Fridge door lock broken?

by Ray
(Halesowen, UK)

When one of the small plastic door lock brackets for the Electrolux fridge in my caravan snapped in half I went to a dealer seeking a replacement and was quoted £21.99 for a set of two!

However, I noticed that if you remove the screw and washer that secures the bracket to the fridge and then shut the fridge door you will observe that this aperture lines up perfectly with a tiny recess hole on fridge door. In which case, I just took an ordinary one inch screw (or, failing that, a nail or even a matchstick will do) and dropped it through both the bracket hole and door recess hole.

Hey presto! The fridge door is now locked shut; and for the barest fraction of the price the dealer wanted for a replacement bracket.

You may find this trick will work on other makes of caravan fridge too.

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