Corner Steadies & Jockey Wheel

by Chris
(Northern Ireland)

This is going to sound a real no brainer but as I'm new to caravaning I am going to have to ask the question any way. When parking up on site with steadies down do you leave the brakes on and the jockey wheel down and does this differ when your storing the caravan for a period of time?

The jockey wheel should always be down. The jockey wheel is also used for levelling the caravan front to back. You might also have to use levelling ramps to level your caravan from side to side. Once you have the caravan level, we use a chock on the wheels to stop the caravan rolling forwards. Also by lowering the steadies, this will stop the caravan from moving and therefore, you do not have to apply the handbrake.
When storing a caravan for long periods, it is always best to disengage the handbrake.

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