Delta Ground Anchors
Product Review

We have reviewed Delta Ground Anchors - keep reading to see what we think of them!

We have been sent these pegs to test by

As we have a seasonal pitch we tend to leave our awning up for the majority of the season. In previous years, we have used ordinary plastic pegs. Although these are good, they do tend to lift up on the side where the wind hits the awning and we end up banging them back in on most days.

We used these new pegs on the side of the awning which is usually buffeted by the wind and were amazed at the result!

Our first impression of these pegs was that they are an entirely different design to the standard peg. The angled design not only gives the peg a firm anchor point but also, when fully banged into the ground, end up flush to the ground meaning no-one trips over them and you can mow your grass (yes, we do have to do that!) easily - just going over the top of them.

Having used these pegs for most of the season, not one of them lifted up and needed to be banged back into the ground, whereas usually the plastic pegs need quite a bit of attention.

In our view these pegs are really good and although not as cheap as ordinary pegs, they are worth every penny of the extra investment, especially if you are fed up of continually re-securing the pegs in your awning or tent.

This is what their website says about them:

Recently patented, DELTA GROUND ANCHORS are an innovative new tent peg and effective method of securing your tent or caravan awning.

They have many distinct advantages over conventional tent pegs, including an increased surface area for resistance and a remote point of attachment to minimise leverage.

The rigidity and the durability of both our stainless steel tent pegs and nylon composite tent pegs ensures easy insertion and extraction time and time again. The original and strongest Delta Ground Anchors are produced from tough and corrosion resistant stainless steel channel section. Internal dimensions 12 x 18 x 12 mm, thickness 1.5 mm, standard stainless steel and nylon composite anchors are 150mm X 150mm set at 60 degrees.

This rigid tent peg design was tested up to 200 Kg by 'Marlift' in Plymouth in compacted ground. They have an advised rating of 115 Kg.

The new nylon composite tent peg has been tested at Exeter University at up to 72 Kg, over 1700 times their own weight.

What do you think of Delta Ground Anchors? Let us know.

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