Electric Heating

by JaMcKennan

We have a Bailey Pageant Champagne 2005 and cannot get the heating to work on electric. It's blowing but no heat. Everything seems OK on gas.

Many thanks

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Sep 07, 2016
No heat
by: Hurricainous

It is probably the printed circuit board fitted to the rear of the heater depending on the make of van it could involve working up side down to remove it...

Two possible cures
1.purchase replacement board (expensive) and refit use disposable gloves as residue from skin leads to failure.
2. Examine the board carefully looking for discoloured resistors usually side by side snip out the resistors ask map line to measure and supply alternatives, resolder using pliers between solder joint and resistor to act as a thermal shunt.

Sounds complicated but it's not. The circuit board was never designed to be used as it is.

Apr 08, 2016
Heating brand
by: Anthony


Do you have a photo and which brand is it?


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