Caravaning with older children

Caravaning with teenagers. Best layout? We are thinking of buying a four birth end washroom with dinette/bunk opposite the kitchen layout. Would my son age 15 (height 5 foot 7) find the dinette comfortable or too narrow? Does anyone know the measurements of the bunks. I notice that the bunks with this layout look standard no matter what make of caravan you buy.

After years of camping in tents my wife really would enjoy the end washroom!

To start with, I would suggest that you buy a caravan magazine. There a several that are published monthly (something like Practical Caravan). The magazines review different carvans each month. They also list all the manufactures and their caravan models that they produce. They also indicate the layout of each model. You should also visit caravan dealerships. This will give you the opportunity of viewing the caravans in person

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