CRiS Registration

There is an organisation called CRiS which stands for Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme. This is a UK nationwide register of touring caravans which was set up in 1992 which helps to prevent caravan crime. They can check to make sure the caravan you are about to buy is not stolen or an insurance write-off. They can also check that the person you are about to buy the caravan from is the registered keeper.

All registered caravans carry the unique seventeen digit caravan registration VIN number which is stamped on to the windows. An electronic tag is also hidden within the caravan which when read will give the same unique number as the windows. The police and enforcement agencies have special machines to read these electronic tags.

CRiS Registration

CRiS registration will therefore will provide you with a record of ownership, helps police return stolen caravans to their rightful owners, and will provide you with the documentation to prove your ownership of the caravan.

If you are buying a used caravan you must carry out a check before buying. You will also need to inspect the sellers registration documents, and once you have bought the caravan you need to register with them that you are the new owner.

When buying a used caravan you must ensure that the seller completes the Notification of Sale section on the Touring Caravan Registration Document and send it off. The seller should give you the remaining part of the Registration Document which must be completed by yourself and sent off with the appropriate fee.

If you are buying a new caravan, the dealer should register your details with CRiS which enables them to record you as the owner on it's database and will issue you with the first Touring Caravan Registration Document.

A CRiS check costs just £14.95 -Their telephone number is 01722 411430 or click here to take you to the hpi website for more details.

Have you done a CRiS Registration check on your caravan and found it was stolen? Let us know your story to perhaps warn others.

Remember, if the caravan seller cannot give you the right documentation, be very wary and ask them why not. You don't want the worry that the caravan isn't what it seems and has either been written off or stolen.

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