Compass Concours III water pumping problem

by Paul Stewart
(Harwich, Essex)


Let me first start by saying we are new at caravanning (if that's the right terminology!) I have just acquired a Coucours III, we initially tested the external water pump and it worked fine, after cleaning the new van the water pump appeared to have stopped working.

We tested the water pump power point on the outside of the van with the taps open and had 12V, so we bought a replacement, but that didn't work either.

After further investigation we've found that the as soon as the pump is connected (even without the water pipe) the power to the outlet disappears.

With my total greenness I'm thinking maybe a micro switch on one of the taps is malfunctioning? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. We live near Harwich in Essex and if anyone can recommend anybody local that specialises in this field would also be appreciated.

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