Electrics flicking off every 6 seconds and overcharging battery

by Graham W
(Gillingham, Kent)

I have a Bailey Pageant 7 Burgundy 2009. At a recent campsite there was a problem with the electrical supply to the site going down.

We seemed to be hardly affected by this, but the next day the battery voltage indicator kicked to 0 about every 6 seconds and then the voltage started to show a higher figure as time went on so that between each dropout it was showing nearly 15V.

The battery is a couple of years old. I tried to disconnect the battery charger but removing the fuse marked as battery charger made no difference.

I'm not sure where this fault would be originating or how to sort it out, so any ideas or similar experiences would be great, thanks.

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Apr 08, 2015
Probably the battery
by: Graham W

I have started working through this problem by having the battery checked. It had one faulty cell, so was producing only 10.5V.

The battery specialist felt that this could well be the source of my problem, but didn't think it would have been caused by the low voltage/power outage we had at the campsite before this problem surfaced.

Just running on a new (Varta 90Amp) battery everything seems normal, but as the caravan is now in storage I can't check how it behaves when the mains is on.

When I've been able to use the system fully I'll report back.

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