Cooking a meal can sometimes be tricky with the limited amount of space in your caravan.

Perhaps you are like us and you don't like preparing your meals inside your caravan all the time (sometimes it's too smelly and messy) - what else can you use?

Well, we suggest below some useful and practical alternatives which we use. Have a look - you might find some new products!

Caravan Cooking

Usually caravans come fitted as standard with a gas hob and gas oven (the exception being foreign caravans which don't usually come with an oven). Some of the newer caravans also come fitted with an electric hot plate instead of an all-gas hob. Gas hobs and ovens in newer caravans are very safe to use as they are automatically fitted with a flame failure device, which will turn off the gas supply if one of the flames gets blown out. When caravans are built manufacturers put in low-level vents in case of a gas leak - never cover up these holes even if they are draughty!

Caravan Cooking

Most new caravans come fitted with a microwave as standard (or as an optional extra). This makes preparing food even easier! Before we had a microwave fitted in our caravan, we bought a cheap microwave and just put it on the caravan worktop or even outside in the awning. Just be careful that you are not using too many electric appliances at once.

For more information on buying a microwave and microwave features, please click here.

Caravan Cooking

Our favourite appliance is a family-sized electric George Foreman grill. We usually put up an awning so we can put the grill in it and cook outside the caravan.

We like to use electricity when cooking as much as possible because you will have usually paid for your electricity as part of the pitch fee - and you won't have to worry about running out of gas in the middle!

Our George Foreman Family Grill & Griddle is a wonderful machine! It has two plates - one ridged and one flat - with a separate cover for each. We have cooked just about everything on this grill as it is so versatile. It is also a very healthy way to cook because the fat which comes out from the food runs away and is collected in a special tray. We make a mean healthy breakfast on ours! The grill is easily cleaned just by wiping with a cloth while the grill is still warm. All in all, a very versatile and easy way to cook if you are caravanning or even camping (if you have electric hook up).

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Caravan Cooking

If we want to prepare something like a curry or spaghetti bolognese we use an electric Hob which we can also cook on in the awning. Any smells just waft away! This hotplate only cost around £15.00 and we have had it for years - a very good investment. You can now buy halogen hotplates which are extremely quick to heat up and therefore much easier.

Caravan Cooking

UPDATE: We have purchased a new electric Induction Hob for use in the caravan. If you are thinking of buying one, this is brilliant!! As it uses induction it heats up extremely quickly and the hob itself doesn't get very hot. The only thing to remember is that for it to work you must use saucepans which are magnetic. This is an absolute bargain and so easy to use and clean!!

We don't tend to use a proper barbecue anymore as we find them too messy and smelly, although there are plenty on the market to choose from, either solid fuel or gas. Gas is more convenient if you like to barbecue outdoors frequently, but remember it adds to the weight you have to travel with in the caravan.

Many caravans now have an external gas socket fitted to their caravan which makes it even easier to use your gas barbecue. You could always buy a Cast Iron Griddle to fit on your barbecue to make it more versatile. Some good examples of gas barbecues are Beauclaire and Cadac Safari Chef Gas Bbq.

If you would like some barbecue tips, please click here.

At the other end of the scale are disposable barbecues which are convenient, and the best thing of all is you don't have to clean the grill afterwards! Take care though if you use a disposable barbecue directly on the grass when it is very dry - keep a bucket of water handy or place it on some bricks first. Some sites don't allow disposable barbecues as they damage the grass - please check before using one.

caravan cooking

If you have a favourite method of caravan cooking which we have not mentioned, please contact us.

Liz has just sent us an e-mail recommending a Remoska which she bought from Lakeland Plastics. She said it is like an Electric Non-stick Multicooker but works as an oven and is a wonderful appliance.

We have just received the following e-mail from Andrew -
Try a Compact Electric Steamer in the caravan. Vegetables, meat and fish are all strong candidates and by the nature of the beast you don't get steamed out (although using it in the awning is even better). The food retains it's colour, taste and goodness, and done properly is quicker with less washing up.

All in all, there are many different ways of caravan cooking if you don't want to use your caravan oven or hob. We have tried most of them and have settled with the ones which best suit our needs. Over the years you will probably try different appliances and decide which you prefer. Also, listen to the opinions of other people - caravanners are very friendly people - if you see a barbecue which someone is using and you like the look of it, go and ask them about it!!

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