Dealing with reluctant dealers 
What is the best strategy when attempting to get dealers to behave reasonably and responsibly when there is a warranty issue that goes on and on. The …

Awning Light Bulb - Elddis Avante  
What size is the bulb needed for an Elddis Avante 362 caravan please? Try your local caravan dealer, they should be able to supply you with the correct …

al ko hitch lock - Swift Challenger 
Hi, We have just bought a Swift Challenger caravan and we want to buy an al ko hitch lock for it but there are so many. Please could any1 help and …

Whale Pump Instead of Truma Crystal Pump? 
I have a caravan which has a Truma Crystal submersible water pump. I want to buy a new pump and was wondering if I have to get a Truma one or can I …

Replacement Carpets - Lunar Clubman EB 2008 
Hi I've got a Clubman eb 2008, where could l get replacement carpets from and how much? Thanks

Fitting Digital TV Aerial - 2008 Fleetwood Symphony 
Hi, I want to fit an aerial to my caravan, I have followed the coax cable back to the direction of the bedroom sink/wardrobe before loosing sight of it. …

Shelf for Bathroom - ABI Broughton 
We have just bought an ABI Broughton static van, it has a small en suite off the bedroom and we would like to put up a small shelf. However we are …

Road Light Fuses - Stirling Europa 1995 
Hi does anyone know where the fuses are located on the Stirling Europa 1995 500es 3 berth? I have no left hand indicator, brake light and n/s awning …

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Heatstore Switch - Lunar caravan  
When I switch the heatstore switch on it trips the main trip switch out? Any ideas? Thanks.

Water pump replacement 
Where can i buy a Reich submersible pump (twin 19L) WITHOUT a reverse valve? A few sites advertise but when I contact them directly they do not have them …

Water pump pressure - Sterling Eccles 
We have a sterling eccles caravan 2004 model. I have put a new water pump on and now the water trickles out of the sink tap and shower....any advice please …

Electrics Panel - Lunar Clubman 2ck  
I have 2 switches which I am unsure about. The first is labelled "auxiliary" , and the second is "van / car". Can anyone tell me what they are used for …

Replacing rear light bulb 
I have a 2003 Compass Omega 524 and i need to change a rear light bulb. I have removed the light cluster but i cant get the bulb from the holder. The holder …

Height of Caravan  
Hi, Please can someone advise what is the height of a Lunar Lexon EA 2004 twin axle. Many Thanks. I think the height for a 2004 Lunar Lexon …

Internal Lights for an Abbey Stafford County model 1998 
2 of my 3 internal roof lights are not working (the rear internal one is). The fuses are all working- any ideas what might be wrong? It could be …

fixing tow hicth 
Hi, Please can you advise if I can fit Al-ko tow hitch to 1996 Baily Pageant easily myself? Thanks The simple answer is yes. You should get …

Fleetwood Cupboard Door 
I have just had the gas heater removed from my 1994 Fleetwood Colchester and want to put a door over the hole under the wardrobe. Any idea where I can …

Black Streaks 
Is there any thing I can wash my caravan with to stop black streaks appearing?? What we do is to give our caravan a good wash and then spray the …

Toilet flush electrics 
The pump for the flush on the loo does not work pump is ok tested it on a separate feed power to it only reads 5 volts under no load suspect bad conection …

Touch up spray paint for caravan. 
I have Willerby Salisbury 2000 Static caravan which got outside paint scratched during winter, I want some spray paint just to touch it up. Does anyone …

Rear Road Light Bulbs - Bailey Senator 
What are the bulb size and type in the rear road lights on a 2005/6 Bailey Senator 5 Wyoming? If you go to your local caravan dealer, they should …

Caravan and household cookers 
Can I use a normal household cooker in a caravan with propane. Caravan cookers are specifically designed for use with propane or butane and it would …

Avondale Leda Malvern  
When was it in production? I think this caravan was produced between 1989 and 1995 .

