Caravan Toilet Chemicals

Caravan toilet chemicals really are essential to ensure your caravan toilet runs efficiently and does not turn smelly. You should use only products recommended for use in your caravan's toilet as other cleaners or fluids could damage the toilet and we are sure you don't want any expensive repair bills!

Caravan Toilet Chemicals
Caravan Toilet Chemicals
Caravan Toilet Chemicals
Caravan Toilet Chemicals
Caravan Toilet Chemicals
Caravan Toilet Chemicals

The first thing you will need to do is to fill up your caravan's flush tank. It is much easier if you use a watering can to fill up the tank. To the water in the tank you have to add some pink fluid - Aqua Rinse . Aqua Rinse will keep the toilet flush water fresh, will aid lubrication of the toilet when flushing, and will prevent deposits forming in the toilet bowl.

You now need to add some blue fluid to your caravan's toilet waste water tank - Aquakem Blue. This chemical will aid the breakdown of whatever goes into your toilet waste tank! It will also reduce the formation of gases and should stop any unpleasant smells!

If you are trying to "go green" there is a green chemical you can use in the toilet waste tank - Aquakem Green. This does the same job as Aquakem Blue but does it biologically rather than chemically. The green fluid is also formaldehyde-free. Some caravan sites now are trying to go green and ask that you only use formaldehyde-free chemicals.

Effective toilet pearls for daily use. Thetford Aqua-Kem Natural Toilet Pearls have a pleasant neutral scent and biological action. The toilet pearls are pre-packaged in handy, lightweight pouches (one pouch = one dose) which biologically stimulate the breakdown of waste in the toilet waste-holding tank.

Well, now you need the most important accessory - the toilet paper! It really is best to use special caravan Thetford Aqua Soft Toilet Rolls as this breaks down and dissolves rapidly, and will not clog the toilet tank - unlike ordinary toilet paper. The last thing you need while on holiday is a blocked up toilet!!

If you feel that your caravan toilet waste tank needs a clean, there is a caravan toilet chemical especially for this - Thetford Cassette Tank Cleaner . You just need to pour this fluid into your caravan waste tank about two or three times a year and then fill it with water. If you then leave it overnight it will have cleaned your tank without you having to scrub off all those calcium deposits.

Fenwick's Caravan Toilet Chemicals

We were asked to test Fenwick's Blu John Toilet Fluid and Fenwick's Lily The Pink Toilet Flush Fluid. Here's our review of these two caravan toilet chemical products:

Fenwick's Lily The Pink

Caravan Toilet Chemicals

It says on the bottle:

"Has a long lasting fresh citrus fragrance. Helps maintain a germ free toilet. With added slip and lubricity agents it has a long lasting performance. Our active ingredients result in a clean germ free environment.

Dosage - add 100ml of Lily per 15 litres of holding tank capacity and fill with clean water."

Our Review:

The first thing we noticed was the strong fragrance when we opened the bottle. We thought maybe it would be too overpowering in the caravan but, in fact, we only noticed the fragrance when flushing the toilet. When diluted in the toilet flush tank, the fragrance is not too chemically smelling - perfect to keep your caravan loo smelling naturally fragrant!

Another thing we first noticed was that it seemed very "watery" compared to our usual pink toilet flush fluid. The Fenwick's, in fact, worked better than a thicker fluid as we normally get lots of pink "blobs" in the flush which very annoyingly stick to the sides of the toilet. As the Fenwick's pink flush was much thinner there was no sign of the thick blobs plus it still did the job just as well as a thicker fluid!

We thought this was an extremely good product and will certainly be using it again!

Fenwick's Blu Jon

Caravan Toilet Chemicals

It says on the bottle:

"Has a long lasting fresh citrus fragrance. Easily breaks down solids, with long lasting performance. Our active ingredients out perform formaldehyde by over 8 times, resulting in a clean germ free environment.

Dosage - add 120ml of Blu John per 20 litres of holding tank capacity and prime with 2 litres of clean water."

Our Review:

Another great product from Fenwick's. Nice fragrance and, like the Pink Toilet Rinse, this is not as thick as other products which makes it easier to fill the measuring cup on the holding tank without making too much of a mess! It broke up the toilet paper with no "pyramiding" of the waste in the holding tank. Well worth buying!

If you would like to recommend some caravan toilet chemicals to other caravanners, please contact us.

Here's a message we received from Peter in Australia regarding toilet waste:

Here in Australia we have many septic systems in the country so we must be very careful with caravan toilet chemicals.

Yes, all the commercial brands are available but many of us find that they are expensive, cause the van to smell and have a bad odour when being emptied.
Resulting from many trials many of us use a No Brand nappy sanitizer - store branded Napisan - the label will show that this chemical is K for septic systems.
We add about a tablespoon full to a litre of warm water and a teaspoon full of eucalyptus oil as perfume.
This mixture is added to the portable toilet waste tank and emptied every three days.

It is worth trying this method because of the improvement in every way - reduced cost - nil odour in the van at all - no odour when being emptied and perfectly safe for any sewage system

You really will need some caravan toilet chemicals to prevent any unpleasant odours and stop any gas forming. There are a few companies which manufacture basically the same products but under different names - the choice is yours! 

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