Easy Chicken Soup

We have been sent this recipe by Jim.  It's to make a very easy Chicken Soup which is exactly what we need when caravanning!!  Let us know if you follow the recipe or send us a picture!


1 Packet of Chicken Thighs

Chicken Stock Cubes - I use 4 for every 3 pints of liquid

Pudding Rice - enough to fill cup of hand.

1 Pkt Dried Mixed Vegetables

1 teaspoon lazy root ginger

1 teaspoon lazy garlic

Dash of soy sauce


Boil chicken thighs until cooked then remove from the pan and allow to cool.

Remove scum from top of liquid.

Add all other ingredients.

Remove chicken meat from thighs, fine dice a serving spoon amount and add at the

end of cooking time.

Cut pieces of spring onion and place on the top during serving.

Save the rest of the chicken for a quick curry or sandwiches.

And hopefully if you follow the above recipe you will have a tasy Chicken Soup to eat for dinner!

We love to receive your favourite recipes you use while caravanning - we could all do with some new ideas (well I know I could!).

If you have a receipe just click here to contact us.

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