Water leak 
Can dust affect the mastic and cause a window (heki light) to leak? Generally, I would say no. When mastic becomes old, it does become hard and brittle …

1999 Swift Corniche 15/2e fault on 12v system 
Fanheater, radio, main interior lights and aerialpack not working on 12v system mains. 240 power working. Any idea what problem is? It could be …

Caravan cupboard door locks seized 
Our Lunar clubman ES has brilliant cupboard space but all the locks are now seized and we cannot close the cupboards. We checked for damp and there is …

Paint Colour 
Hi, I have a 1991 Compass Mmega caravan and would like to know what colour it is so I can get some touch up paint. Thanks Steve. I believe that …

Can you please tell me what type of gas is used on the 2002 Moonstone caravan. Thank you There are two types of gas that you can use. Butane …

Abbey sign on front of caravan 
Is it possible to get a new Abbey sign that is above the front window on my Abbey GTS Vogue 217? The current one has faded beyond recognition …

Axle / Suspension 
Hello, I need to replace the suspension arm bush's on this Axle ...... could anybody please tell me what type and the name of this unit is? Thanks .... …

Where to connect the water from a water hog to caravan 
Hi I am new to caravanning and was wondering if anyone knew where you connect the water hogg to the caravan on a Bessacarr 470GL, Thanks Jamie …

Half Interior Lights & CD/DVD no 12v, yet fuses okay 
I have a Bailey Senator 6 - fuses are okay - yet interior lights in front half of van plus CD/DVD player and Antenna booster are not receiving 12v supply. …


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Towing Coupling. Alko 
I am exporting Coachman caravan from the UK to Australia. The van is still in the uk and I am now back in Australia. What is the title of the standards …

Towing Bailey Olympus 2 525 with Volvo V70 
Hi, Please can someone tell me if I can tow a Bailey Olympus 2 525 with a Volvo V70 2.4 se lux auto estate 2010? Thanks. Caravanners use the …

Damp in Bailey Senator Oklahoma 
My 2004 Oklahoma has damp at the front nearside, the bar that holds the window hinges has come away due to the board at the top being rotten, this has …

Hi, Please can you tell me what sort of hitch is on a Bailey Champagne 1998? Also I can get a lock that will fit. Thanks. It is more than likely …

Jack location Lunar Clubman 475 
Hi, Please can you tell me does a Lunar Clubman 475 have a jack and if so where is it? Thanks in advance. Most caravans do not come with …

Sterling Solitaire Cupboard latch sticking 
Has anyone had a problem with the list-up cupboard latches sticking on a Sterling Solitaire (2014)? - Thanks, Jim. As we don't own a Sterling I …

How do I replace the cooker door 
Hi, Please can someone advise on how do I replace the oven door on a Spinflow Caprice MK111. Thanks To be perfectly honest, I am not really sure. …

Front Locker Leaking 
My front locker is always wet inside after travelling in the rain. I took it back to my dealer as it is a 2013 model to be repaired. They said nothing …

Wheel Size 
I have purchased a Coachman Amara single axle 4 berth but not collecting for 2 weeks.I want to purchase a wheel clamp and need to know the wheel size. …

Water Tank 
I have a Bessacarr Cameo 470 GL but cannot find a way to drain the on board water tank. can anyone help? Have you tried looking underneath the …

Breaksystem Bessacarr Cameo 470GL  
The breaks seems to have ceased up i'm looking for a technical drawing of the breaksystem.. or any useful advice. I would advise that you try …

Vauxhall vectra towing a Fleetwood Sonata Symphony 
I have a Fleetwood Sonata Symphony caravan and was wondering if my vauxhall Vectra 1.8 club 03 would be the ideal car to tow it, need advice before I go …

Please can u tell me how I get the fitted toilet to work as when I push the blue button on top of toilet to flush it won't work. It could be that …

Abbey 460 gas problem 
We have just brought an Abbey 460 can cannot get the gas to come through. Is there a tap to run on or off as the previous owner did say he had winterised …

Wiring diagram for a Bailey Senator Carolina (2006) 
Where can I get hold of a wiring diagram for a Bailey Senator Carolina (2006) as I have a problem with the braking lights, or, what colour wire is used …

12volt Fuse 
Hi, Please can someone tell me what does a 12 volt in line fuse look like.? Thanks Basically it is just a plastic casing in which the 12v fuse …

Help I've brought a caravan but previous owner has removed interior is it safe to tow ? 
I've just brought a caravan really cheap but it was being used as an office and they have removed the bathroom wall and rear seat units will this mean …

Looking at Lunar Premier 516 with weights of 800 & 1100, will this be the mtpml? As I need to make sure my car will pull it, I have got a 52 plate Scenic …

Corner steady replacement 
Hi, Please could you advise as to what type of corner steady do I need for an Elddis Wisp 450EB? Thanks It is more than likely that you have …

