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Caravan Dog

This is my dog blog so let me introduce myself - my name is Becky and I am the caravan dog! I am a Jack Russell Terrier Cross (not sure what I am crossed with but my owners say that I am crossed with an Essex Saddle Back Pig - charming!). I rather think I am crossed with a Corgi myself.

Caravan Dog

I first went caravanning about eight years ago. I hated the car journey to the caravan at first and was sick as a dog (sorry about the awful pun!).

Just make sure you always wear your dog harness in the car - you could hurt yourself as well as your human family if your car was involved in an accident. I know some of you have to even sit in the boot of the car!!

Continuing my dog blog - Now I am used to the travelling I get really excited, especially when I start to smell the lovely seaside smell and get my first glimpse of the sea.

When we first arrive on site I make sure someone takes me for a walk around (needs must). Then it's straight back to the caravan for something to eat and drink.

Then it's time for a quick snooze.

After my power nap I generally want to go sniffing out and about. The best way I find of getting my owner's attention when we are all in the caravan is to start pacing up and down and occasionally stopping by the door. If this doesn't work I start whining which usually does the trick. If we are all outside and the rest of my family are sitting on sun loungers I found that the best way of getting their attention is to jump on one of them. They especially like this if they are asleep, which I can tell by all the noise they make! Finally one of them will give in (usually Dad!). Right, now it's off to find my friends who are always down here at the campsite, or to see if there are any pesky rabbits or birds I can pretend to chase!!

Caravan Dog

Another of my favourite pastimes while staying at the caravan is racing around the beach chasing a ball. When my owners are fed up with throwing the ball and getting wet I will usually go and have a paddle and a good bark at the waves. I usually get so wet and sandy I have to have a shower when I get back to the caravan!

My owners have bought me a doggie bed to sleep in while we are at the caravan - although I prefer my owners' lovely big bed at the back of their caravan - which is great for sleeping on at night, although they do take up rather alot of room!!

Anyway, that's the end of my dog blog for today as I must go and have a sniff around the garden now. I will write more of my caravan adventures soon!

Let me know what you think of my Dog Blog, or do you have adventures in your caravan you would like to tell us about?  Let us know and we can add them to this Dog Blog.

Love Becky the Dog

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