Caravan heaters and caravan fridges are two of the most important items nowadays, especially if you use your caravan to holiday throughout the whole year.

Food Cooling

caravan fridges

Most caravans are now fitted with a fridge as standard. They are able to operate on three sources of power - gas, 12v electricity while being towed, and 230v mains supply. Do not use the gas supply to power it while towing.

If possible, pre-cool at home for a couple of hours before you leave using a hook-up lead and a 13A adaptor. Always remember though to switch over to 12v before starting your journey.

A good tip for pre-cooling - have some food frozen in your home freezer which you can put (still frozen) into your caravan fridge just before you leave. As you travel, your food will defrost but at the same time will keep everything in there cool. When you get to your destination you don't have to worry about cooking as your food will be defrosted and will be ready to reheat.

Remember to remove the winter covers on the outside of your 'van when the temperature gets to about 10 degrees centigrade. Just remember to put them back on when the weather gets chilly again!

When on site try not to over-fill it as this will stop the temperature from falling fully. Air should be able to circulate around inside to allow the food to cool sufficiently.

On some caravan sites when they get particularly busy the electricity supply falls because there are so many caravans using the electricity supply. If you feel it isn't cooling sufficiently then switch it over to operate on gas.

If it isn't big enough during the summer months you can always use a camping coolbox which handily plugs into a mains socket. We always find that if you put your booze out of the sun under the caravan wheel the breeze which blows underneath the 'van is usually enough to keep it cold!

When you return home after your trip, don't forget to unpack it fully and to leave the door partially open to allow air to circulate - this will also prevent mould from forming.

If you have any personal tips or reviews regarding caravan fridges, please contact us.

As you can see, the home comforts of caravanning are essential to some people, whether it be a caravan fridge or a caravan heater. Other people survive with none of these comforts. As for us, we like all our home comforts while relaxing on holiday!!

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