Poor water pressure on 2008 Buccaneer Clipper 
We have experienced poor water pressure since purchasing this van, our previous van was an Eldiss Crusader Storm (same makers similar size and had fantastic …

Swift Corniche 2001 Double bed  
There seems to be a gap between the end of the cushions and the chest of drawers when the double bed is made up. Why is this???? It could that …

Simple question for experienced caravaners 
Can I plug in to my house socket using the "rat tail" then plug the caravan lead into that. If by rat tail you mean a 13amp mains adapter plug, then …

Awning size - 1993 Swift Challenger 450/5 
I have a Swift Challenger 450/5 1993 model and I need a new awning. The awning we had did not have a size on it and the info in the caravan certificate …

Taps for a Lunar Premier 415 
Does the Lunar Premier 415 taps have micro switches? If you have taps operated by pressure sensitive switching then you will have a pressure sensitive …

Caravan Wallboard 
Hi we have a 1998 Swift Corniche 15/2e caravan and need to replace a wallboard can anyone help with the colour we know it's Elgin but not sure which one …

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Swift caravan with no front locker 
Hi all, We have just bought a 1992 Swift Rapide 450/5. I intend to modify the inside completely and make it suitable for the 2 of us by fitting a permanent …

Abi St David 2012 
We've only had our caravan a short while and don't know how to drain it down for winter. How many drains are there and how do we do it. Can it be done …

Swift Challenger Gas Valve? 
Hi, I've recently bought a swift challenger 2 berth caravan, (1992ish)when I connected the gas bottle there is no gas coming out of the cooker, the bottle …

How to eliminate draughts from sides/top of 'van fridge in windy weather? 
In a recent windy spell while in my 'van,we experienced severe draughts into the 'van from the fridge sides and top,very cold despite having heater on.I …

Noseweight Gauge 
With all the Noseweight gauges on the market - all different heights - can you use any one or does it need to be close to the hitch ball height in your …

Body Movement 
When towing my Avondale Leda Malvern, there is a loud squeeking noise coming from the front of the caravan. When stopped, I got the kids to jump around …

Buccaneer Elan 15 (1996) Switches 
On my above caravan, there is a twin switch (12 volt), mounted on the end of the kitchen unit, facing the front of the 'van. One switch operates the 'floor …

Carver Cascade 2GE 
Hi, I have a 1994 Swift Corniche fitted with a Cascade 2GE water heater. Unfortunately the gas heating part has failed. When switching it on the green …

What is my caravan made of? 
Can anyone tell me what my caravan is made of it is a 2012 swift sport 554 . We have been making a wheel cover and had a good idea to put very small magnets …

Fitted as standard to an Eldiss 
Hi, I am trying to find out what would have been fitted as standard to a Elddis Wirlwind XL caravan so I can work out what is excluded from the payload. …

Hinges for Fleetwood Colchester 1998 front locker 
I have a 1998 Fleetwood Colchester. The gas locker has a cantilever arrangement which should lift the lid up out of the way when open. However, the levers …

Sprite Musketeer 1973 Towing Weight 
I have just been given a 1973 Sprite Musketeer. Is the a way of finding the towing weight of it as I need to know if I can tow it with my car. It's a 2000 …

Unladen Weight  
Hi, I am trying to find the Unladen weight of Buccaneer Clipper 14 4 berth circa 1988. I have checked the chassis plate on the A frame, but it is to old …

I have a 1989 Mardon Classique 390/2 and have just purchased a Towsure Anti-snake Quick Release Stabiliser for it, the fitting instructions mention 3 types …

I had recently bough a caravan a couple of months ago privately and the guy who I bought it off told me and it is on the paperwork that it was a 2003 model, …

Adria Comfort 350A 
Hi Ive bought an Adria Comfort 350A and I can't seem to find what year it is. The Vin letter is P but I think it must be older it doesn't have a cassette …

Avondale Leda 
Hi, Please can you tell me what year did the Avondale start and stop producing their Leda range of caravans. Thanks. I can't be certain, but …

Can tall people go caravanning? 
We're thinking of upgrading from a tent to a caravan. When we started looking at vans none of them seemed to have enough headroom for my boyfriend who …

Caravan VIN number 
I have a Fleetwood Colchester 1300/2 1994 and i need the VIN number for me to take out caravan insurance. Hhere do I look for this? In 1992, CRiS …

Does anyone know what design of roof light does a Bailey Senator 2004 caravan have installed? Many thanks for any help you can give me regarding this. …

