Careavan Polish Product Review

Careavan Polish

We were asked by Care-avan Ltd to test their Careavan polish which we agreed to as we had never used it before but had heard quite a few good comments about it. We used my father-in-law's caravan for this test as we have put overwintering fluid (see below) on our own caravan.

I first gave the caravan a wash using warm water but no soap. The purpose of this was so that the black streaks that had accumulated were still visible. Remember though, you can’t use this polish in direct sunlight.

Once the caravan was completely dry I started to apply the polish with a clean and soft cloth. I applied the polish to one panel at a time (as recommended on the bottle) - the polish was quite thin but went on very easily - and then left it until nearly dry.

I then buffed it off with another clean and dry cloth and, guess what, the black streaks disappeared with ease using hardly any effort! I was amazed!

I carried on polishing until I had done the whole caravan and now the caravan looks like new again! The shine is absolutely brilliant! Needless to say, my father-in-law was extremely pleased and well impressed with this polish!

I have now used Careavan polish on my car as well and found that, not only was it extremely easy to apply, it did not leave any white residue when buffed off and left a super shine.

This is, quite simply, the best polish I have used and would highly recommend it to any caravan, motor home or car owners.

£12.99 for a 500ml bottle (inc UK p&p) from


(Also gives fantastic results on: Cars, Vans, Jet Skis, Boats)

We have just received the following e-mail from Kim:

I have just used Care-avan Polish for the first time, after using a number of other brands, and it is by FAR the best polish I have ever used! I would really recommend using this polish - it is brill!

Have you tried Careavan Polish? What do you think?

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