Charging battery - Elddis Swift Supreme 1994

by Steve

I am struggling to work out how to charge the battery when hooked up a 240v in my garage. On the panel is a rocker switch
Position 1 - car hook up
Position 2 - off
Position 3 - caravan ( run off leisure battery)

I have tried to charge with the switch in all three positions but it does not seem to work. Is there another switch somewhere that activates the battery charge?
Thank you


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Jan 12, 2017
Van rocker switch
by: Anonymous


No the link didn't really explain the 3 positions of the rocker switch. Someone told me if using power or off grid, just to always have the rocker switch down to 'van'.

I still don't know if I should constantly charge the battery when hooked up to power.

Nov 24, 2016
Which position should the rocker switch be in?
by: Linda

hi I couldn't find the answer to the problem with the link above.

I am not sure if you have the rocker in the central or 'van' position when charging.

What is best and why?

and then when you use the caravan on power, which position should the rocker arm be in? and why?

and should you keep charging the battery when using the caravan on power?


Sep 19, 2015
This may Help
by: Ted Duggan

Go to this link

Jun 11, 2015
Did you find an answer yet
by: Anthony

Hi Steve

Just catching up on our question / submissions, sorry for the delay.

Do you find an answer to your battery charging question as yet?

Please let us know.

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