Compass Emperor 2003 
Can anybody please tell me if a gas regulator is fitted to a 2003 Compass Emperor caravan? Or does anyone know how would I find this out? Many thanks. …

Stolen Keys 
The keys were stolen for my Ace Globetrotter. The doors are locked and there is no other way of getting into the caravan. How can I get replacement keys. …

Tap size 
Hi I have a 2002 Compass Omega 534. The Kitchen sink tap has cracked! I'm buying a new one but there are 2 sizes 27mm and 33mm. I don't know which …

Caravan Solar Panel 
I want to fit a solar panel to the roof of my new Sprite Musketeer TD but I need to know the layout of the wood frame of the roof in order to secure the …

Remove Caravan Floor 
My caravan was taken back to Swift for warranty work, they hadn't fitted the chest of drawers in and they fell out damaging the floor. I have refused the …

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Can you buy small 4 berth caravans? 
Can anyone recommend a small 4 berth caravan,make and model.We bought a 2 berth that fits perfect on our drive way. It's a Swift Corniche 14/2 full lenght …

Caravan - Year of Manufacture 
I am intrested in buying a Bailey Senator Series 5 Caravan. I only have the VIN which is SGBTF07BY60511101. Please could you tell me what year that this …

Caravan Shock Absorbers 
I have a 2005 Moonstone which is in immaculate condition etc. I am wondering if it would be better if i fitted shocker absorbers and also if it is possible …

Break Rod 
Hi, Please can you tell me where I could get a replacement rod for the breaks of a 1990 Avondale Perle caravan. Any advice would be really appreciated. …

RR Evoque 2.2 DIESEL 
Hello, Please could you advise if the Range Rover Evoque will tow without any problems a Stirling Elite Amber Caravan? Any advise would be most welcome. …

Could someone please help me as to whether my car ROVER AUTO 618 SI AUTO 1997/8 can tow an ELDDIS ELUSION MODEL 470/2 1995 safely. Desperate for help …

1996 Lunar Premier 415 4 berth  
Hi, a question has already been asked by others re the length of the above van. We are anticipating buying the same model and the vendor has given us a …

Removing Sofa 
Hello there, I have a St David ABI 2010 model. I want to remove the sofa, it is only attached at one point (where the sofa bed is) the other two corner …

Remote Control 
How do I use the remote control on my Reich move control II. Do I have to press the buttons twice for some reason.The book that came with it doesn't tell …

Avondale Leda Malvern. 1992 
Hi, I have a 1992 Avondale Leda Malvern and would like to know what type of gas that this caravan runs on, propane or butane? Any advice would be greatly …

Bouncing touring caravan 
I have a Elddis avante 540 2010. Used this weekend 11/11/11 to 13/11/11 and a friend was towing their caravan behind us and noticed that our caravan was …

Carbon Monoxide 
Could you please tell me where the carbon monoxide detector is fitted in a 2010 Lunar Clubman caravan ? Thank you for any help you can give me regarding …

Altas Concept Static 
The door on my Atlas Concept Static caravan is out of alignment and I was wondering whether you could please advise me if the hinges are adjustable in …

1989 Avondale Mayfly Weights 
Please could anyone tell me the laden and unladen weights of a 1989 Avondale Mayfly SE 2 berth caravan. Many thanks for any help you can give me with …

Tow Car 
We have a Bailey Pageant Imperial CD (circa 1994), 3 berth, that we tow with a Mondeo. Unfortunately, this car has been written off in an accident. In …

1996 Lunar Premier 415 Length 
Could you please tell me what the length of a 1996 Lunar Premier 415 caravan is - including the towing hitch. Many thanks for your help with this matter. …

Age of Caravan 
I have an Atlas (states series) Indiana static caravan and I am trying to find out how old it is. Please could anyone help me with this or point me in …

How to repair a spongy floor. 
We have a floor on our caravan which has become spongy in the kitchen area.Is there a way that it can be repaired by myself to reinforce the floor without …

Elddis Whirlwind, Cushion Dimensions 
Hello - do you happen to know the caravan bed cushion size for the Elddis Whirlwind caravan? I need to make a cover and at the moment the caravan is in …

I have a failed indicator and assume the bulb is faulty but cannot see how to remove the lens to replace bulb. My Manual does not cover this. Can anyone …

