Caravan Water Tips

Would you like some caravan water tips to make your life just that little bit easier - we have a few ideas to help you. Keep reading to find out more ...

  • An easy and cheap way to fill your Aquaroll - take a large plastic mineral bottle and cut off the base. You now have a funnel to fill your Aquaroll from the tap without splashing yourself.
  • To keep an Aquaroll cool in the summer (and maybe keep it from freezing in the winter) is to wrap a car windscreen deflector (the foil kind) around it and use sticky tape to hold in place.
  • To stop algae forming in your Aquaroll when in use, cover with a green bin bag. Don't use a black bag as this attracts heat and encourages algae growth!
  • A great water tip to keep your Aquaroll insect-free and smelling fresh when not in use - place the foot end of a pair of tights over the opening and secure with an elastic band. This allows the air to circulate freely but no insect life can get in!
  • When your Aquaroll needs topping up rather than completely re-filling, instead of rolling it all the way to and from the tap just top it up using a watering can.
  • Use an ordinary chain and padlock to lock up your Aquaroll and Wastemaster to prevent them being stolen.
  • Steradent tablets are a good way of cleaning your Aquaroll and are cheaper than proper Aquaroll cleaning material.
  • If you use alot of water in your caravan, why not join two Aquarolls together? Better than running out of water when you are in the middle of a shower!
  • When using site showers we always use flip-flops, which we keep permanently in the caravan. This way we avoid all those nasty foot infections you could pick up!

If you have any other caravan water tips or want to comment on our tips, please contact us.

If you would like to find out about the caravan toilet chemicals you will need, please click here.

Well, we hope some of our personal caravan water tips are of use to you. We welcome any others you may think of interest to caravanners.

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