Fiamma Caravanstore

A Fiamma Caravanstore is basically a roller blind with poles which rolls up into a bag which attaches to the awning rail of your caravan. The legs fold up into the awning tube, along with the rafter poles, which then rolls up into the bag.

Fiamma Caravanstore
Fiamma Caravanstore

It is not advisable to use the Caravanstore in windy and extreme rainy conditions as it can easily be blown around and damaged.

They are a very quick and easy way to add a sun blind (if we actually have a summer in the UK!), or an awning if you use a Caravanstore Zip as this the same as the Caravanstore but also has three separate zip-in sides.

The bag which the blind rolls up into can be left on the side of the caravan when travelling but be careful if you have an older caravan as the awning rail could become loose.

We have had experience of a Caravanstore Zip. It was a brilliant piece of kit as it was extremely quick and easy to put up. Just make sure that when you are erecting this on a breezy day two people work together.

Nigel tried to put it up by himself and ended up with it being blown over the caravan and bending some of the poles. We managed to have the poles repaired by our local caravan dealer and it was as good as new.

After using the Caravanstore Zip for a while we decided it wasn't right for us as the site where we keep our caravan for the whole season gets very windy at times, so we were having to keep taking it down and with two kids and a dog we needed the space outside all the time.

You must remember that if you roll up the Caravanstore when it is wet, it must be unrolled and dried off.

We did find, however, that when the Caravanstore was rolled away in the bag the wind caught the bag and kept hitting it against the side of our caravan, which eventually got very annoying! We tied a sponge to each end of the bag where it was hitting the caravan and this stopped the banging.

A Fiamma Caravanstore or Caravanstore Zip is a very handy piece of kit due to the ease and quickness of erecting it. If you mainly use your caravan in good weather it would be a very useful investment.

If you would like more details of the Fiamma Caravanstore, please click here.

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