Weights and Specification for a 2004 Sterling Eccles Jewel 
Please could you tell me the weights and specification for a 2004 Sterling Eccles Jewel. I want to see if I can tow it with a Volvo V70 2.4 turbo petrol. …

Replacement Caravan Carpets 
We have just purchased a 2005 Coachman Amara 530/4. It is immaculate other than a very worn fitted carpet. Could you tell me if it is possible to replace …

Awning Sizes for ACE Caravans 
Please could you tell me what the size of my awning is for my 1996 Ace award tristar caravan, we have a porch awning but when we go away for a long week …

Spongy Floor 
I just want to know why the floor feels spongy underneath my caravan. It looks sound but somebody has told me that it must be damp? Can anyone help me …

Caravan Height - Sprite Musketeer 
I have a Sprite Musketeer caravan from 1982 and I need to know its height, length and width. Could you possibly help me at all with this? Many thanks. …

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Do you know whether I can just replace the double glazed unit on my Challenger caravans side window? It is cracked and definitely needs replacing. Any …

I have a problem with the swivel bowl / electric flush Thetford toilet in my 2009 Bailey Ranger GT60 400/4 caravan. Since new the toilet bowl has leaked …

Caravan Stereo Memory Feed 
Hi I have just purchased a Lunar Lexon EB (2001) and it has a Kenwood stereo fitted. It is isolated on the 12/240 electric panel and the problem I have …

Broken Corner Stay on my Caravan 
Would you happen to know how I would replace a corner stay leg on a Bailey Pageant Cabriolet caravan? Many thanks for your help with this matter. Jan …

Can you tell me what is completed when a caravan service takes place. We need to have ours serviced before we take it out early next year but obviously …

Does anyone have any idea which model of Alko spare wheel carrier I would need for a 1996 Fleetwood Garland 148-1 EK? I see on Alko's website there are …

If a caravan has had damp on two occassions within its 4 year lifetime but the damp has been repaired by a dealer and the van has been serviced anually …

I own a 2005 Coachman caravan and the front case has come off the fire - does anybody know the secret of refitting it as I seem to be able to fit the top …

Do you know - should the yellow stop valve be pointing upwards or lying flat to enable the water to come through to the taps. Many thanks. By the …

We had an unfortunate mishap with our cooker and have broken the outer glass door. Does anyone have any suggestion where to buy a replacement? The cooker …

I fitted a new shower head with hose to the existing tap. Now I don't have any pressure. The water is coming out but only a trickle. The water in kitchen …

My caravan cooker works on gas with no problem but the gas fire and fridge do not want to start on gas - what could be the problem? I really need help …

1969 Fisher Holivan Weights?? 
I have a 1969 Fisher Holivan that has the beige quilted sides. It is a 2 berth with rear, near side stable door, kitchen across the back wall with a large …

Caravan Electrical Questions 
We have a 1990 Avondale Perle caravan. We are new to caravanning and have little knowledge of how they work! We have recently just plugged the main hookup …

Do you know what tyre presures I should have on my ABI Award Tristar? We would suggest that this information should be somewhere in your caravan manual …

My caravan indicator light on the near side doesn't work. The warning buzzer works as normal though but no flashing from the bulb. I have checked the bulb …

Does anyone have a manual or know were i can get one for Fleetwood Heritage 600 EB? Your best bet would be to try the Fleetwood Owners Club to see …

I have just purchased a Bailey Ranger 380/2 which has on board a 3 way fridge. My towbar has two lots of electric plugs. I was told one is for the back …

Please could you help as I have recently bought a small caravan and was wondering whether or not it would need an M.O.T? Many thanks for your help with …

I was wondering if any one could help. I have just carried out a service and have the new Alko hub nuts ready to fit and wanted to know the hub nut torque …

ABI Adventurer Info 
Has anyone got any information on the ABI Adventurer caravans. It was only made for a few years and has a rear entrance door. Would love to know how to …

Do you happen to know of anywhere that sells a paint touch-up pen for a Bailey Senator caravan as I dropped an awning pole and it scratched some paint …

What Tow Car? 
We are looking for a new tow car. Been looking at the new Golf Estate 1.6 which the dealer said it would tow our Elddis Avante 474 but that's hard to get …

Is it normal to have a caravan roof that rattles and drums in a wind? On our Swift Charisma 540, it wakes us up at night, and I'm concerned that the constant …

My Reich move control motor mover has suddenly stopped driving forward, reverse is not a problem. I have tried doing a reset but this has not changed the …

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