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We were considering buying our first caravan, and this site has fab info! thank you. I was just reading the insurance page where the lady had an awful experience with her van in storage, when going to sites and hooking up does the site check vans to make sure they are hooked up safely? Getting a bit worried now especially caravaning with the kids. Thanks sorry if this sounds ott.

Basically, it is your responsibility to make sure that your caravan is correctly hooked up. The owner of the site has to make sure that each electric hook up point is safe to use. If you have your caravan serviced annually, you should not have any problems.

However, for safety and piece of mind, you should follow this procedure.

1. Check that the site electrical hook up point looks safe and that there is no badly coupled cabling or adaptors.
2. Make sure that the mains control unit in your caravan is switched off.
3. Make sure that your electric hook up cable is unwound completely(tightly wound cables might get very hot).
4.Connect the blue female end of your cable to your caravan first.
5. Connect the other end to the site's supply point.
6. Make sure any surplus cable is kept under the caravan in loose coils, so no one can trip up over them.
7.Swicth on the mains control unit in your caravan and then test the trip button to make sure that the residual current device is working by switching off instantly.
8.Reset the safety switch.
9.Don't worry and enjoy your holiday.

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