Fresh Water

by Jim Montgomery
(Birmingham UK)

I often get asked how keep your water system fresh. As you will know there are many products on the market for cleaning out and sterilizing water system, these can turn out to be quite costly over the season.

What I have done for the past thirty years is to use Baby Sterilizer fluid - a ltr bottle can be found in the Pound Shop.

If it is good enough for babies it is good enough for me, we use it all the time in the house as a surface sterilizer. If our van is not used for a few weeks, then I put a small amount in the water barrels then rinse out when we get to site.

At the end of the season, before laying up for the winter use your water barrel filled with water and about half a cup of fluid, pump this through the system, then put two barrels full of clean water through, then drain the system completely hot and cold tanks if fitted leave all taps open to reduce the risk of freezing outside pipes underneath can be lagged.

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