Caravan Water System Cleaning

Caravan water system cleaning (and water container cleaning) should be carried out a few times during the year, or after every use of your caravan if you prefer, to prevent the build-up of any gunk and germs.

Caravan accessory shops sell disinfectant or steriliser which is made especially for this job. Alternatively, you could use Milton fluid as this seems to do the job just as well. Ask your caravan dealer which fluid they would recommend for your caravan.

        Caravan Water System

  • Drain the caravan water system - open the taps which will allow air in and will allow the system to drain quicker.
  • Fill the system using the cleaning solution at the strength stated on the instructions.
  • Allow the solution to come right through to all the taps and shower tap. Allow this to stand for the amount of time stated on the instructions.
  • Allow the caravan water system to drain down completely.
  • Clean all taps and connectors with a cleaning fluid.
  • Fill up your Aquaroll with mains water and allow the water system to flush through with clean water until no traces of cleaning solution can be detected at any tap in the caravan.
  • Empty the caravan water system completely and leave all taps open.

    Caravan Waste Water Pipes
  • At the same time as cleaning your caravan water system (as above) you could clean the waste pipes too.
  • When you have finished cleaning the water system as above, block off the waste pipes with corks or some other suitable material.
  • Put on the taps and allow the water to go into the waste pipes.
  • Turn off the taps when the water backs up to the sinks and shower (just make sure you don't flood the caravan by keeping a close eye on the level of water).
  • Leave the water in the pipes for the amount of time stated on the cleaning fluid instructions.
  • Take out the corks and allow the water to drain away.
  • Flush through with clean water to remove any debris left in the pipes.

    Water Containers
  • Empty the water container so it is completely empty.
  • Clean and rinse the outside of the container to remove any dirt etc. Just to be on the safe side, fill the container then swill it around and empty.
  • Now fill the container completely with water and add the cleaning fluid according to the instructions.
  • Allow this to stand for the recommended time.
  • Empty the water in the container straight down a drain.
  • Thoroughly clean around the opening of the container.
  • Rinse with mains water and allow to dry.

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Caravan water system cleaning is an important job to remember - now all your pipes and water containers should be germ and debris free. Remember when you are not using the caravan to leave all the taps open and leave the tops off the water containers to allow air to circulate.